Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Even the best of mothers get to that point….  you know “that point?”

- when stomping your feet and yelling nonoonoo  actually seems like the logical reaction to dropping the last egg on the floor when you need it to make supper -

- when pointing your finger at your husband and saying “he made me do it” is the answer to any and all offenses -

- when doodling on the cat seems like a much better idea than folding the laundry -

You know “that point,” I know you do, because I know it too!

But when I get to that point, I stop for a minute

- stop praying for someone with more authority than myself to order me to a time out -

And think about my life…

my charmed life – full of chaos -

with 6 adorable children – louder than any other 6 children I know -

in a comfortable home – comfortable is the key word here -

and plenty of food to eat – albeit not the dinner I had planned -

and I remind myself of all the gifts that I have been given, blessings that I have earned, & that I can be part of a cultural tradition that knows no bounds…

*happy babywearing*

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