PAXplaydates with the Boo Hoo Crew


We had an AWESOME time at our last PAXbaby Playdate!!!! and the Boo Hoo Crew!
Check out some of the fun we had:

* Friends, feel free to tag yourselves, share, and use, but PLEASE be respectful of our PAXtographer’s artwork and do not crop out the watermark!!!
If you are interested in ordering a digital copy of a photo, please contact our fabulous PAXtographer Allie Majewski on her business page.
Enjoy & *happy babywearing*

*happy babywearing*

FREE FRIDAY and the BIG 20!!


As hard as I ignored the facts, as far as I stuck my head in the sand, as loudly as I sang to drown out the truth, I couldn’t stop the inevitable from happening… #babycate turned TWENTY MONTHS this week. But as I look at her and see the amazing child she is becoming, the spirited toddler she is, and the cuddly baby she still is, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for these past twenty months getting to know my Cate! Every day seems like a gift when life is viewed through her eyes; every funny bug and beautiful flower is worth a stop and a conversation when you live like Cate. She forces me with to slow down, calm down, and pay attention to what’s really important! View the world through your child’s eyes and see how wondrous the world can be!!!


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*happy babywearing*