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From the makers of Boba ergonomic toddler carriers and the Sleepy Wrap, comes babywearings’ latest invention: The Boba Air!!
Dubbed “the world’s lightest baby carrier”, the Boba Air is the first of its kind: self storing, ultra light weight, but with ALL the same snazzy features you find on your traditional Boba SSC.

Take a look at the stats:

100% nylon construction, making the Boba Air durable and easy to clean weighs only 0.7 pounds, and is meant to be stored inside its own hood zipper pocket sleeping hood with large zippered pocket suitable for children 15-45 pounds meant for wearing on front and back available in two colors: black and blue

Here are the specifics on the Boba Air:

Width across chest–16″

Width across just above waist band–12 1/2″

Height, not including waist band–16″

Height of waist band(center front)–4 3/4″

Width of shoulder strap at widest point–3 1/2″

Maximum length of strap–41 1/2″

Maximum length of waist belt–56″

Weight of carrier–approx 12 oz.

The Lightweight Baby Carrier That’s Going Places

Just toss it in your diaper bag, carry-on or glove compartment and you have instant access to a simple, supportive child carrier that unfolds or self-stores in seconds.

-Supports babies 15-45lbs
-Waistband range reaches 25″–58″
-100% nylon

Key Features

Light-as-air soft-structured baby carrier (just 0.7 pounds) Folds up in seconds into self-storing hood pouch Fits in small spaces for easy travel and storage Lightweight yet durable nylon material Safe, sturdy and excellently ergonomic

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***Please take caution when reading this heartfelt post; you may be triggered if you have been affected by pregnancy loss.

Now that you have tried to make a baby, there’s the endless two week wait while you wrestle with the inner turmoil and emotional personal disputes not limited to “was now the right time?” “should we have waited?” “am I ready?” “are WE ready?” “what will I do if we are pregnant?” “what will I do if we’re NOT pregnant.” For me, having lost our eighth baby in May but knowing for 21 days before I started bleeding that the early birth was imminent, my current wait for my period to start is causing PTSD style flashbacks. A few months ago I was hanging onto each moment with my baby and trying not to lose my mind in grief. Here I am today, hoping for the best, but expecting nothing, and reliving each day of my loss while I carefully check my toilet paper (ok, you got me! family cloth!) for a trace of blood or ANY clue as to why I am now 2 days late without a positive on my pregnancy tests. Speaking of which, I ordered a stack of 100 cheapies from Amazon when we decided that September would be our first TRY month! I love the cheap sticks because I can pee away without worrying about the money; I limited myself to 1 a day but quickly progressed to 2. Given the fact that I am crying at the latest episode of This Is Us, craving eggs (I’m a VEGAN!), and I suddenly think that coffee tastes gross, I want to believe that I am pregnant and my HCG levels just aren’t caught up yet. But on the other hand, I have become a public crier since losing my Blaise in May, my friend Guin has been hooking us up with amazing happy eggs from her backyard chickens, and at PAXretreat I was treated to amazing cappuccino every day so ordinary coffee is kind of gross in comparison. So maybe these aren’t symptoms as much as they are just part of being me.


The thoughts that go through my mind every time I step into the bathroom to pee on ANOTHER stick are :
You just bribed your other kids to stay downstairs with some gluten free cookies and a science based show on Netflix so that you could go in the bathroom and cry. This is a new low.

You can’t even go to the bathroom without at least one child sitting in your lap. How will you fit your belly in here too??

If you pee on your hand one more time while aiming for the pee stick….

And my personal favorite, your baby is finally sleeping through the night and 100% potty trained except the occasional accident. WHY ON EARTH would you want to start all over?

But the thoughts that go through my mind each time I pee on another stick and see that negative sticking its tongue out at me are :
You have peed on 10 sticks in the last 3 days; just wait and see.

You are the most impatient person I know.

You need to drink more water; your pee isn’t clear!

You need to calm down, and focus on the 7 little blessings waiting for you downstairs, covered with cookie crumbs and filled with new Science facts to share with you.

You need to accept with grace whatever happens this month.

Next month is another cycle, another chance for the baby that YOU KNOW you are meant to hold in your arms.

But let me tell you, the wait is so stressful, and the associations I can give every odd event make my emotions swing wildly within minutes. I took 2 naps yesterday; I MUST be pregnant! I don’t feel like eating; I MUST NOT be pregnant! My breasts hurt; I MUST be pregnant! I have high highs and low lows like PMS; I MUST NOT be pregnant! My belly is sticking out even though I’m not eating much and exercising daily; I MUST be pregnant!


Now add to this emotional rollercoaster the guilt that I feel for closing the story of my 8th baby, and wanting to try again for #9. Did I give her tiny life enough respect. Have I taught the kids well that though they never got to meet their baby sister, she counts as one of their siblings. Was I a good enough mom to my Blaise during our 15 weeks together.  Am I ready to share my love with someone new.  Am I ready to be pregnant again, count the weeks again, and hold my breath until we pass that 15 week mark when I gave birth last. Will my body be ready in 36ish weeks to be healthy, and my mind to be whole and focused and not remembering the pain and suffering that a year beforehand brought me to my hardest birth. Can I give a new baby the grace to not replace my Blaise, but to be another love of my life, not detracting from my previous experience, but adding a new bud to the beautiful bouquet of lives, deaths, and memories that I hold in my heart.

Am I strong enough? Am I mom enough? Time will tell.

What brings you JOY


What brings you JOY?

No matter how tiny, we’d love to hear it! Is it that first sip of coffee in the morning? The tiny breaths of a baby sleeping on your chest? A solo Target trip?

Sometimes as a caregiver, we get so caught up in making everyone else happy that we forget to take care of ourselves, too. How does that saying go?
“You can’t pour from an empty cup”
Well, it is true.
Sometimes all we need is to take a step back, breathe and focus on one calming, joy-filled moment just for ourselves.
Now, that moment is not going to look the same for everyone.
For some, that moment may even be at midnight when the entire house is silent: a hot, essential oil filled bath without interruption.
For others, that could be driving to school pick up with the radio blasting and the windows down.
A joyful moment, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money, either.
Relish in the leaves changing color, splashing in the puddles, taking one extra moment to lay in bed before the kids jump on you, choosing the comfy clothes…

Whatever it may be, please try to challenge yourself this week to find the joy in the chaotic.
Get back to us and tell us what you did! <3


The PAXmoms


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PAXmommy Mel’s loss


“This should be my belly right now. I know five babies was not in our “plan” but now that #5 is no longer here, the pain of the loss runs deep. I never knew how much miscarriage can mess with your hormones, your mind, your heart. I should be prepping tiny diapers and finishing last minute quilts and blankies right now. Instead, I’m packing up the last of Baby #4’s diapers knowing there will never be another little baby here again. If anything, this experience has given me way more empathy to others going through the same thing. “It’s probably for the best.” And “be thankful for the kids you have” are not comforting … The grief is real, whether the baby was planned or not. The hormone fluctuation is real, and can make you feel off the wall. I know it is not my fault but the guilt of having four healthy, easy pregnancies and then a loss, is real. What went wrong with this one? I compare my loss to others, and think, “Ok, you need to suck it up – other people have been through WAY worse.” “At least it wasn’t _____” But, I need to allow myself sadness, time to grieve. My loss was real. It may be different, but it is still real.

I was ok for awhile here, but now that the EDD is looming, the pain is all so fresh again. Thankful that my hormones are no longer a rollercoaster. Thankful for the few friends that “get it”. Thankful for Luc’s sweet snuggles and thankful for jiu jitsu for keeping me sane. I don’t normally post like this but normalizing miscarriage might help someone else reach out. It can be an isolating journey, when no one else feels the pain but you. ????????#babyJett #baby5

PAXmommy Mel lost her Baby #5 this past winter, and today would have been her EDD.

If you are ever feeling alone on this journey, please know that we are here for you. Email us, post on this wall, or comment below that you need a friend. You are not alone, PAXfriends. <3


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Read Aloud Revival



I’m a huge bookworm, but I don’t have much time for pleasure reading. What I do make sure to have time for is to read aloud to my littles.  A favorite activity in my house is to all snuggle in my bed – queen size! – and listen to mama read aloud. Picture books, chapter books, bring on the books, we read them all! Because of this family habit, it is my belief that my children will grow up to love books as much as I do, and that makes me very happy.As the new school year approaches, we’ve been discussing the addition of a few new To Do’s for the older kids to keeep life spinning smoothly during our school day. One of Lucy’s new chores will be the wonderful task of setting up our mantle in a delightful library style; I chose a few topics for September and compiled a book list for each one. The books we don’t have will be fetched from the library, or ordered from amazon thanks to school funding! I’ve also asked her to augment the arrangement with props and decorations!

#booknerd #readaloudrevival #homeschool #charlottemason
Sept 11 – Grandparent’s Day
The hello, goodbye window by Norman Juster
40 uses for a grandpa by Harriet Ziefert and Amanda Haley
Grandparents’ Day by Nikki Tate and Benoit Laverdiere
Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs by Tomi DePaola
Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa by Anna Dewdney
Spot Loves His Grandpa by Eric Hill
Full, Full, Full of Love by Trish Cooke and Paul Howard
Abuela by Arthur Dorros
I Love Saturdays y domingos by Alma Flor Ada and Elivia Savadier
Grandpa’s Face by Eloise Greenfield
Sept 15 – Robert McCloskey’s birthday
One morning in Maine
Blueberries for Sal
Make way for ducklings
Bio video
September 16 – H.A. Rey’s birthday
All Curious George books + on our shelf
September 19 – “Talk Like A Pirate Day”
A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade by James Preller and Greg Ruth
All pirate books + on our shelf
September 22 – “Hobbit Day”
All Tolkien + on our shelf
September 23 – First Day of Autumn
Peepers by Eve Bunting
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilt by Anna Grossnickle Hines
We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt y Steve Metzger and Miki Sakamoto
Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell and Lizzy Rockwell
Seed, sprout, pumpkin, pie by Jill Esbaum
Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson
Fall Leaves Loretta Holland
September 15 – October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month
The Storyteller’s Candle / La velita de los cuentos
Viva Frida by Yuyi Morales
Niño wrestles the world by Yuyi Morales
Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote: A Migrant’s Tale by Duncan Tonatiuh
Diego Rivera: His World and Ours by Duncan Tonatiuh
Dear Primo by Duncan Tonatiuh
Separate is never equal : the story of Sylvia Mendez and her family by Tonatiuh, Duncan.
Portraits of Hispanic American heroes by Juan Feliipe Herrera
Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
A Movie in My Pillow / una pelicula en mi almohada by Jorge Argueta and Elizabeth Gomez
Book Fiesta! Celebrate Children’s Day by Pat Mora and Rafael Lopez
The rainbow tulip by Pat Mora and Elizabeth Sayles
Yum! mmmm! quu rico! : Americas’ sproutings by Pat Mora
Can’t wait to show you her displays! There will be plenty of pictures, don’t worry!

Three months

PAXbaby_PAXfamily_PAXmommy Jillian_loss_friends_baby blaise

I’m feeling especially grateful tonight for friends near and far who’ve held my hand, rubbed my back, and taught me how to put one foot in front of the other again!
It’s been 3 months since I was pregnant last, and not a day goes by without thinking of my Blaise but knowing that you all are thinking of my baby too makes me feel better.
Thank you <3


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PAXbaby at MommyCon


So much fun was had at MommyCon!! ?? What was your fave part of this past weekend?  Did you snag a photo with us? We would LOVE to see it!


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PAXbaby_natibaby_MLU_baby_my little unicorn_woven wrap_natibaby_baby

Fresh off the loom, My Little Unicorn * baby * is a new blend of an old favorite! Woven multiple times before by Natibaby exclusively for PAXbaby, this MLU is a delightful blend of equal parts cotton and bamboo resulting in a pink cloud of babywearing fluff! Perfect for the new babywearer or the seasoned veteran or anyone in between, PAXbaby’s My Little Unicorn is a lusciously soft woven wrap sure to take you & your baby to happily babywear ever after! Come a’stalking PAXbaby on Thursday April 21 at 10 am PDT!
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Buy a Tula, get a surprise!



PAXbaby_SALE_TULA LOVE_TULA_goodie_free












Buy any in stock Tula and receive  surprise goodies to the tune of $50ish!

The PAXmoms will choose which items you receive, but feel free to browse and give us a hint as to what you like!!!
Amber? Wrap scraps? Rainbow decor??? What tickles your fancy???

Is there anything better than a surprise??? YES, a freeeeeee surprise!!!
Let’s make opening fluffy mail even MORE EXCITING!

Play along and upload YOUR surprise pics on our Facebook page!!! Let us spoil YOU! <3

**while supplies last


PAXbaby_tula_tula love_goodies_freee






















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Save the Date! PaxBaby over the rainbow-Logo-birthday-edition-01

In a few short weeks, will be celebrating our EIGHTH birthday party! Can you believe that our little rainbow shop will have been chug chugging along for eight years this Fall? From baby carriers to bento boxes to baby bottles and back again, it’s been quite the adventure with PAXbaby!

Please save the date of September 20 to spend with your favorite mamas; PAXbaby’s birthday bash features a very special speaker, Kristi from Wrapsody!!! Our party is right smack dab between PAXretreats with Joanna from the Center for Babywearing Studies and will be very much like a mini retreat day! Food, beverages, entertainment, and awesome company will all be included with your ticket!  In honor of our creative and varied past, our prizes to be won at the party range from baby carrier accessories and stalk free passes to an AMAZING wrap converter to handmade dollies to wrap scrap quilts, diapers, clothing and jewelry! Tickets will go on sale next week, but for now, be sure to mark September 20 with a RAINBOW on your calendar; you do NOT want to miss this PAXilicious babywearing event held in Temecula, California where the sun is always shining!

PAXbaby party birthday tutu rainbow

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