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Happy birthday, PAXbaby!
Today PAXbaby is celebrating NINE YEARS of rainbow sunshine, perky unicorns, and an over the top imagination that has been expressed in thousands of creative baby carriers from handwoven wraps to soft structured carriers! Today we reminisce on the years of planning and designing and dreaming that has brought forth a legacy of brightness so vast that we are having trouble cataloging it all! Each custom textile has been a beauty; it’s hard to choose a favorite from all these amazing carriers such as our iconic Double Rainbow, gorgeous Vice Versa, Once Upon a Tula (1, 2, 3, and 4!), Sally and her counterpart, Jack… Thank you to everyone who has made PAXbaby the epitome of success; we appreciate YOU and are so grateful for your love & support on this magical journey that has made so many babies happy.
With gratitude, the PAXmoms!
Read more about PAXmommy Jillian’s humble beginnings here at the PAXblog!
*happy babywearing*

Tallulah Baby Designs ISO Angel

PAXbaby_tallulah baby designs_onbu_wrap conversion_buckle carrier_paxexclusive_woven wrap_SSC

Onbu, the newest babywearing trend, is brought to PAXbaby by Tallulah Baby Designs Carriers and will be stocking this coming week! Olivia is a talented seamstress who, in collaboration with the PAXmoms, has created an amazing stocking of wrap conversion buckle carriers. What’s different about the onbu? There is NO waistband or buckle whatsoever, only shoulder straps, making this design ideal for quick ups and downs, pregnant babywearing, and anyone with a sensitive middle who detests the feel of that waistband digging in! Muffin tops don’t exist with the onbu so if that is what is holding you back from trying a traditional buckle carrier, the time is now; the onbu has changed the reputation of hybrid carriers and Tallulah is leading the way in comfort, accessories and attention to detail! Wrappers will also enjoy the similar feel to the beloved rucksack carry : easy, quick, supportive, but no tying needed!

If you have been wishing and hoping for an Onbu  in YOUR life, TODAY could be your lucky day!!! Enter to win a “Right to Buy” for these GORGEOUS Onbus from Tallulah Baby Designs , between 9:00am – 3:00pm PDT TODAY, May 19th, 2016 and hopefully you will be jumping for joy when the ISO Angel chooses you!!

* Onbu carriers are considered advanced carriers, and should be used with older babies/toddlers. TY!
**Please have your credit card, or gift certificate ready as PayPal will be turned off for the first ten minutes to prevent oversells, thank you!

*happy babywearing*


Proper fit for your ONBU

PAXbaby_onbu_tallulah_cover photo_wrap conversion

So, you are curious about Tallulah Baby Carries amazing onbus??

Check out their size guide:

Onbu sizing:

Baby: sitting up unassisted – 24 months

Toddler: 18 months – 3T

Toddler Plus: 2T – 45 lbs

All three carriers are weight testes from 15-45lb



Baby: Seat width 15.5″, panel height 20.25″

Toddler: Seat width 17.5″, panel height 23.75″

Toddler Plus: Seat width 19.5″, panel height 26.75″

Adjustable shoulder straps: Approximately 12″-17″ with additional 21.5″ of webbing.

Weight: Approximately 1.25 lbs



Here are some important “Proper Fit” tips for your Onbu by Tallulah Baby Designs:

  • Always make sure that the carrier is adjusted so that it is comfortable for both the baby and the wearer.
  • Make sure to use assistance of a spotter until you are comfortable putting on and adjusting the onbu by yourself.
  • An onbu requires some prior carrier experience since it is a more advanced carrier.
  • Onbus are ONLY for children who are able to sit up without assistance for extended periods of time.
  • It is very important to have a proper fit due to the large side openings, as they could be an increased fall hazard.
  • Please choose the correct size when ordering.
  • The carrier should fit the child’s current size and not a size that the child will grow into.
  • The proper fit would be for the panel to fit from the child’s armpits down and back around the bum.
  • The inside edge of the panel should stop at the child’s bellybutton to ensure there is an appropriate seat.
  • Onbus can be worn with arms in or out, but it’s best for the arms to be out while putting on the carrier to reduce the risk of falling.
  • These carriers are designed to be worn high and tight, and can be worn on the front or back of the caregiver.
  • If the fit is not correct, it will be uncomfortable by putting too much strain on the shoulders of the wearer.


Enjoy, and *happy babywearing*


Vice Versa *cream* DOUBLE TWILL!!!

PAXbaby_VV_vice versa_cream weft_double twill_girasol_woven wrap

Fan favorite Vice Versa Twill *cream* is back at in a big way!!! DOUBLE TWILL IS IN THE HOUSE!!!

If you have been waiting, now is the time to snap this pretty up!!! This wrap is a game changer!!!! Once broken in, this is one wrap that will never leave!!!



*happy babywearing*


PAXbaby’s EXCLUSIVE Bamberoo Stocking


Take a walk down the Rainbow Road with PAXbaby and fall down a rabbit hole to say hello to a gorgeous nymph named Valentina! These four amazing PAXexclusive woven wraps have been used to create a set of beautiful wrap conversion carriers by Bamberoo, a * local * converter. Edit is the resident artist at Bamberoo and we can give her FULL credit for making our wraps even lovelier; these full buckle wrap conversion carriers are each a wearable work of art.
If this is your first time to the Bamberoo rodeo, you will need to understand that these are HIGHLY sought after carriers, drooled over, and intensely WANTED by babywearers around the world. Because of the high profile of our PAXexclusive Bamberoo Wrap Conversion Full Buckle stocking, the PAXmoms have for you two ways in which you can score one of these lovelies! The first is by filling out the form below; this enters you into our ISO Angel stocking, which is a random draw to select a winner to purchase. You can choose exactly which carrier you’d like to buy if given the chance or you can let us choose one for you! The other way in which you can take home a PAXexclusive Bamberoo is by using fastest fingers aka getting lucky! When the listing is activated at 10 AM PST, and it will be on for only a moment, that is your chance to POUNCE! PayPal will be turned off for this lightening fast stocking! Please do remember that if you don’t have the availability to refresh for the fastest fingers opportunity, our ISO Angel process is the way to go! You are more than welcome to participate in both stockings, and ask friends & family to help you as well; we cannot change shipping addies though so be sure everyone knows which address to use!
Have fun and don’t forget that all this is in the name of good babywearing fun!


PAXbaby_bamberoo_WCFB_tekhni_natibaby_ATTLG_nymphai_rainbow road_vice versa_valentina_collage

*happy Broo babywearing *


MySols are here!!!

PAXbaby_girasol_exclusive_mysols_vice versa_suprise_cream_dw_babywearing

The MySol is made from two layers of Girasol wrap fabric that nestles like a second skin around the baby being carried! Worn with either side facing out, the MySol is essentially reversible lengthening its life span and doubling its usability!

The MySol has been designed to grow with the child in order to ensure that babywearers get the most for their money and can use it for as long as possible: the width of the material between the legs may be easily adjusted – ideal for baby’s ergonomic M position with knees higher than bum!  The back of the MySol may be extended so that the carrier will still safely and comfortably fit even after your baby has grown into a toddler! The integrated hood supports your sleeping baby’s head and protects it against the sun; the hood’s width is also adjustable.

Lightly padded shoulder straps and a padded waistband also make the MySol so comfy. Your carrier will include a chest belt as well as a practical hip bag, and a storage bag!!!  Girasol’s My Sol have been lovingly woven and sewn in small workshops in Guatemala, and finished entirely from hand loomed woven wrap fabric!!!

Wear the MySol with love!

**Girasol has emailed us with some interesting information regarding their design change! On the recommendation of babywearing consultants, the MySol will no longer feature that drawstring but instead offer a different way to cinch the front panel of the carrier. As one of the accessories included with the My Sol, the hip belt has velcro on each end so that it can be used to secure the width of the panel.


*happy babywearing*


HALF wrap conversion Vice Versa Emeibaby!


We still have a few of these AMAZING half wrap conversion Vice Versa Emeibabys left :

The Emeibaby buckles on like a soft-structured carrier, but the unique wrap panel adjusts to ensure excellent knee-to-knee support at every stage as your baby grows!

It’s important to note the difference between a full wrap conversion and a half wrap conversion; a full doesn’t use any canvas fabric while the half ONLY has wrap on the front panel with a lining, shoulder straps, waistband and hood of black canvas!

Special features of the Emeibaby include :

A padded & highly-adjustable waistbelt and shoulder straps.

An attached sleep hood

European manufacturing and design

Baby-size is recommended from newborns (6.6 lbs) to toddlers (up to 33 lbs). No infant insert needed!!

Toddler-plus is recommended for ages 1-3+ (up to 39.6 lbs). The back panel is 2.8″ longer and 1.2″ wider than the baby-size carrier.

The Emeibaby can be used for front or back carries, and includes chest clip

PAXbaby recommends hand-washing with mild detergent (no fabric softener, please!) and air drying to protect the soft fabric.



*happy babywearing*


Free Friday with & the VV *wonky stripe*
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Time for another happy Free Friday at!!

Well, a deep cleaning every now and again of PAXHQ definitely pays off!
Our “loss” is your gain; look for a special stocking of these faves sometime next week!!!

Look for a special stocking of these faves & more sometime next week!!!

One lucky lucky lucky winner THIS week will win an extra special prize – a FREEEEEEE size 6 Vice Versa *cream* wonky stripe (with the elusive extra stripe) in twill!!!

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, November 6th, 2015!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!) Shipping in the States will be free; International winner will pay exact shipping costs!

Remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE – for an extra entry! Who doesn’t need THIS free rainbow in their life?? Tag a friend to share the love!

Best of luck to all of you!
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VV Emeibaby!

PAXbaby_emeibaby_VV_Vice versa_WC_#babycate

Well… I would say this is a winning combination!!! Wouldn’t you???

It is no secret around these parts that the PAXmommies are in love with the Emeibaby, but did you know why??

Not only is it a buckle carrier, but it also has the perfect fit of a woven wrap AND has the ability to grow with your baby! The first hybrid carrier of its kind, and easily the carrier that we recommend the most!

The Emeibaby is one of the TOP soft structured carriers around and here are a few of the top reasons behind that statement:
– you do not need an infant insert in order to carry a newborn
– the Emeibaby’s waist band can cinch down to 25″
– easy to use
– no long piece of fabric to juggle
– grows with your baby (or can be worn with your toddler one day, baby the next)

PLUS, we also are in LOVE with the fact that we are able to have our VERY OWN PAXexclusive Emeibabys now!!
First there was DOUBLE RAINBOW, and now… Vice VERSA!!!!

 Have you found the Emeibaby love yet??

*happy babywearing*

ISO Angel Bamberoo – BABY


Welcome to PAXbaby’s ISO Angel!!!

Today we are taking entries for TWO Bamberoo baby sized (Baby: 14″ wideX14″ tall. Fits babies from 3 month -up to a year) full buckle wrap conversion carriers made from our exclusive Girasol wrap, Vice Versa. In black weft and twill weave, these Bamberoos are CLASSIC PAXcarriers, and thanks to the amazing workmanship by Edit at Bamberoo, if you win, you will own a babywearing legacy! Each household may enter once, and in order to win, you MUST have an account at!!

The ISO Angel listing will be open for two hours this evening in the hopes that all our PAXfriends, American as well as International, will have the chance to enter for the chance to purchase one of these amazing baby carriers. This link will *only* be available for purchase from 9:30pm to 11:30pm PDT TODAY, May 26, 2015!!! If the ISO Angel draws your name, you will receive a message through your account at PAXbaby by 11:59 PM PDT TONIGHT, Tuesday May 26, with a private link to checkout! Your link will remain active for 12 hours! In the unlikely event that link is still active at 12:00 PM PDT May 27. 2015, the link will be disabled, and winners will forfeit their rights to purchase.
Good luck & *happy babywearing*


*happy babywearing*