All the Tula Baby Carriers are lovely, but there is something extra special about a Wrap Conversion Tula made from a beautiful woven wrap exclusive to PAXbaby!  You could even say that these baby carriers are so special & exciting that the opportunity to own one would make you squeeeeeee.  All you squeeeful babywearers, come now and comment here so I can hear the resounding echo of your SQUEEEEE!  I want to hear it loud & clear from everywhere that this gorgeous rainbow Tula would be loved, appreciated, and worn every single day without fail!


PAXfriend Amy B and her baby enjoying their own Vice Versa *cream* Tula!

Here is the drumroll, here is the lead up, here is the anticipation…..  This Tula Wrap Conversion is a Vice Versa *cream* FULL TODDLER that looks something like the photo shown above and costs $340.  If you don’t have the SQUEEEE for such a TULAlovely, please don’t enter!  If you don’t have the budget for such a TULAlovely, I have an array of colorful canvas Tulas that aren’t so pricey – let me show them to you here!  But if you have a baby who will fit well and you drool over rainbows & full wrap conversions, enter by commenting on this blog post! Write me a love note, but be sure to be signed into your account so I can access your email address!  A random winner will be emailed Thursday, and PayPal will need to be exchanged by midnight or a new recipient will be chosen!

Good luck!


*happy babywearing*


592 thoughts on “TULAlovely

  1. I’m completely gobsmacked. I have been trying for a tula for months and failed over and over again. This would be my dream carrier for my 22 month baby girl.

  2. The only rainbow I’m truly in love with! This would be perms stash forever. So beautiful and we need some color in our lives on snowy Alaskan days.

  3. As our babywearing days are getting closer to an end, I can’t imagine a better way to cuddle my wild & active toddler than in the gorgeous & calming rainbow <3

  4. A little ditty to share my Tula love! Sing along to the tune of my Oh My Darling Clementine”! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday- I would wear this lovely Tula, round my darling little babe ;). I have officially serenaded you sweet mama :)

  5. Thank you so much for the chance to win this! Thank you also for teaching me how to babywear with your youtube videos! This Tula is gorgeous! An so is your exclusive plum Tula!!!!!

  6. Dear PaxBaby,
    <3 I love you & your babywearing ways. Your love for children & wrapping is inspiring. <3

  7. SQUEEEEEEE! I’ve been stalking this forever…they’re just a little out of reach. My mom has always called me her rainbow. I was a blessing after many miscariges and drs telling her she wouldn’t have another baby <3 Rainbows have always been special here! Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I just created an account & logged in. Does my old post count without logging in.

    Anyhow, I love rainbows and PaxBaby! <3

  9. I would collapse in shock to own a VV Toddler Tula! It would be perfect for me and for our sitter since it is so user friendly. And I am pretty sure I would have the hippest Tula for my sitter to rock out when she is on walks with our little guy! <3

  10. Been trying for a WC for months and I’ve just about given up so hoping this could possibly come live with us! We would SSQQQUUUEEAAALLL!!! My twin girls would love love love this! :)

  11. Not sure if it’s to late already but we’d love to give this a loving home. DD2 chases the rainbows around our kitchen from the prism in the window and her squeals of delight are like little heart hugs. <3

  12. Dear PAXbaby,
    this is my love note to you. it has been a long time coming. you’re wonderful. your lovely family bringing joy to other families who love babywearing. i love the opportunities you give us, like the surprise exclusive tula WC stockings on your page that i have heard about. my little girl and i do love to stay close to each other all day everyday, a toddler tula would be just what we need to keep us close!!
    thanks for the opportunity <3

  13. This wrap conversion is my dream tula!!! I would love to be entered to win outlets first wrap conversion! Thanks for the opportunity and sharing the babywearing love!

  14. This is an awesome gender neutral tula! Thanks for the opportunity to score it when I’m so terrible at stockings. :-)

  15. Amazing! Love that it’s a Toddler, which is what me and my super big DD need. I would wear her every day, as long as she would let me. Fingers and toes crossed!!!

  16. It’s time to bring a rainbow WC to this house! :)

    My Tula haiku ;)

    I love my Tula
    They make me and baby smile
    Please send a rainbow

  17. I have been baby wearing since my son was born 22 months ago, and now I have a newborn baby girl so I could really use a toddler carrier to help me out! My husband works out of town, and has been open to buy me every carrier I’ve wanted and I must say I just can’t find a comfortable one even though I endure the neck or back pain (I’m petite). I’m combined the perfect carrier is out there and would love to try this and tell all my momma friends about it! I would feel truly blessed to receive this entry and thank you from Florida! :)

  18. This carrier would be perfect for me! I’d wear it everyday and I think the material would be perfect for the hot, humid weather here!

  19. I would LOVE to have this as I have a 23 month old and a newborn baby girl. Baby wearing is my only survival! It’s hot in Florida and this material would be great!Thank you so much!

  20. How am I one week late?! If there is any chance your winner didn’t work out… Or you produce more… I would wear the heck out of this… First time mom of a two month old lil guy… and instagram the heck out of this to my friends and followers… but really I am in LOVE. Make more PLEASE:]

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