The incredible and versatile Manduca!!

Today, PAXbaby mama Kristie blogs about the Manduca!


I first read about the Manduca when Jillian blogged about it while on her Australian adventure, but because they’re not available for sale in the US, I hadn’t been able to try one, *sob*!  However, one happy day, a beautiful Organic Red one came back to PAXbaby as previously-loved, and I JUMPED on it!


Since then, it’s become one of my favorite carriers–versatile and comfy!  I like that I can leave the back zipped when my toddler wants to ride with her arms out and look around, and then unzip the back to give her a little more support when she’s ready to nap!  I love how adjustable every little bit is: even the hood has a button-elastic sizing system (if you’ve seen a one-size Fuzzibunz, it’s the same idea) to help it cradle any size of head that might be nodding off while in the carrier!


Now, as a mama of two, I love it even more–it truly does it all for either kiddo!  The internal newborn harness is easy to use and snuggles my little Buglet into the lightly padded body of the carrier (but there are no extra pieces to have to remember to bring!), and the hood easily sizes down to cradle her head while providing good airflow!  Yet with no work or complicated adjustments, I can easily toss my older Bug on my back for some fun adventures as well!


The first picture is my Buglet at six weeks old snuggled in for a nap while on a family adventure.  The hood clips on the shoulder straps slide up and down depending on the angle you want the hood at for a smaller kiddo, and leaving them farther up provided some shade while still ensuring good airflow and allowing me to see her cute little face!

. .

However, not too long afterwards, Daddy wanted some snuggles with the Buglet and my BIG girl wanted some snuggles with mom, so I switched gears… but without having to switch anything on the Manduca!


Yep, it’s safe to say that we’re fans!


*happy babywearing*

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