Angel Packs have arrived!!

Wrap Conversion Angel Pack Max have arrived!!

We’ll be listing these beauties on Monday (time TBA), so you’ll want to warm up your stalking fingers!!

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GOOD LUCK, and *happy babywearing*


Amazing Natibabys in stock now!!

In the market for a new woven wrap?
We have lots of AMAZING new Natibabys in stock RIGHT now at

We have cats, unicorns, monsters, giraffes, fish and fairies!

Animals not your thing?

We also have stars, moons, hearts, garden parties,  and even UFOS!!!

I am absolutely looooving the shimmer of  My Little Unicorn *beatrice* in 40% linen/60% cotton but, really, it is near impossible to choose a favorite Natibaby right now.

 Which are you most drawn to?


*happy babywearing*


Natis are in stock!



What do these awesome Natibaby woven wraps all have in common???

They are available NOW, while supplies last, at!

If you have been waiting for mermaids, flowers, stars, or fish… today is your lucky day!


*happy babywearing*



 Nati-polooza at!

We’ve got a handful of these limited and exclusive Natibaby wraps and ring slings available, some for the very last time!

Some of you have been waiting for this day for awhile, so hurry, hurry!! Supplies are limited!


*happy babywearing*


Violet Dreams HAVE SHIPPED!


Were you lucky enough to snag a Milky Way Violet Dreams Natibaby??

If so… you will be happy to learn that they are:




Is that not a beautiful sight?!

Hopefully they arrive on your doorstep –  QUICKLY, with the speed of a shooting star in the night sky.

Be sure to post action shots, so we can ooooh and ahhhh along with you!



*happy babywearing*


Milky Way *blue sky*

Just when you think PAXbaby’s USA/ Canada exclusive woven wrap – Milky Way - can’t get much better, the hemp version arrives and knocks your socks off!  Milky Way in *blue sky* is cuter than ever before with a true blue “right side,” and a light blue reverse! Perfect for wrap conversion, ring slings, wrap scrap projects, or good ol’ fashioned wrapping, Milky Way is perfection.  period.
Coming for sale at some point today – April 9 - is also offering a size 6 and a size 7 for sale at random.  For more details on these drawings ending tonight at 9 pm PST, please visit the PAXbaby rafflecopter pages!!!
To get the chance to purchase the Milky Way size 6, look here!
To win the chance to buy the Milky Way size 7, click here!!!!
To preview these lovely star wraps, come to!!!

Thank you & good luck stalking!!!

*happy babywearing*

Milky Way – the missing box!!

Natibaby Milky Way - Indigo

PAXbaby’s Milky Way is astoundingly beautiful with its gorgeous array of stars arranged in an artful design to remind us of the amazing Australian night sky! These exclusive Natibaby wraps that were lost have now been found, but are still only available in a small quantity!

For the few Milky Way in the indigo colorway, PAXbaby is offering these as random drawings! Enter your information below to enter the drawing, and cross your fingers & toes that your name gets chosen!

Fine print : Winners will be notified via email, billed through PayPal, and will have 24 hours to pay or the wrap will be passed to the next winner pulled.  Incorrect addresses or multiple entries will result in disqualification.  Winners in California will need to pay additional sales tax, and International winners will need to pay $15 in additional shipping.  Winners will be chosen via random draw & contacted on January 24 giving entrants 24 hours for their chance to win!

This drawing has ended!


your participation!!

Have fun, good luck, and always always always

*happy babywearing*

Milky Way - Indigo
Thank you, Dana, for this adorable Milky Way squish picture!!


Exclusives…A Who, What, Where & Why…


Have you ever looked at a beautiful exclusive wrap and wondered what was the reasoning behind the design?

Natibaby created these three beauties and we have the low-down on the creative process behind them.

Firstly, the highly sought after and amazing Natibaby Milky Way.


The designer, Frangipani, created Milky Way because she was looking for a unique and beautiful way to express her home country of Australia… in wrap form.  Frangipani lives directly under the milky way in a place where, as she says,

“the night sky is so clear and magical, and the milky way of stars up there will always be a symbol of home to me.”

Gorgeous.  Now whenever you see the luscious Natibaby Milky Way, you too can dream of Australia.


Secondly, we have the Natibaby Luna.


Luna was designed by Gea van Diest, who is the owner of Ooiebeest. This rich purple and turquoise wrap was inspired by the moon, and traditional Celtic designs and patterns.


Lastly, we have Ooga.


Ooga is the result of a late night design session for PAXmommy Jillian combined with her four year old son’s love for monsters!! These little guys are spirited and fun, but never mean and scary!

There you have it! A little background on a few of’s favorite new woven wraps from Natibaby.

*happy babywearing*

Mmmmm Milky Way…


Is everyone as excited as we are for the arrival of Natibaby’s Milky Way??

What better way to kick off the New Year, than with the anticipation of this wrap made up of an entire galaxy of beautiful Milky Way STARS?!?!


We PAXmommies can barely contain our excitement!!

One wrap.

Two gorgeous colorways.

Ecru/Black linen


Indigo/turquoise 100% Cotton

Which would you choose?

*happy babywearing*