Shopping list…


Who else abides by these rules when holiday shopping for their littles??
When you have a big family, shopping can become overwhelming, and EXPENSIVE!
Paring down the gifts to four each has helped SO much.

What are YOUR go-to shopping rules???

*happy babywearing*

MOOOVING SALE; we’re moving!

Come on down and visit PAXbaby today, and TODAY only, where every item at our store is 40% off! That’s right, FORTY! Because the more you buy, the less we have to moooooove! Think Christmas, and share our link with your loved ones; there’s no better gift than a new baby carrier! We cannot wait to reveal our brand new website with you, but until then, HAPPY BABYWEARING and HAPPY SHOPPING!



** restrictions apply; carriers excluded from the sale: Jublii, Tula, JPMBB, Wrapsody, Beco, Soul Linen, MJ, Tallulah.


No returns on promotional orders. PAXbaby will not be able to accept returns on any part of your order so please shop wisely.
We cannot apply this promotion retroactively to orders placed before today, custom links, pre-orders, or lay-away, thanks!
While supplies last! We have plenty of carriers and goodies, but shop early for the best selection!
Promo ends Friday November 11th at MIDNIGHT PST.
Orders including a gift certificate will be exempt from this promotion.
*happy babywearing*

THANK YOU! Happy Thanksgiving 2015

PAXbaby_thank you_cover
The PAXmoms hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving tomorrow filled with the joy and laughter that is sharing home, heart and happiness with each other!

Come on down to, and get shopping!
Black Friday deals!

4, 3, 2, 1… it’s time to shop our Black Friday deals at!
Take 40% off PAXbaby’s entire KoKaDi category! code KKD
Take 30% off our Woven Wrap category! code WRAP
Take 20% off all ring slings at! code SLING
Take 10% off any Tula order PLUS add a $200 Grab Bag for only $100! code WEAR 

ALL Beco Baby Carriers are on sale for 25%!!!

EVERY ORDER OVER $150 WILL RECEIVE A FREE rainbow Unicorn Horn FROM Brooklyn Owl! Please use UNICORN in your order notes; supplies are limited!*
brooklyn owl horn rainbow free black friday

Small Business Saturday sales!
Help support a local family owned store and shop Small Business Saturday sales with PAXbaby! Take 10% off our entire store with the code SMALL BIZ!!! Please take this opportunity to add a $200+ Grab Bag to your order of any size TULA Baby Carrier for only $100! THANK YOU for your support & love; the PAXmommies thank you too!!!!

ALL Beco Baby Carriers are on sale for 25%!!!

EVERY ORDER OVER $150 WILL RECEIVE A FREE locally handmade mini Emoji Pillow FROM DaisyChain&Co! Please use SMILE in your order notes; supplies are limited!*
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Cyber Monday steals! is proud to be an online retailer; the PAXmoms are each able to work from their own home will still maintaining our wonderful store! Please visit us virtually and take advantage of our Cyber Monday sale category that features STEALS for $120 or less! Here’s your chance to add a $200+ Grab Bag to your order of any size TULA Baby Carrier for only $100! Happy shopping!!!!

EVERY ORDER OVER $150 WILL RECEIVE A FREE Calm-a-Mama, our newest obsession in homeopathic baby care! Please use CALM in your order notes; supplies are limited!* We will choose which Drops you will receive; they are all amazing!!

cyber monday calm-a-mama free

Time for the fine print :
* Daily freebies ARE limited! Shop early!
* One freebie per household per day!
* One promo code can be used on each order!
* Multiple orders can be combined when shipping to the same PAXaccount shipping addy!
* International orders will be combined when possible to save on shipping; a refund will be sent if applicable!
* Type coupon code into coupon box, and write a note in your order notes!
Any order placed using one of these coupon codes or order notes will be considered FINAL!
* Brands that are excluded during our Thanksgiving weekend promotion are Beco Baby Carriers, Wrapsody, and Bum Genius.

*** Promotional discount can be applied to sale items!


*happy babywearing*

Carseat Safety


Carry your baby, not your car seat.

Like it, share it, spread the word!

We are not fueling the parent wars; merely shedding light on a common practice.

It’s *never* safe to put a car seat on top of a cart, whether or not it clicks in. The clicking can actually damage your seat, as it wasn’t meant to attach to anything ot
her than its own base, and cause it to fail in an accident. This is specifically detailed in the car seat manuals. Additionally, the seat makes the cart incredibly top heavy and many babies have been injured or killed when carts have tipped over with their seats on top.

If you cannot babywear, try putting the bucket seat directly into the basket of the cart.
<3 Let’s keep our littles safe! <3

*happy babywearing*