PAXbirthday2016 Thank you EZPZ!


Thank you to EZPZ for donating one of their world famous Happy Mats for one lucky PAXbirthday9 PAXfriend!
These silicone placemat + plate/bowls actually suction to the surface of your table or counter! Such an awesome invention, and we are so excited to feature EZPZ in our PAXbirthday goodies! THANK YOU!

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Milk sharing aka wetnursing



Milk sharing aka wet nursing or cross-nursing is really common among my group of friends! Many of us have nursed each other’s babies, toddlers, and kids out of necessity or even just to boost our little ones’ immune strength! It’s a truly wonderful way to bond with your most cherished friends; my kids now have milk siblings. Their milk mamas have shared the bond of physical closeness as well as the antibodies that comes from one’s own milk. I can’t think of a more perfect way to show love as a mommy friend!

It’s sad but true that for many years, I felt tethered to my babies who were each exclusively breastfeed for almost 12 months. Until I found my community here in Southern California, I couldn’t physically leave my children without a back up feeding source but once I found my village, I allowed myself to leave my young baby in the care of dear friends who would breastfeed her as needed. My plight of not bottle training and yet desperately needing to go on a date with my husband was solved with one simple statement. “Please feed her when she seems hungry!” Suddenly, our options widened, and PAXdaddy and I have enjoyed quite a few dates since the birth of our daughter in 2013 by leaving she and our 6 older children with friends as well as having provided childcare for other friends wanting to escape the clutches of their little milk monster for a few hours!


I myself have been able to feed many of my friends’ babies for a plethora of reasons! I was very proud to put my lactating breasts to work one night when I was a doula at a friend’s birth. She had a trauma shortly after delivering her baby so I nursed her newborn through the night while also taking care of my own sweet 5 month old baby. The next morning I put out a call for help, and an army of mutual friends arrived to help with the new baby and also to keep baby’s tummy full of 100% breastmilk! I still marvel at that amazing week and how a group of women could come together to keep one little baby well nourished, clean, comforted while her mommy was under the weather.

At 32 months old, my daughter, Cate, was still breastfeeding and enjoying the mommy cuddles that it’s hard to find in a large busy family! When our 8th baby, Blaise, was born at just 15 weeks, my milk dried up leaving Cate high and dry. Luckily for her, an entire herd of lactating friends came during the month of May to care for me, my husband, and my children as I recovered from the loss of our beloved baby. She nursed from several mothers over the course of the month and now refers to one of our closest friends as “Mama Milk.” I am so grateful to each and every friend who offered to breastfeed my sweet girl. It means so much to me and made the transition to being a non-lactating mother much easier and less emotional.



At PAXretreat last week, PAXfriend Evonne had a little snuggle time with #toddlerCate. My lovie was over the moon with the fresh milk, and Evonne was happy to fill her little tummy with liquid gold. I cannot wait to have another baby, have my milk come in, and be able to feed someone else’s baby straight from the tap!



*happy breastfeeding*



Rainbows for Days at


Our PAXexclusive Rainbows for Days woven wrap was inspired by the amazing scientific phenomenon of the double rainbow. As with all double rainbows the first arcis vivid with stark contrast between the colors while the second is typically less vibrant with blended colors. Similarly, Rainbows for Days, hand woven by West of the Fourth JUST for, features two rainbows, one with clean color changes and one that is a blend of color.

Created in Canada, Rainbows for Days is a handwoven wrap, using a ring spun American cotton warp and West of the 4th Weaving‘s signature super soft flax and tencel weft yarn. Nancy weaves these wonderful wraps on her loom by hand; she often weaves with her baby, Thryn, on her back and her husband, Corwyn at her side. This beautiful exclusive wrap is a cumulation of years of friendship between West of the 4th and, and it is our pleasure to welcome these wraps to our beautiful rainbow line up!

With great excitement, PAXbaby & West of the 4th Weaving would like to announce our limited stocking of our beautiful PAXexclusive Rainbows for Days; come back to shop on Tuesday September 13th at 1 PM PDT HERE!


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Big family chat

What a mom of many needs to survive – other than a good baby carrier (or 2!)
Sense of humor
3 under 2 wm eli lucy rose
Without these, it would be impossible to overcome the obstacles of extreme sleep deprivation, anxiety, breastfeeding issues… Next time you see a mom with many small children, offer to push her cart, hold her groceries, open her car door. Your kind gesture or word could make her day!
My husband and I have heard every “joke” in the book about the size of our family, and the only purpose that the negative comments serve is to reinforce why our world needs gentle refocusing on what’s truly important. Do we know what causes this? Yes, shall I explain it to you? Do we own a TV? Yes, although we rarely watch it. Do we plan on having more children? Yes, God willing! Are we millionaires to afford our family? No, we live frugally within our means. How will we send each child to college? We don’t plan to, but each child may choose to attend continuing education classes if they so desire. How do we do it? Juggling, it’s ALL about the juggling! family picture april 2016
I truly will never understand why a stranger would think it’s respectable to discuss our state of financial status any more than it is proper to be discussing where babies come from on the sidewalk with a neighbor. I rarely get peevish, but for this topic, I beg you, please just tell us moms of many how beautiful our children are, how well behaved (if applicable!) and leave the snarky comments, rude jokes and blatant stares at home! Or say nothing at all but offer up a prayer because that mama will need it today, guaranteed!!!

HAPPY FREEEEE FRIDAY with and Dear Addie Children’s Boutique
a Rafflecopter giveaway

HAPPY FREEEEE FRIDAY with and Dear Addie Children’s Boutique!!

Our lucky winner this week will win a set of custom “grow with me pants” for baby and matching socks for mommy!
Jessica, the owner of Dear Addie, is a mommy of 3 with 2 boys and a girl. She is a stay at home mom who decided to turn her love of sewing into a business. She found her passion to be in children’s clothing. Jessica is a huge fan of Disney and more specifically Tim Burton!! A lot of her creations feature iconic characters from Disney and Burton.
Jessica, Owner and designer at Dear Addie has designed a custom set from her shop with the PAXmommies in mind;)
You are not going to want to miss out!!

Please support our amazing Free Friday friend Jessica and like her Facebook Page!!!

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, March 11th, 2016!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!) Shipping in the States will be free; International winner will pay exact shipping costs!


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PAXbaby at MILK


Will you be attending MILK: An Infant Feeding Conference???

Don’t forget to come find us and say HI!!! Look for the RAINBOW umbrella!!!

Which speaker are YOU most looking forward to hearing from??

If you will be pumping at the event, and will not have your own baby there, Baby Sailor  and her mommy will be in attendance and accepting milky donations!! Read more about Baby Sailor here:

Hope to see you there!!
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PAXbaby’s Official Guide to Babywearing at Disneyland!

Planning a trip to Disneyland and a little unsure as to which rides allow babywearing??
It can be a bit overwhelming remembering which attractions allow you to wear your little one, which make you take them off, make you turn baby forward facing, make you sit baby beside you and which do not allow babies at all!!!

Fortunately, and The Happily Ever After Social Club put their heads together and came up with these extensive lists for you to use:

Disneyland Ride Guide

These rides are #babycate’s favorites and are also great choices if you don’t want to spin :
Alice in Wonderland

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Enchanted Tiki Room

“it’s a small world”

California Adventure Ride Guide
#babycate would like to personally recommend these rides at California Adventure for her fellow baby friends and also anyone who gets dizzy :
The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley

Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train


Please keep in mind that a lot depends on the cast member attending the attraction at the time of your visit; if you are turned away from a ride or find your experience to be different from what we have documented, please email and let us know!

These helpful spreadsheets provide a list of the rides categorized by  height requirement, whether they are babywearing or pregnancy friendly, walk through or sit down ride, and number of passengers allowed per car.

For big families or friends traveling with a range of children’s ages, it is REALLY important to make use of the Rider Switch Passes which can be obtained from the ride operator. MOST rides have these available and allow the parent waiting with the smaller babies to then take TWO children back on the ride – often through the exit or Fastpass line. Also know that children over 14 can take younger children in line and also on rides without an adult, however children 7-14 can ride alone as long as a parent is with them on the ride but not necessarily in the same seat. children younger than 7 who meet the height requirement for the attraction must be sitting with someone 14 or older.


*happy babywearing*

*Make sure to share this post with anyone YOU know who will be babywearing at “the happiest place on Earth”!!!!*

**Thank you to all the babywearers who sent PAXbaby their pictures to share with Disney fans all over the world!**

Carseat Safety


Carry your baby, not your car seat.

Like it, share it, spread the word!

We are not fueling the parent wars; merely shedding light on a common practice.

It’s *never* safe to put a car seat on top of a cart, whether or not it clicks in. The clicking can actually damage your seat, as it wasn’t meant to attach to anything ot
her than its own base, and cause it to fail in an accident. This is specifically detailed in the car seat manuals. Additionally, the seat makes the cart incredibly top heavy and many babies have been injured or killed when carts have tipped over with their seats on top.

If you cannot babywear, try putting the bucket seat directly into the basket of the cart.
<3 Let’s keep our littles safe! <3

*happy babywearing*


Toddler Carrier Comparison Chart


Top Row: Child is 2 years, 36.5″, 31# and 4T shirts, 3T pants

Bottom Row: Child is 4.5 years, 43.5″, 38# and 6 shirts, 5 pants


It’s not just for babies!! is a huge fan of big kid wearing, too! Here’s an assortment of the biggest of the big! These carriers have high weight limits and are a great option if you’re wearing your older toddler, preschooler, or even your school aged child!

**It’s important to pick a carrier that fits your child *now*, rather than choosing something to grow into, as a too large carrier can be a safety concern. To test fit, be sure your child’s shins hang at a right angle to their thighs, with no buckling or scrunching of the carrier fabric and that their head clears the top of the carrier. Once a child is able to walk, “knee to knee” is no longer a necessity. Always check the manufacturer’s sizing prior to using a carrier for your child.


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First Babywearing Playdate of 2015


Who is ready for the very first Playdate of 2015!?!
Can’t wait to see YOU there!!!
What do you want to try? What do you want to see??

We are SOOO excited to see all of you there, and start of the babywearing year with a bang!


*happy babywearing*