Are you wishing for a UNICORN


Do you happen to have a ???? unicorn on YOUR wishlist?? We have you covered!! Natibaby My Little Unicorn in bamboo/cotton is extra plush and cozy from infant all the way up to toddler and beyond!
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FREE Friday with Wrap Scrap Stash

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Wrap Scrap Stash
(the company ;))

Our FREE FRIDAY giveaway this week is a fabulous assortment of wrap scrap items in ZIG ZAG herringbone, including a camera strap cover, paci clip, key fob and headband!

A little about the mama behind the business:

Alex is a WAHM and full-time home schooler.

After making herself a purse one day out of a Double Rainbow *purpura Romana* woven wrap, she fell in love. After that, she knew that there were so many pretty rainbows out there just waiting for things to be created from them!  She wanted something that she could use on a daily basis not only now, but after her baby wearing days were long over. Alex thought to herself that she surely could not be the only mama out there with that desire, and so Wrap Scrap Stash was created.

Since that first purse, her business has grown more than she ever imagined and she gives her thanks all to her wonderful customers. Recently Alex has been able to branch out from just accessories (purses, headbands, diaper bags, etc) to being able to offer wrap scrap accessories that coordinate with Tula wrap conversion baby carriers.

To ensure the safety of her customers’ children, all of Alex’s handmade items meet CPSC and CPSIA safety requirements and regulations.

Special PAXfriend discount code: 10% off entire in-stock purchase with the code PAX10.

Mobile users can enter here:

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This giveaway is free for any of our US PAXfriends!!
International PAXfriends are encouraged to enter, but will be responsible for shipping fees. The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, February 13th, 2015!!

Good luck! And *happy babywearing*


THICK Weave Girasols are HERE!!!


Northern Lights and Earthy Rainbow are CLASSIC Girasols…in fact, Earthy Rainbow was PAXmommy Jillian’s very first woven wrap!! Check them out in their newest form -
The new “thick” weave Girasols are 100% cotton, and are are thicker and more supportive than Girasol’s regular woven wraps.
The nitty gritty details: 273 g/m2 before washing, and 307 g/m2 after washing.

Earthy Rainbow:

Double Rainbow Day!

Good morning, PAXfriends!!! Today is the double stocking of Double Rainbow *black* here at! Your first opportunity to score is in the 10am PST hour, and your second chance is in the 10pm PST hour! We are hoping that by staggering the stockings by 12 hours, we will give babywearers in every time zone a shot!

Shop here :
Heads up though : PayPal will be turned OFF in an attempt to control oversells! Have your credit card ready because once the link is turned ON, Double Rainbow doesn’t linger & your cart does not hold products.  If there are dreaded oversells, you will be informed via your order and refunded right away!
Good luck & *happy babywearing*

Carson’s Cove diamond weave! YES!
PAXbaby is so excited to be re-releasing a beloved Girasol colorway designed by Megan and named for her son, Carson.  This is Carson’s Cove, a summery striped Girasol wrap, woven as a diamond weave, perfect for strolling on the beach with your baby on your back or hiking in the Redwood forest with your favorite friend!  The diamond weave gives the Girasol wraps extra sturdy support so this is the perfect way to tote an older or heavier baby.  Carson’s Cove features bright stripes of lemon yellow, tangerine orange, lime green, ocean blue, sky blue and is being offered in 2 popular wefts : Puff cream and Ocean blue.
Watch these swatches come to life when the diamond weave is added!  It has been said that the method of weaving in the diamond pattern adds a certain shimmer!!!  It’s hard to say which weft is going to be more spectacular so get your order in now and wait *patiently* with me until April when Carson’s Cove arrives at PAXbaby headquarters!!
Please feast your eyes on Carson’s Cove offered in 2 different wefts : Puff cream & Ocean blue!  Aren’t they cute????
PAXbaby Girasol Carson's Cove crema cream puff weft
PAXbaby Suggestion : Carson’s Cove is being offered in the Diamond Weave in 2 wefts in limited amounts at this time!  If you have questions prior to ordering, feel free to contact us!  We have a Woven Wrap specialist who can walk you through the process of ordering your Woven Wrap!  Perhaps PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap guide can answer a few questions, and this list of carrying positions will be quite handy to you as you choose your wrap!

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s Double Rainbow!
Say hello to PAXbaby’s Double Rainbow!
Designed with wrap conversions specifically in mind, PAXbaby’s Exclusive Girasol, Double Rainbow, combines all the best elements of a well designed rainbow wrap and will make a dazzling wrap, ring sling, mei tai, half buckle, or soft structured carrier!

*Keep in mind that this picture portrays Double Rainbow at its maximum strength!  No weft color has been combined to lessen the true value of the Double Rainbow hues!

Different colored edges for easy wrap adjustments – you won’t have to wonder if you are holding the right rail!


Repeating widthwise pattern for equally luscious shoulder straps!


Gender neutral rainbow palette!

3 wefts being offered to change the look :
Crema Weft = Double Rainbow Clear Skies
Blue Weft = Double Rainbow Cloudy Skies
Red Weft = Double Rainbow Stormy Skies

PAXbaby Suggestion : Pre order is now open until February 15!  Pay half now, and half later!!!  Double Rainbow is shipping from overseas to PAXbaby headquarters at the end of February!!!

We want you to have EXACTLY the wrap that you desire, so if you have questions prior to ordering, feel free to contact us!  We have a Woven Wrap specialist who can walk you through the process of ordering your Woven Wrap!  Perhaps PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap guide can answer a few questions, and this list of carrying positions will be quite handy to you as you choose your wrap!

*happy babywearing*

Hola, Amitola!!!

PAXbaby would like to give Amitola a warm, Southern California welcome – HOLA from the sunshine state!!!  Flying in Statesside all the way from the Netherlands, Amitola is a rainbow experience you do NOT want to miss! Woven from all 39 of Girasol’s available custom threads, Amitola is a veritable feast for the eyes showcasing Girasol’s knack for making rainbows “chic!”  As discussed at PAXbaby, change the weft of a woven wrap, and you’ve changed its very essence!  The core stays the same rock-solid rainbow, but the tone changes whether you’ve chosen a Black, Blue, Yellow, Cream, Pink or Purple!!!  Also known as Black, Azul Pacifico, Azarfran, Crema de Nube, Sombre Rosado, or Purpura Romano!!!  Delight in the spectacular array of hues presented by Amitola and good luck choosing which Amitola weft should come home to help you & your baby babywear forever after!

PAXbaby Girasol Amitola blue azul pacifico

Need help choosing a length?  Refer to PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap Guide, and if you STILL need help, don’t hesitate to email to ask!  It may take a day or two to get a response though, I’m a bit busy cavorting amongst the rainbows!!!!  And don’t worry, whichever weft you choose, you will love it, because that is how Amitola is!

PAXbaby Girasol Amitola yellow azarfran weft

*happy babywearing*