The BEST bread machine recipe!

For all you busy parents who don’t have time to bake bread from scratch, the bread machine is such an easy way to get that home cooked goodness without the fuss and muss!  I throw my Baby #6 on my back, roll up my sleeves, and 6 minutes later, can go play again!  Here’s the recipe, but you may need to make adjustments for your own machine as mine  #1 – is ancient, #2 – has only a few settings, and #3 – knows exactly what I’m going to make!

1 cup warm water – I use warm tap water!
3 tablespoons sugar – I use organic!
2 teaspoons yeast – I use regular, not bread machine!
1/4 cup vegetable oil – I want to try Coconut Oil but haven’t yet!
1 teaspoon salt – I use sea salt!
3 cups flour – I use organic!
Put the Water, Sugar, & Yeast in the bread machine pan. Set your timer for 10 minutes, and while the Yeast gets all foamy and bubbly, pour your other ingredients into a prep bowl – Oil, Salt, & Flour.  Add the prep bowl ingredients to the bread machine pan, and set your machine to cook a 2 pound loaf on “quick bake!”  Yummy!!!

Good luck, *happy baking & babywearing*, and feel free to tweak the recipe to suit yourself – and your own machine!

3 thoughts on “The BEST bread machine recipe!

  1. OMW! Jillian, your lovely post just opened my eyes to something I knew but had completely forgotten!! And that is that my (also fairly old) breadmaker has this neat 10 (or 15, can’t remember) min warning after starting its programme and that I can use that to activate the yeast instead of having to do that separately beforehand which more often than not prevents me from baking my own bread, but use a ready made mix instead! Geeee! Gotta try that right away!!! Thank you!!! Wibke x

  2. Yummy! I am going to get a bread machine. I know you said yours is old but what kind/model is it and do you like it? I am going to look at the thrift store so I will be getting an older model if I can find one. shuttermom77 at gmail dot com If you have heard of a good one from friends let me know.

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