Are you wishing for a UNICORN


Do you happen to have a ???? unicorn on YOUR wishlist?? We have you covered!! Natibaby My Little Unicorn in bamboo/cotton is extra plush and cozy from infant all the way up to toddler and beyond!
*happy babywearing*

MOOOVING SALE; we’re moving!

Come on down and visit PAXbaby today, and TODAY only, where every item at our store is 40% off! That’s right, FORTY! Because the more you buy, the less we have to moooooove! Think Christmas, and share our link with your loved ones; there’s no better gift than a new baby carrier! We cannot wait to reveal our brand new website with you, but until then, HAPPY BABYWEARING and HAPPY SHOPPING!



** restrictions apply; carriers excluded from the sale: Jublii, Tula, JPMBB, Wrapsody, Beco, Soul Linen, MJ, Tallulah.


No returns on promotional orders. PAXbaby will not be able to accept returns on any part of your order so please shop wisely.
We cannot apply this promotion retroactively to orders placed before today, custom links, pre-orders, or lay-away, thanks!
While supplies last! We have plenty of carriers and goodies, but shop early for the best selection!
Promo ends Friday November 11th at MIDNIGHT PST.
Orders including a gift certificate will be exempt from this promotion.
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Trailing Rainbows – LJ Handwovens


Trailing Rainbows is‘s very first exclusive handwoven wrap created by LJ Handwovens! Laura is a color genius, and designed this palette to suit our PAXpersonality! This vibrant warp with a variety of fun wefts woven on her famous pink flower warp gives each wrap an amazing amount of diagonal stretch while maintaining support for the older and heavier baby! Our PAXexclusive LJ Handwoven wrap is named Trailing Rainbows; the pattern starts with a single strand creating a rainbow and slowly increasing throughout the warp creating one rainbow selvage edge while the other is a solid color which helps the new wrapper be more aware of twisting. Trailing Rainbows is a cotton warp with cotton weft chosen for its ease of care. Wash, dry, and wear! It’s THAT easy!
Enjoy this burst of color and soft, supple weave; Trailing Rainbows quickly became one of my go to wraps due to its extreme snuggle factor and bright colors! Good luck choosing a favorite weft; every one is stunning!

STOCKING this Friday, September 23rd at 10:00am PDT.

*happy babywearing*

Sally Stitches is back!

Wear during the holidays or all year round if you dare, Sally is our exclusive that we’ve been DYING to share with you! Sally is the brainchild of our wonderful designer at QuasiCo Creative and PAXmommy Jillian, who wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wrap that would be the ultimate #disneybound wrap! Here is our Sally complete with eerie stripes, crazy swirls, tiny dots, scary zippers, and the quintessential stitch lines!!! Sally features a unique color palette that screams NIGHTMARE and will frighten you with her perfection!

Sally is 100% Cotton, manufactured in Germany, and shipping from Southern California.

These KoKaDi wraps are currently on their way from Germany, which as you may or may not know from previous experience could be a couple weeks long journey or take as long as five or six weeks! So with that being said, please join the PAXmoms as we host a private stocking JUST for you!!!!

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PAXbaby Exclusive SUNNIES are BACK!


Everyone’s favorite PAXbaby BLING SUNNIES are back in both heart shape and cat eye!!!

You are going to want to snap these babies up before it is too late!


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Happy Birthday, PAXmommy Jillian!


Happy Birthday to PAXmommy Jillian!

We know that this has not been your happiest, or most rainbowy birthday to date, but trust us when we say that you are LOVED!
We are not only your good friends, but your confidants, your supporters, and your teammates. We have your back through the good times, and the bad.
We will get through this, together, and look forward to celebrating another year by your side!!
Cannot wait to see what this year will bring!
We love youu!!

the PAXmommies


BB8 & Loss


A message from PAXmommy Jillian and PAXdaddy Aaron:

“Aaron and I had to give our little herd the most difficult news last night. Telling them that their new baby has gone to Heaven and they will not be holding a sweet new person in their arms this November was the hardest thing we’ve ever done. Baby #8 was loved completely and perfectly; we understand that this is all part of God’s plan for our family, but we will be taking some time to grieve and mourn that we will never hear our baby’s laughter or be able to comfort our baby’s tears. Please pray for us as we reconcile our hopes & dreams with our new reality.

Scientifically, at our 11 week ultrasound yesterday, the amniotic sac measured only 5 weeks and was empty – no baby, no yolk, no heartbeat. Where there should have been a wiggly tiny baby was only emptiness and silence. Our midwife is following up with us to confirm with blood tests and another ultrasound, but at this point, we have no hope to see our baby thrive and grow. It’s currently a waiting game until my body realizes I’m no longer nourishing a new life and my miscarriage symptoms will begin.

As Christians we believe that a baby born directly to Heaven is a “Holy Innocent,” a pure soul who will act as our family’s special prayer warrior in Heaven until we meet again. This faith brings us great comfort, but doesn’t make our mourning any less painful heart emoticon

The kids would like to officially call the baby BB8 which stands for Baby Blaise, the patron Saint we’ve chosen to represent our sweet angel and whose presence I have felt through this pregnancy, and also as a tribute to our favorite family movie. On November 18, we will commemorate our sweet baby and rejoice that BB8 is safely in the arms of our loving God. I expect that I especially will need much love from our wonderful friends as I grieve the loss of our beloved baby along what was supposed to be an exciting 9 month journey but instead will be a rough path scattered with heartbreak and sorrow.

Already so adored, BB8 will be missed by us all and never forgotten. In peace, Jillian and Aaron”

We thank you for your support, and love at this time.

I have a Beco secret!


Beco Baby Carriers and have had a long time babywearing love affair! We met when my fourth child was just 6 months old; Kolbe is now 9 years and officially too big to wear! Gabby, Beco’s owner and creator of some of our community’s most popular carriers, invited me to the Beco warehouse and HQ in Southern California where we spent a blissful afternoon geeking out about babywearing, cloth diapering and natural parenting! It’s been happily ever after for Beco and PAXbaby since 2006, and PAXbaby has eagerly followed all of Beco’s adventures, from the 4th Generation to the Butterfly (versions 1 and 2) to the Gemini, Soleil, and now the Toddler! What an amazing legacy Gabby has made for herself!
With all my heart, and all my love, I am overjoyed to be adding a new product to PAXbaby’s Beco collection, a wrap conversion made from a Tekhni PAXexclusive rainbow JUST for PAXbaby!

Coming soon with bells on our toes, PAXbaby’s Bekhnis will not fail to delight! Get ready!
*happy babywearing*

I Believe in Rainbows, I DO!

PAXbaby_IBIR_i believe in rainbows_FREE_cove_cream de nube_girasol_woven wrap

You deserve a treat! <3
Sit back and relax while the PAXmoms serve you some yummy home made biscuits and some tea, or better yet, how about a chance to win a FREE wrap!
A FREE I Believe in Rainbows, inspired by the Never Rainbow, is the perfect way to perk up your day, put a smile on your face, and share the babywearing love so the name of the game is comment on our Facebook post with any message you’d like to leave us, comment again tagging a friend (as many as you like) and share this original post to your own page or a group! If you don’t win this adorable Girasol today, we look forward to seeing you at PAXbaby’s stocking tomorrow at 10am! We would love to see you all then, bring your credit cards because PayPal will be turned off for the first ten minutes of the stocking!
Our FREE wrap is a size 6 IBIR in *cove* ( creme de nube) weft, but tomorrow’s stocking will feature a complete selection of sizes and two additional wefts, *lagoon* (azul holandes) & *isle* (fusion de oro) !!! Our FREE winner will be chosen and notified tomorrow morning at 8am PST, Wednesday January 27th!!!

Thank you for sharing the babywearing love!
We love you, the PAXmoms <3 <3

fine print : Shipping will be free anywhere in the world! International friends are welcome to enter! Enter as many times as you like, and we encourage you to invite your friends to as well! As we ?#?supportgirasol?, we urge you to share our post to unite our community in justice! happy babywearing


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