PAXmommies and January


The PAXmommies gifted January from Birth Without Fear a Vice Versa *cream* DW wrap conversion ring sling for her adorable little #beardbaby at BabyFest today!!
We cannot wait to see action photos! <3

Congrats, January!!! Thank you so much for your passion in regards to everything that is BIRTH!

<3 The PAXmommies


*happy babywearing*


Lift Me Up Benefit – VV Cream Edition


As a benefit to Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive, is selling this gorgeous set of Vice Versa *cream* with the extra special, extra purple stripe!

This Slingyroo bag and wrap conversion ring sling will be available as a package only, for $475, at 2pm PST today!

Read more about this amazing organization and the work they do to bring carriers to families with special needs, here:

$220 from the sale of this listing will be used to donate carriers, at wholesale cost, to Lift Me Up.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for helping spread the babywearing LOVE to families with special needs!!

*PayPal will be disabled for the first 10 minutes, as we do anticipate the possibility of oversells for this beautiful set. Please have a debit or credit card, gift certificate, available for payment.


*happy babywearing*


Boom boxes!


BOOM boxes are new here at and boy do they pack a punch!!

Which one do you have YOUR eye on??
Box #1: SALLY 6, Umbrella 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5
Box #2: VV DW Purple 6, Shinobi 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5


PayPal will be disabled for the first 10 minutes of this stocking, so you’ll want to have a credit or debit card handy, or use a gift certificate!


*happy babywearing*

paxbaby’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!

Due to confusion with the review section on each product, a comment left here at the PAXblog will also count for your entry!!!!


PAXfriends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears… today will stock at 8 am PST TODAY  an epic assortment of wrap conversion ring slings! Some of the listings are easy peasy; choose your sling, add to cart, check out! But others will take some luck & skill! Jan at sleeping baby productions has converted a handful of GORGEOUS HTF (hard to find) slings for us that will be sold via random winner here!!!! The fine print is :  you will need to fill out the form on each of the product listings that you would like to purchase AS WELL AS commenting on the product page itself so that we can read how much you really really really need this sling! This sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it, but believe you me, these steps won’t take you long and the pay off is BIG TIME! Today you will see slings listed that you don’t see sold at retail prices very often, and they will be yours for the winning!

Please note that if you are chosen via random drawing to purchase a sling listing, you will be contacted through the email address you have used on your PAXaccount so be sure to have that updated! Also, your link will be live for 24 hours after the emails are sent out. Failure to check out is your loss, but another mama’s chance at winning!!! PayPal will be active, and any gift certificates you may have can be used as well!

Do NOT forget to enter AND comment on as many slings as you love!!! 

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s ISO Angel presents VICE VERSA!

PAXbaby Girasol Exclusive Vice Versa twill weave

THANKS to PAXfriend Marisol H, for the adorable VICE VERSA in action photo! See more on the go VV here at PAXbaby’s Facebook page!

You’ve seen the wrap, you’ve loved the design from afar, you’ve heard of this idyllic unicorn, perhaps you’ve never lain eyes on her before in person… but all of you are here now because YOU LOVE VICE VERSA! Here is a poem dedicated to the lovely VV penned by enthusiastic PAXfan, Sara L! Enjoy!

How do I love VV?
Let me count the ways.
I love VV for its warp and weft and weave
Soft brand-new, like you can barely believe
Its stunning jeweltones, the way the colors are so bold.
My love for VV is worth its weight in gold.
Enough to write poems about it every day
And pray the ISO Angels will see fit to send one my way.

Oh, you aren’t here for a sonnet? Don’t be impatient!!! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for :

Last call for entering PAXbaby’s Vice Versa ISO Angel will be 10:59 PDT on Thursday October 23!

Good luck from the ISO Angel to each one of you! Chase one of these beauties down to make her your own, and you won’t be sorry for the time you spent convincing, conniving, corralling, and collaborating! Vice Versa can be yours – and in your eager hands in a matter of days!! Just fill out the form, share with your friends, post a photo on the PAXbaby wall, hold your breath, wish on a rabbit foot, throw salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers, cross your toes, cross your legs….. actually, just fill out the form and the PAXmoms will do the rest for you!

If your name is chosen by the ISO Angel, you will receive a link to a private stocking for Vice Versa on Friday October 24 at 1:00 PDT. There will be the same number of wraps as names chosen, so shop early for the best selection of sizes!

Vice Versa ISO Angel Stocking Fine Print:

*Only one entry per household

**Vice Versa wraps will only ship to the name and address on file for the accounts chosen by the ISO Angel!

***Vice Versa wraps will only be sent to PAXfriends who have filled out the form and received our email with the stocking details! All other orders will be cancelled and refunded!

****One Vice Versa wrap per account will be shipped. Any subsequent orders will be cancelled and refunded!

*happy babywearing*




Vice Versa stocking at!



Happy September, PAXfriends! It’s hard to believe that it’s a new month already; where on earth did August go? Let’s celebrate the passage of time with an uber special stocking of especially gorgeous wraps! Here at PAXbaby, we like to have as little drama as possible, so for this stocking, we will be trying something new along with something old!

vice versa cream twill collage

Want to be eligible to purchase a Vice Versa *unicorn* wrap? How about a Vice Versa *cream*???? These beautiful purple & cream weft twill weave Girasols will be available on Wednesday!

To enter, you have until tonight at 8 pm PDT to comment on this blog post. At that time, we will randomly select the winners who will receive an exciting email with a super secret link which will be activated Wednesday at precisely 11 am PDT. You will ONLY be able to access the link and check out for a wrap if you are signed in to your account using the email address that corresponds to your blog comment.

Please note that if you have multiple accounts, now is the time to delete them so you only have one active account. We will not be able to help you with log in issues or technical difficulties on Wednesday, so get your ducks in a row today before the stocking!

Here’s the NEW information, are you ready???

The number of winners who will be contacted with the secret link WILL BE DOUBLE the number of wraps available! This is a REAL stocking, friends, so Vice Versa WILL sell out unless you get there first! PayPal will be disabled, so you’ll have to pay with a debit or credit card, and fingers will need to be fast!

Although unlikely, there is still a possibility that this wrap could oversell! In the event of an oversell, you will be promptly messaged and politely refunded with our apologies.

Our cart software is not able to hold an item until it is paid for! The wrap goes to the first PAXfriend to complete the checkout process – not the first person to cart the wrap.

Only one entry and one wrap may be purchased per household please, and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

We are in the process of transitioning to new cart software, which will help to eliminate many of the extra steps we’ve had to add to our stockings and prevent the disappointments associated with oversells and cart crashes. This process takes hundreds of hours and many months of work to complete, so we thank you for bearing with us and all the necessary fine print in the mean time!

*happy babywearing*

Ula at IBC2014

PAXbaby_ula_tula love_IBC2014 would like to thank TULA Baby Carriers again for their sponsorship of our #ibc2014az booth!




This Vice Versa wrap conversion Tula was given away on Saturday to one lucky mama, and boy was she EXCITED!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our lucky lady who will be taking this amazing carrier home!




*happy babywearing*


Wrap Conversion Tula at the IBC


We told you that we would have a lot of extra special goodies at the conference… but did we mention that we will have a very special full wrap conversion TULA – FREEEEEEE!??!?? Tula made just for PAXbaby a completely gorgeous, highly sought after, full wrap conversion carrier to give to YOU!

……The Unicorn of Unicorns……..

*drum rolllllllllll*






Stop by the booth to receive a free raffle ticket for YOUR chance to win this spectacular Tula! Each adult with an IBC badge may enter twice – once on Friday and once on Saturday!

Psssst, each item purchased from our booth will also get you an additional ticket (while supplies last).

The drawing will be held SATURDAY at 5:00pm ON THE DOT.

* You must be present at the PAXbaby booth to win, and winning tickets are non-transferable.

** Lay out of actual Tula may be different than this.

Good luck, PAXfriends!!!

And THANK YOU TULA for the beautiful carrier:




Pssst. You are going to want to read this!!

An extra special shipment arrived at HQ and will be ready to stock later this week!! Show of likes, how many of you have been waiting for this moment?!?!?!


*happy babywearing*