Alice Through the Looking Glass ISO ANGEL

attlg alice through the looking glass wonderland woven wrap paxababy natibaby


Alice Through the Looking Glass is a PAXexclusive Natibaby in 100% cotton!!!
We are all mad here; join the PARTY!‘s newest cosplay woven wrap designed by PAXmommy Jillian, Alice Through the Looking Glass, is stocking on Friday February 12 at 10 am PST! Taking the fastest ride through the rabbit hole OR having a lucky conversation with an odd caterpillar are your two tickets to taking home an ATTLG Natibaby!

Inspired by Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton, ATTLG is 100% cotton and most definitely IMPOSSIBLE to purchase unless you follow THESE rules :
Refresh the link at 10 am PST On Friday February 12 OR try your hand at the ISO Angel between 9am – 12:00pm PST, and hope you are chosen for an elusive “right to buy”. The ISO non drama stocking will then take place tomorrow, Saturday morning at 9 am PST. Our winning emails will be sent out via PAXaccount by midnight PST tonight (Friday, February 12th, 2016).

Fine print : Be sure that your name and address are current; you will have 12 hours to check out with your Alice Through the Looking Glass listing before we choose a new winner! There is an Alice Through The Looking Glass woven wrap or ring sling GUARANTEED for each name drawn, but shop quickly for the biggest selection in sizes!! PayPal will REMAIN ON during this stocking! ATTLG is limited to one carrier per household; multiple orders will be cancelled & refunded. We are unable to accept any changes of address for these carriers once you press ORDER, and the address from your entry checkout MUST match the address used when purchasing the carrier. THANK YOU always for your patience and love!

Best of luck, friends!

*happy babywearing*



Legacy Wraps

PAXbaby_babycate_legacy wrap_PAXmommy Jillian_natibaby_valentina

Do you have a legacy wrap for your little one? One that holds many special memories and that you will keep forever and ever??

Sometimes legacy wraps are wraps that you fall in love with, sometimes legacy wraps are wraps or carriers that were released on your little one’s birthday, or sometimes it is your child that does the choosing. PAXmommy Jillian’s Baby #6, Declan’s legacy wrap is the stunning, and vibrant Double Rainbow, whereas Baby #7, #babycate has a few different ones, including the Natibaby Valentina pictured above!

We would love to hear about YOUR special carriers!


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What’s this?
Sally or Jack?
Jack or Sally?

Or is your love for both equally as passionate???

There have been quite a few rumors flying at PAXbaby’s Facebook page that Sally & Jack are making a comeback! The PAXmoms would like to officially confirm that YES, this dynamic duo will be back and ready to make ALL your babywearing dreams come true sooner than later!! More details will be coming, and positive comments will be remembered and noted! You know that we know that you know all about our Pixie Dust program, so bring on the SQUEEEEE and squelch those boos; let’s keep it positive!!!!!

jack or sally iso

*happy babywearing*


Return of the Ghosts

PAXbaby_999 happy haunts_natibaby_haunted mansion_woven wrap_babywearing

Return of the ghosts!
As often happens with overseas deliveries to, a (hat) box gets separated from the rest of our order and shows up later to our surprise and delight! And today, the PAXmoms are dying to tell you that another stack of 999 Happy Haunts is here and ready to delight every ghoul and boy waiting for the perfect wrap! Are there any volunteers? Fill out this form at PAXbaby’s blog and hope that you are chosen as our newest Ghost Hostwearer! Available in both Gracey, a shroud like grey colorway, or Leota, beloved by all, PAXbaby’s exclusive Natibaby, 999 Happy Haunts, is 100% cotton and chillingly beautiful!
These wraps will be available to purchase ONLY by winning the random draw, and are right to buy. Applicable tax and shipping will be added to your order. Winning emails will be sent out Monday night for a Tuesday drama free stocking. Good luck!

** All wraps are seconds quality


*happy babywearing*


999 Happy Haunts ISO Angel

PAXbaby_haunted mansion_natibaby_999 happy haunts

“Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host, your ghost host!”

999 Happy Haunts, by Natibaby in 100% cotton just for PAXbaby, brings to mind a series of disquieting thoughts : Is this haunted room actually stretching? Can you find a way out? Inspired by the spooky wall paper from a beloved mansion in New Orleans Square, 999 Happy Haunts is available in two colorways : Leota is a creepy crawly purple while Gracey is a shroud like grey. The Grim Grinning Ghosts will be coming out to socialize and to choose random winners to participate in a non-drama stocking for TOMORROW, Wednesday evening at 5 PM PST. Enter the Grim Grinning Ghosts drawing here at the PAXblog from 12:01 AM – 3 AM PST, don’t walk under any ladders, or see any black cats; winning emails will be sent out to your PAXaccount by Noon PST on Wednesday. Be sure that your name and address are current; you will have 5 hours to check out with your haunting listing before we choose a new winner!

There will be a 999 Happy Haunts woven wrap for each name drawn, but you’ll want to shop early for the largest availability of sizes!! PayPal will be disabled during the first 10 minutes of this stocking! Please shop with a credit or debit card, or a gift certificate. One Natibaby 999 Happy Haunts wrap per customer. Multiple orders will be cancelled & refunded. We are unable to accept any changes of address for these carriers, and the address from your entry checkout MUST match the address used when purchasing the carrier.

Beware of hitchhiking ghosts & good luck!

*happy babywearing*

That “bloom”!!!

PAXbaby_bloom_sally_woven wrap_KKD

Thanks PAXfriend Megan S. for this awesome illustration of why you should wash and dry a woven wrap BEFORE use! WOW! Look at that “bloom”!! Make sure to read the washing instructions for your woven wraps, some LOVE heat, some need to be hung to dry, and others can be dried on low-heat! Tossing in a few dryer balls can also help to break in a new wrap! What does your routine look like?

Woven wraps often come to us in “loom state” and are in need of a little TLC before their true beauty can be released!!

Do you take before and after shots of your wraps??
We would love to see your photos!!

*happy babywearing*

FREE FRIDAY with & Seahorse Shades


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hooray for FREE Friday! Kelley, the talented WAHM behind Seahorse Shades, will make and send a pair of ADORABLE Jack & Sally hair clips to our lucky PAXbaby FREE Friday winner as the perfect ending to our super Sally stocking week!

Our winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, October 30th, 2015!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! (Free shipping in the USA; actual shipping costs for our International friends)

For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!)

* Actual wrap print placement may vary; this is a stock shot for display purposes only!

Best of luck to all of you!
*happy babywearing*

Buy a Tula – Maybe win….

PAXbaby_tula_sally_nightmare before christmas_natibaby_woven wrap







Buy a Tula, any Tula and hope you win 1 of 5 RTB dibs!
Does this “look like fun?” The Pumpkin King is looking for FIVE new homes for his love since she can’t obviously stay in Dr. Finkelstein’s tower anymore so straws will be drawn for today’s right to buy at!!! Could it be that you got your wish?

Buy ANY instock Tula Baby Carrier today, and wait until after midnight today to find out whether Lock, Shock, and Barrel will be escorting Sally to your awaiting arms! An email inviting you to choose your preference of length may be waiting for you; check your junk mail too because your chance to claim one of our #disneybound Sally wraps only lasts 12 hours!

**Fine print :
Winning International winners will need to pay shipping for their Sally.
Shipping address must stay consistent with your PAXaccount; the PAXmoms will not be able to change your shipping addy for Sally from your original order.
As per PAXbaby’s return policy, items purchased as part of a special promotion are nonreturnable. Thank you for your understanding!
*happy babywearing*

ALL the stocking info you need for TTLGA, JACK and SALLY

PAXbaby_jack_sally_natibaby_woven wrap_babywearing_nightmare before christmas
All the details you will need to know about PAXbaby’s epic cosplay stocking are HERE!
The PAXmoms are juggling quite a few balls today; thank you for your patience!
We know you are all excited, and so are we!!! <3 Wishing you the BEST of luck, on this most spooky of stockings!
- Jack (version 2) and Through the Looking Glass Again (version 2) with Sally (version 2) will all be released under the same category at 4:00 pm PDT, TODAY, Wednesday October 21st, so you don’t need to stalk multiple pages and sites.
- The link you need at 4 pm PDT today will be:
- PayPal will be turned off for the first 10 minutes to prevent oversells
- You may purchase a gift certificate, use your credit card or debit card.
- There are only very few Jack 2 ring slings available.
- There will be no Sally 2 or TTLGA ring slings.
- Sally 2 is stuck in customs and will be shipped as soon as she arrives but we don’t have an updated ETA.
- Sally MAY not arrive in time for Halloween!!!!!
- ONE wrap/wrap package etc per household.
- Jack 2, Sally 2 AND TTLGA are 100% cotton and gorgeous!
– Jack will be paired with Sally in size 7; TTLGA will be in combination with Sally size 6!
- This will NOT be the only way to score a Sally; we have other ideas up our sleeves for more exciting stockings!
- Your shipping address cannot be changed after payment, so if using a stalking buddy, please work that out in advance!
- There will be TWO options for packages – Jack 2/Sally 2 or TTLGA/ Sally 2, and packages are in the $400 – $455 price point!
- Wraps will ONLY be available in packages at this time!!!
PAXbaby_through the looking glass_TTLG_woven wrap_alice_wonderland_disney inspired_baby

TTLG is coming BACK!!!

PAXbaby_through the looking glass_TTLG_natibaby_exclusive_babywearing_alice in wonderland










Through the Looking Glass is making a return, and this time BRIGHTER, and softer than ever in 100% cotton!

“We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
– Lewis Carroll

Stay tuned!!!! You don’t want to be late!
*happy babywearing*