Wear your baby with pride!

Most of us babywearing mamas are the ONLY ones in our towns that wear our babies…  Have you seen that commercial for Discovery Health for Baby Week that describes babywearing as “radical”???  All I know is that I LOVE being radical if this is what radical is, and I’m sure that my baby and all my babies have appreciated my radicalness (is that a word?)!! Babywearing is a tradition centuries old stemming from ancient cultures!  How can it be “radical” to be copying designs used in historical times?

I know that I get looked at like an animal in a zoo when I carry my little one in a sling, and I almost feel like handing out cards to people who stare:

What are YOU looking at?
My baby is happy, content, & loved!
It’s called babywearing!
Try it!  You’ll love it!

Wear your baby with pride, girls!  Keep a smile on your face, and be very willing to answer comments and questions!  You never know!  You may even convert someone!  And if you are feeling brave enough, make it a point to sidle over to moms you see wearing unsafe or uncomfortable carriers and mention how great yours feels!  Or if you are feeling even braver, try introducing babywearing to a mom using a bucket seat or a stroller with her little one!  You may be opening her eyes to a whole new world of parenting!

The simple act of babywearing in public can be enough to make a mom go home and discover a new addiction!

4 thoughts on “Wear your baby with pride!

  1. You Rock :) Thanks for doing what you do, LOVE your blog and your website. I wear my babies with pride and we all couldn’t be happier. I wear my 16 month old crazy toddler in my Beco still, and people are always asking me, “isn’t she a little big?” Um, NO, I will be strapping her on as long as we both love it. Yay to babywearing!

  2. Seriously. No one here wears their babies obviously because I get the weirdest looks like I have a third head or something. Some girl at Victoria’s Secret thought I had a baby doll in my K’Tan… LOL

  3. Radical is fine with me in that case! It always amazes me when someone acts like babywearing is a new invention; obviously they didn’t pay attention to the pictures and paintings in their history books. :-)

    I get lots of strange looks when I’m wearing one of the kids, but I’ve also had several conversations with people who were truly interested in the whole idea of babywearing.

  4. I use a Beco, and I crack up at the comments I get in public, “Oh, there’s a BABY in there, I thought it was just a backpack.” Mostly people are charmed by the head poking out from behind me. I know you were joking about handing out cards, but I’d love to have a mommy business card. I keep a “breastfeeding is legal” card in my wallet, but thankfully I haven’t needed it yet.

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