PAXbaby’s Natibaby Shinobi

11589_10152827528247726_1646989864882444800_n‘s exclusive Natibaby – Shinobi in 30% hemp 70% cotton is HERE and ready for action:

If you have been waiting for an extra special woven wrap for the little babywearing ninja in your life, the wait is over!!
This super cute wrap depicts ultra cute ninjas practicing their moves – bring an element of FUN into your babywearing days!

*happy babywearing*

Whistle while you wrap

Cate Valentina

Just like a dog can smell fear, your baby knows when you are nervous about a new baby carrier! Try taking a deep breath and talk it out with your child! Run through the steps before you attempt the technique, and as you perform the steps, try whistling to set your mind at ease! Your baby will think you know what you are doing and will relax which will then help you to stay calm! Not a whistler!?! Try humming, singing, or chanting, “I can do it, I can do it!” Positive thinking will help you succeed; after this mini pep talk, all you need to do is go and

DO IT!!!

*happy babywearing*

This is Halloween, This is Halloween!!!


This is Halloween, this is Halloween…. This Thursday, September 11th, will be your only chance to score a Jack wrap. Perfectly completing this year’s holiday costume,‘s exclusive Natibaby woven wrap in 30% hemp/ 70% cotton is the only thing missing from your scary skeleton ensemble!


2.6 – $180

3.6 – $190

4.2 – $200

4.6 – $210

5.2 – $230

RS – $165

Come *haunt* our page at 11 am PDT on Thursday September 11 to *zero* in on a Jack wrap for yourself & your tiny oogie boogie man!!!


*happy babywearing*


Extra Special Wrap Scrap Bundles

PAXbaby_wrap scrap saturdays

Have you been waiting for wrap scraps?

We have EXTRA SPECIAL bundles today to celebrate Wrap Scrap Saturday!!

What will you create???

A tie? A quilt? A lovey or toy??


*happy babywearing*


PAXmommy Mel – BOY or GIRL!?

Care to place your votes???
PAXmommy Mel is pregnant with baby #4 and due THIS September!!!
Do you think she is having a GIRL or a BOY???
The count at her home thus far is: boy, girl, girl.

Were any of the old wive’s tales true for you? Or did you just have a “feeling”?


*happy babywearing*


Happy Mother’s Day Sale!

Don’t you LOVE a good rainbow bouquet on Mother’s Day??? We’re enjoying all the springtime flowers blossoming, so we’re celebrating with a SALE! Give your blossoming babywearing hobby a boost with a NEW wrap, just in time for Mother’s Day!!Take $50 off wrap orders of $150 or more and $100 off $250 or more!!

(Enter these codes at checkout: MOTHERSDAY50 and MOTHERSDAY100.)**All in stock wraps are included – woven AND stretchy!!**

Which wraps have YOU had your eye on??
The wait is OVER!!
Remember, that this sale ONLY qualifies for new woven and stretchy wraps. If you need to bump your order total, why not throw in a shorty!?
This sale will run through Saturday, but for the best selection, shop soon!!Happy Mother’s Day, from the PAXmommies!!

Please note: if you choose to return for a refund, an item purchased during this sale, you may forfeit your discount.

Linen is GREAT for Summer!

With the warmer weather coming, you’ll want to add some breathable wraps to your stash!

Linen blends are frequently recommended for summer babywearing, and we’ve got plenty in stock, like this Natibaby Zebra *grape*

Which carriers are YOUR go-to for warm weather???


*happy babywearing*


Something for Everyone

Tomorrow Thursday April 24th at 2pm Pacific, will stock a BRAND NEW category for the very first time! We’re calling this “Something for Everyone”, and this category will include highly sought after wraps from all our manufacturers!!

You are going to want to set your alarms for these, friends!!

**PayPal will be disabled for the first 10 minutes to prevent oversells**

Which wraps are YOU hoping to see!??

*happy babywearing*


Amazing Natibabys in stock now!!

In the market for a new woven wrap?
We have lots of AMAZING new Natibabys in stock RIGHT now at

We have cats, unicorns, monsters, giraffes, fish and fairies!

Animals not your thing?

We also have stars, moons, hearts, garden parties,  and even UFOS!!!

I am absolutely looooving the shimmer of  My Little Unicorn *beatrice* in 40% linen/60% cotton but, really, it is near impossible to choose a favorite Natibaby right now.

 Which are you most drawn to?


*happy babywearing*


Natibaby Sprookie!

Are you looking for a little magic in your life??

Look no further than Natibaby Sprookie.

This 100% cotton woven wrap, is BRIGHT pink and covered in magical mushrooms, butterflies and fairies!

Your little one is sure to have sweet dreams wrapped up in this enchanted woven wrap:


ring sling pieces:

Which will *you* choose??


*happy babywearing*