Travelling Ocah
Something purple has come to live at!!!!  This Ocah Full Buckle Wrap Conversion carrier will be travelling after getting snuggled by Baby #6 & I for a couple weeks!!!  Buckle waist, crossable and dually adjusting shoulder straps, cinchable hood and leg padding completes this custom wrap conversion made from a dyed Loiuse Storch woven wrap in an “in between size” 40mm wide!!
PAXbaby Ocah SSC
Want a turn?  Email me at with Ocah in the subject line, & I promise to share!!!
*happy babywearing*

One thought on “Travelling Ocah

  1. Ahhhhh!!! Did you get this from baby center?! I signed up for baby center membership just to try and buy it! Haha! May I please have a turn if you think this will fit a 16 month 24 lb and 31 inch boy. Thanks!
    Emmie (member of BabyWearing San Diego)

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