The Boba Babywearing Hoodie

Babywearing while staying snug & warm is a GENIUS idea; the Boba Hoodie is back at

This hoodie (formally known as the Peekaru), has been reinvented by Boba, is BACK in action, and we could not be more excited!!!

Small  – Fits Sizes 4-6
Medium – Fits Sizes 8-10
Large- Fits Sizes 12-14
X-Large – Fits Sizes 16-18

**Remember to size up if you will be sharing your Boba Hoodie with a larger babywearer.**



The special details of this awesome hoodie are:

  • May be worn on your front OR your back with a wide range of baby carriers!
  • Thumb holes to prevent sleeve ride up
  • Kangaroo-style pocket to keep in contact with baby
  • Slotted-style opening for older babies, and for easy access while breastfeeding
  • Side zipper for easy on-and-off without scratching your baby 

All sold out?
Have no fear, we already have a new shipment on the way.


*happy babywearing*


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