#babycate Guessing Game


Congrats to our #babycate game winner, Sarah B in Hawaii, who guessed the closest arrival date, time and birth stats!  You will be emailed to confirm your details!!!  Thank you to Calico Sunshine for providing our rainbow prize!!!!

PAXbaby.com‘s #babycate giveaway, hosted by Calico Sunshine, is a SUPER CUTE rainbow SURPRISE for the PAXfriend who has the closest guess to Baby Cate’s ACTUAL arrival & birth stats!!!

Here are some interesting details to help you make an educated decision :

Cate is due November 5,

BUT, none of PAXmommy Jillian’s biological babies have reached their due dates!

Baby #1 weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces,

BUT, each PAXbaby has gotten bigger!!!  Baby #7 was a whopping 9 1/2 pounds!

With Baby #6, she had 3 weeks of prodromal labor,

BUT, as of today, she has had almost 2 weeks of contractions!

All the PAXbabies have been in the 20 inch long range – not too short & not too tall!



The prize for getting the closest to #babycate’s actual specifics will win a gorgeous rainbow SURPRISE from Calico Sunshine so guess carefully!!!


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Good luck & *happy babywearing*


55 thoughts on “#babycate Guessing Game

  1. E.T.A………Nov.1st @ 1:42 am
    7lbs 4oz
    18.5 inches

    Good luck when the time comes either way Jillian!! wishing you all the best!!

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