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Happy birthday, PAXbaby!
Today PAXbaby is celebrating NINE YEARS of rainbow sunshine, perky unicorns, and an over the top imagination that has been expressed in thousands of creative baby carriers from handwoven wraps to soft structured carriers! Today we reminisce on the years of planning and designing and dreaming that has brought forth a legacy of brightness so vast that we are having trouble cataloging it all! Each custom textile has been a beauty; it’s hard to choose a favorite from all these amazing carriers such as our iconic Double Rainbow, gorgeous Vice Versa, Once Upon a Tula (1, 2, 3, and 4!), Sally and her counterpart, Jack… Thank you to everyone who has made PAXbaby the epitome of success; we appreciate YOU and are so grateful for your love & support on this magical journey that has made so many babies happy.
With gratitude, the PAXmoms!
Read more about PAXmommy Jillian’s humble beginnings here at the PAXblog!
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PAXfluff OTW


PAXfan Briana S. is looooving her new amber that she purchased during our EPIC SALE!! What PAXitems are you loving on right now??? Let’s see!


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Are YOU ISO of Tula Blankets??


Drumrollllllll please! Now announcing PAXbaby‘s ISO Angel for your FAVORITE Tula Blankets! Enter on our Facebook page for the chance to purchase a set of the coziest, yummiest, softest blankets EVER! Be sure that your Facebook name matches your PAXaccount name so you can win this amazing RTB! The blanket sets available today are Aviator & Quiver in VERY limited quantities!

* One entry per person please!
* The 3 set $65
* ISO Angel emails will go out this evening after babies’ bedtime PST!




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PAXmommy’s Jillian’s FIRST Tula

PAXbaby_Tula_tula love_first tula_PAXmommy Jillian

Folk Birds was PAXmommy Jillian’s FIRST Tula way back when!! Which print was YOURS?? What was the year?? Do you still have it?

What if a carrier could talk… What would yours say?? How many adventures have you been on together? How many times have you saved each other? How many times have you paced the halls together… bounced through family dinners, weddings, graduations. How often has your carrier provided a safe space for your little one? A comfortable place to nap? The best view in the house?

Every carrier has a story. What would yours say??



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Andy’s Room ISO Angel…


Andy’s Room and our collection of amazing accessory packages are very limited so is offering a variety of stocking styles today including our world famous ISO Angel! As another option to the standard “fastest fingers” stockings, the PAXmoms have created for you 2 random drawings! Be sure to enter both although you can only get lucky once; you will be able to visit the PAXblog and try your hand at both drawings drawing here from 9:00 AM – 10 AM PST & again from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST. The non drama stocking will then take place tonight, Wednesday evening at 8 PM PST. Our winning emails will be sent out via PAXaccount by 7:00 PST on Wednesday.

Fine print : Be sure that your name and address are current; you will have 12 hours to check out with your Andy’s Room listing before we choose a new winner! There is an Andy’s Room Tula GUARANTEED for each name drawn, but limited number of packages so shop early for the best selection!! PayPal will REMAIN ON during this stocking! Andy’s Room is limited to one carrier per household; multiple orders will be cancelled & refunded. We are unable to accept any changes of address for these carriers once you press ORDER, and the address from your entry checkout MUST match the address used when purchasing the carrier. Shipping may take up to 48 hours due to the large number of packages going out today! THANK YOU always for your patience and love!

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Behind the scenes with Andy’s Room…


Behind the scenes of Andy’s Room

I fell in love with these
Michael Miller clouds after searching for weeks for the PERFECT fabric. I loved how versatile they were, how they could be used in a variety of cosplay needs, and how neutral they are for all the many parents who won’t wear their boy baby in a “girlie carrier.”



Then PAXmommy Celia said, “you know what this reminds me of most?” And the rest is babywearing history!



Did you know that the front panels for our PAXexclusive Tula
Andy’s Room are actually hand cut to avoid the bottom border.

Although some people may look at these clouds and think “huh… clouds,” I see infinite possibilities, and today’s stocking is only the beginning of the cosplay adventure!


PAXbaby_andys room_tula_clouds_behind the scenes_PAXmoms_carrier


The PAXmoms can’t wait to see how YOU wear your Andy’s Room Tula; don’t forget to send us action pix!

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PAXexclusive Tula Baby Carrier, Andy’s Room, stocking details for Wednesday December 30, 2015!

PAXbaby_andys room_tula_PAXexclusive_accessories


When your worlds collide, amazing things happen! The PAXmoms’ love for Disneyland combined with an addiction to cosplay plus an upcoming PAXexclusive Tula meant only one thing…. an epic #disneybound baby carrier perfect for wearing at the Parks and definitely cute enough for every day wear as well! Although fewer people may be able to identify Andy’s Room as a cosplay carrier without the accessories and accouterments, this is an adorable basic buckle carrier even without the bling. However, add any of our ready made cosplay accessory packages, and you have a whole new #disneybound look going on! In a variety of price points, with an array of characters to choose from, PAXbaby’s Andy’s Room stocking has your cosplay needs covered! Let’s get started on the details!

Here is’s stocking schedule for Wednesday December 30!!! At 4 various times throughout the day, a small number of Andy’s Room Tula packages will be added to the cart, PayPal will be disabled, and fastest fingers will take home one of these cuties! Please be aware which set you are purchasing since there are a few options!! The times that you will want to that you will want to stalk are 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM, & 7 PM!!!

The PAXmoms are hosting 2 ISO Angel stockings which are a random draw style stocking! Please enter quickly once the drawing opens because within an hour, 5 winners each stocking will be drawn and sent custom links to check out at the stocking at 8 PM. Please come try your luck at 9 AM as well as 5 PM!

In addition to these stockings, the PAXmoms will be sprinkling some magical Pixie Dust throughout the day. Watch your Facebook messages for a link from PAXbaby to join in a special stocking Wednesday evening!! This Pixie Dust carrier package stocking will only be available for purchase for an hour and is reserved for the most enthusiastic of PAXfriends!

Every Andy’s Room Tula comes ready to wear and be loved and is loaded up with plenty of sleepy dust! Pricing starts at $169 for a standard size carrier, $189 for a toddler and the biggest accessory package being offered is $452. Wait ’til you see all the amazing details we have put together for YOU! Read more on pricing here:  ANDY’S ROOM PRICING. 

Fine print : All times posted are PST. If you score a fastest fingers, you will be disqualified from winning an ISO Angel since Andy’s Room is limited to one carrier per household. Because PayPal will be disabled during the first 10 minutes of each stocking to avoid oversell drama, you are welcome to purchase a gift certificate ahead of time for ease of check out. Every person awarded an ISO Angel or Pixie Dust link, will have a carrier; those stockings are guaranteed! Multiple orders will be cancelled & refunded. Shipping may take up to 48 hours to get your order out the door due to the large number of orders placed today! We are unable to accept any changes of address for these carriers once you press ORDER, and the address from your entry checkout MUST match the address used when purchasing the carrier.

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Our Cosplay Coordinate Accessory Sets!

I have worked so hard on each of these packages I have to say that they each feel like a “baby” to me, but our PAXexclusive  favorite cosplay accessory set for our Tula, Andy’s Room, has to be Cowboy. The iconic yellow checks paired with the perky red bandana has my heart! Which do you love the most?
Cowgirl with her charming red ric rac and cowpoke print?
Daycare with the rainbows? Did you know this is just one example of many rainbow coordinates we have ready here for you!?!?
Alien with their “get away vehicles” and eyeball-like polka dots?
Army Men with their ode to military life?
Space Ranger with his ultra bright rocket and star combo?
Hmmmm…. SO FUN!

andys room 2 Collage

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Win a FREE Tula and MORE!

Today, you are invited to PAXbaby’s biggest give away of the year! End 2015 with a YEEEEHAW and enter to win an Andy’s Room Tula PLUS a full set of Cowboy accessories!!! You get to choose the size of carrier if you win so be sure to make an appropriate choice based on the size of your baby! This Tula features light grey canvas straps and waistband with a cute front panel in light blue and white clouds. This Cowboy package includes fully reversible Strap Wraps lined with PUL for maximum strap protection, a double sided hood, reach straps, a cup cozy just for funsies, a silicone beaded necklace for teething and playing, and a little surprise not shown here!

The retail value for this amazing set is $293 or $313, WOW!!! For our International friends, the shipping cost for all this will be calculated based on your exact address but please budget roughly $35-$50 to bring your win home! Click to enter here on PAXbaby’s Facebook page and please share share share! Comments will be closed at 11 pm PST, and winner will be contacted within 24 hours!

* PAXmommy Jillian’s cosplay hat and doll are not included!

woody andys room collage free accessory 1

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A cowgirl and a space ranger…

Disneyland is not usually a romantic spot to visit, but when this cowgirl saw her space ranger from across the crowded theme park, she popped her wee cowbaby on her back in her Tula and off they went, dashing through California Disney Adventure straight for the man of her dreams! He offered to kiss her hand and offered to show her the wonders of the galaxy, she smooched his cheek and said YES; it was a moment to remember, thankfully caught on camera by our own PAXtographer and also a Disney cast member!

buzz andys room cate disneyland cosplay disneybound

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