Amazing Natibabys in stock now!!

In the market for a new woven wrap?
We have lots of AMAZING new Natibabys in stock RIGHT now at

We have cats, unicorns, monsters, giraffes, fish and fairies!

Animals not your thing?

We also have stars, moons, hearts, garden parties,  and even UFOS!!!

I am absolutely looooving the shimmer of  My Little Unicorn *beatrice* in 40% linen/60% cotton but, really, it is near impossible to choose a favorite Natibaby right now.

 Which are you most drawn to?


*happy babywearing*


Natibaby Sprookie!

Are you looking for a little magic in your life??

Look no further than Natibaby Sprookie.

This 100% cotton woven wrap, is BRIGHT pink and covered in magical mushrooms, butterflies and fairies!

Your little one is sure to have sweet dreams wrapped up in this enchanted woven wrap:


ring sling pieces:

Which will *you* choose??


*happy babywearing*


Henna Hearts Legacy V2.

Designed for #babycate from the beautiful henna belly art PAXfriend Evonne painted on PAXmommy Jillian’s tummy at her baby shower, Natibaby Henna Hearts will be stocked for YOU at on Valentine’s Day!

This wrap features a luxurious blend of cotton, silk, and ramie, which promises to break in to be one of the softest, snuggliest, and supportive wraps you’ll ever use!

Multiple passes will glide with ease, making this a great choice for a new wrapper or a seasoned veteran.

Never wrapped with ramie? <3

You’re sure to fall in  love ! <3

Who will be stalking for one of these beauties tomorrow?
Treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day surprise sweeter than chocolate!

“Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibers. It exhibits even greater strength when wet. Ramie fiber is known especially for its ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and introduce a silky lustre to the fabric appearance.”

(From the Wikipedia article on ramie)


*happy babywearing*

Natibaby Ooga *verde* Available NOW!!

Natibaby‘s Ooga *verde*,‘s newest exclusive is available now and if you order before the mailman arrives this afternoon, there’s a really good chance it will still arrive in time for Christmas!

Your little one will fall in love with these sweet creatures as much as we have!

Who wouldn’t want to wrap up in these fun loving little guys??


*happy babywearing*

Have a VERY merry Christmas with a FREE Ooga *verde* from PAXbaby!!
Wrap your baby in an exclusive Ooga *verde* BEFORE these monstrous Natibaby woven wraps are released at!
Here’s how!
  •  Leave us a comment here at the PAXblog with your favorite holiday recipe!
  • Share this post on your wall or at your babywearing/parenting Facebook group, and tag a friend on the post!
  • Be sure your friend submits a recipe and shares!
  • If PAXmommy Brianna chooses your recipe as part of her Christmas dinner and you and your friend have completed the steps, you BOTH win a FREEEEEEEE size 6 Ooga *verde* wrap, valued at $175 each!

 Entries will close promptly at 11:59PM Pacific, tonight, and the winners will be emailed Saturday! These wraps are totally FREE, with shipping included in the US!! International PAXfriends are encouraged to enter, but will be responsible for the shipping charge of $35 per parcel.


*Just a hint – PAXmommy Brianna’s house is gluten and dairy free! ;)

A WEE little early Christmas giftie!

We have a gift for you!!  Merry Christmas from PAXbaby!!!
The first 50 orders over $150 at that write JINGLE in the order notes will receive a gorgeous PAXpuff Christmas ornament!


* Your free gift will be chosen randomly from a variety of wrap scraps.
** These are not available for purchase but have a retail value of $15.
*** Any purchase that is returned will have the gift value deducted from their refund.

*happy babywearing*

My Little Unicorn – Bohemian

My Little Unicorn *bohemian* in stunning 100% cotton is available for purchase now!

 And who said Unicorns were unattainable??

Catch yours today and wrap up in magic every single day!!


*happy babywearing*


Valentina Aubergine



Fall in love with Valentina *aubergine*, #babycate‘s Natibaby legacy wrap, in its second beautiful incarnation, in 100% cotton.

It may LOOK like *grape* but it is not!!

Whereas *grape* is purple and cream, *aubergine* is purple and black!

Stunning isn’t it??

Valentina is HERE and available for you to purchase now!


*happy babywearing*


Poseidon’s Playground

‘Tis pirate week here again at ’n thee perfect time for releasing this here brand new & exclusive Natibaby wrap, Poseidon’s Playground!

Captain Jillian’s design is perfect, ay, to let yer wee one splash ‘n swim in the yonder waves all year long!

No need to dig, here be th’ treasure!

 Have ye participated in our pirate party thus far and snagged yourself some pirate’s booty??
Be sure to post ye mugs on ye Facebook wall, and share your riches!!


*happy babywearing*


X marks the spot at PAXbaby!

Avast, me mateys, our captain has returned from her adventure yonder, and brought back to the ship a map stolen from a band of seven tiny pirates.  With the help of her trustworthy parrot, Cate, our captain has decoded the map and has this clue for you : X marks the spot!  Find the X over the next couple days, and ye will then hold the key to the Treasure Chests.  A glittering mound of Natibaby, Girasol, KoKaDi, & Tula; how will ye choose which chest to open?  First expedition to find treasure leaves at around 10 am PST November 22!


Only dead men tell no tales, but I, your captain, will not reveal what lies inside….   A HTF woven wrap will make your thrill seeking heart pound; the other wrap included will bring from your lips a most un-piratey ***squeeee*** sound!



*Arrrrr, happy babywearing*