Vice Versa OH MYYYY


Vice Versa really is the perfect rainbow!
Cuervo, cream, OH MY!!!
Which will YOU choose???
*happy babywearing*



Vice Versa, originally designed by PAXmommy Jillian as an ode to rainbow lovers everywhere, has been on babywearer’s top 10 lists for years! A gorgeous classic, our PAXexclusive Vice Versa is now available as a pre order via in TWO wefts and TWO weaves! Order your VV just as you like it! These are beautiful hand woven wraps made in Guatemala just for PAXbaby!!!!! Click here: for your choices of wrap length, and if you have any questions, please be sure to ask! Email the PAXmoms at or refer to our PAXblog for woven wrap insight!
Our pre order will remain open as long as we have wraps available; our shipment is expected in January 2017!
*happy babywearing*

PAXretreat 2016 – Foundations Course with CBWS

PAXbaby_PAXretreat_PAXmoms_CBWS_center for babywearing studies_group

This September PAXbaby is pleased to host the lovely Joanna McNeilly from the Center for Babywearing Studies; join us here! Once again, Joanna will be teaching the Foundations course. You can read all of the nitty gritty details directly on the CBWS website, but here is an excerpt:

During the course you will:

  • Learn how to teach others to wear baby carriers:   Pouches and ring slings, woven and stretchy wraps, mei tais and SSCs (soft structured carriers), plus a few knots.
  • Examine the physiological and the psychological aspects of infant carrying.
  • Identify how to assist someone in discovering what makes a good carry/carrier for themselves.
  • Discover and recognize the importance of a systematic approach.
  • Understand our core principles which will guide you as you meet each new parent.
  • Design your own concept for an individual consultation.
  • Explore sensitive listening and it’s importance in successful consultations.
  • Delve into incident data reports from the CPSC (reports of injury in baby carriers/while babywearing) to better understand what concerns exist with regard to babywearing.
  • Plus much more!


Our Foundations Course is ideal for anyone working with new parents, parents to be or infant caregivers including:

  • Babywearing Consultants
  • Retail Store Staff
  • Baby Carrier Manufacturers
  • Lactation Professionals and Peer Support Volunteers
  • Midwives
  • Doulas
  • Nurses
  • Childbirth Educators
  • Babywearing Group Leaders
  • Babywearing Enthusiasts


We cannot wait for you to join us for this jam packed week of fun, learning,rainbows, and babywearing!!

*happy babywearing*


Buy a KKD – get POE Dibs…

PAXbaby_KKD_kokadi_poe_dibs_flip_woven wrap

All day today (Tuesday November 3rd, 2015), you will be able to add a Poe in your choice of available length or Flip size by ordering ANY in stock KoKaDi at PAXbaby; PAXmommy Celia will follow up your order with a link to check out for your Poe on the same day as your original order to check out for your Poe of choice!!

What will YOU choose???

**Any order placed using a coupon code or sale discount will be considered final once shipped. PAXpromotion orders are also final and returns may not be made on any part.
*happy babywearing*

Erika Hoffman – Didymos


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the great Erika Hoffman, the founder of DIDYMOS – Das Babytragetuch.
March 22, 1937 – February 15, 2015

Erika paved the way for babywearing as we know it – her passion, dedication and eye for fashion helped create something truly bigger than herself. May her legacy live on as we carry our babies close. It is with heavy hearts that we say farewell to you, sweet lady.


*happy babywearing*


Good Juju


PAXbaby_girasol_good juju


Designed by PAXmommy Jillian for a very special little girl, Good Juju is‘s newest Girasol exclusive woven wrap!!! This black & white striped wrap has a length of rainbow along one rail; kismet for those looking for a refined yet energetic carrier for their baby! It is nothing less than fate that brought you here to PAXbaby today, and it is your destiny to wrap with a rainbow!!!! Embrace your babywearing fate with a Good Juju, named for PAXmommy Melanie’s adorable daughter, Juliana aka Juju!!!


*happy babywearing*


Summer Babywearing


Where have you worn YOUR babies this Summer???

Camping? Hiking? Traveling?

How many weddings have you attended?

Does your stash change much for hot weather?

Do you find yourself avoiding certain carriers, and reaching for others more often?

Some Summer faves around here are:

- A PAXmommy staple: wrap conversion ring slings

- mesh water ring sling or wrap

- thin, shorty for a quick ruck

- Tula for longer hikes

What about YOU??

Share your favorite Summer tips and babywearing pics with us here at PAXbaby! 


*happy babywearing*


See what wraps can do for you this holiday season…



WRAP it up pretty this year with! Order an extra long piece of wrap for a ring sling conversion – right HERE – and use the excess to gift wrap your pressies!

Your tree will never look more festive than with wrapped goodies!

Place gift on bias of square piece of wrap scrap.
Fold up corners to the center.
Tie into bow.
On this one, PAXmommy Jillian had too much wrap so she did a twist and tuck with the ends!!!

So pretty!!

Who wouldn’t want to have that pretty little package under their tree this holiday season!?

PS! Isn’t this Earthy Rainbow Diamond Weave yummy!?!? Get yours HERE!

*happy babywearing*