Wearing Wednesday MAHALO!


Welcome to Hawaii, whose state motto is  “Ua mau ke ea o ka aina I ka pono” meaning “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness!”  Jane & Noah are enjoying their Beco Gemini in Paige and wanted to tell all of you PAXbaby fans MAHALO & *happy babywearing*


PAXbaby Beco Gemini Paige


3 thoughts on “Wearing Wednesday MAHALO!

  1. Ooh yay! Mahalo so much! I think I was very irking w/ all my questions about the carrier and such. BUT Jillian you were so very patient w/ me, and answered all my questions and gave me such support! I thank you very much for that!
    My very 1st important purchase that I have made online. And I was very very very surprised @ the personal attention that you gave! I can’t thank you enough!
    And Noah and I just looooove this carrier! Although I almost faltered…because I just wasn’t sure of myself. But w/ your guidance, I am so now sure of myself that I have made the right choice for my lil one and I!
    I just want everyone to know out there, that I’m very so happy w/ my Beco Gemini! Happy babywearing to everyone!

    <3 Jane & Noah =)

  2. P.S. I wish I sent a better “Scenic Aloha-ish” picture! It’s on top of my list to send next!

  3. LOL, Jane, thank you for the compliments and I’m so happy that you chose the Gemini! Seems like the perfect fit for you & Noah!!!
    Can’t wait to see your next Aloha picture! You guys are so cute!!!
    *happy babywearing*

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