PAXplaydates with the Boo Hoo Crew


We had an AWESOME time at our last PAXbaby Playdate!!!! and the Boo Hoo Crew!
Check out some of the fun we had:

* Friends, feel free to tag yourselves, share, and use, but PLEASE be respectful of our PAXtographer’s artwork and do not crop out the watermark!!!
If you are interested in ordering a digital copy of a photo, please contact our fabulous PAXtographer Allie Majewski on her business page.
Enjoy & *happy babywearing*

*happy babywearing*


paxbabyPAXbaby_girasol_dream on_black

“Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear

Sing with me, It’s just for today”

- Aerosmith


PAXbaby’s newest exclusive handwoven Girasol is a dark herringbone rainbow, reminding us of the new adventure dawning tomorrow and to enjoy & to cherish each day as it comes! Parenting is the hardest challenge I know, but to be able to say at the end of the day that you survived another tough 24 hours is also the most rewarding experience I know! Keep your chin up, and keep on singing… DREAM ON!!!

100% cotton

handwoven in Guatemala

You can get this beauty at 12:00pm NOON, PST on Friday, January 9th.


*happy babywearing*