Free Friday and MILK


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Happy Free Friday with & MommyCon – MILK: an infant feeding conference.
Our lucky winners at PAXbaby’s FREE Friday today will win tickets to attend this amazing conference held in Orange County, California on November 11-12! “MILK is an annual infant feeding conference for parents and parenting professionals. It empowers families with information to support the nutrition and health of their children, while simultaneously providing an educational platform for emerging healthcare providers seeking additional academic and practical guidance.” Please only enter if you will be able to attend this event; every entry earns you a chance to win one of TEN tickets! Thank you!

At MILK, you will get to meet & greet the PAXmoms as well as many of our industry’s most honored educators and prestigious babywearing celebrities. These 2 day tickets are worth $110; having attended last year’s conference, we can tell you that the event is just spectacular and hope to see YOU there too! If you don’t win today, you can pick up tickets here at MILK.

Our TEN winners will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, October 28th, 2016!!
Email address must be confirmed within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!!
For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!)

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Read Aloud with The BFG


Our newest adventure in #readaloudrevival is Roald Dahl’s The BFG in which the Giants drink an amazing beverage called Frobscottle.  I challenged each of the kids to design their own magical elixir! The results were varied, but everyone stated that their concoction was “rare!” Some were tasty, some not, and three of them had the magical ability to fill you up for the whole day; wouldn’t that come in handy! My focus with the older kids this year is GRAMMAR, so they each wrote a paragraph about their imaginary beverage. This challenged a couple of them to think outside their usual “box,” and drew out the sillies from the others who love to get creative in their writing! I love watching their vocabulary improving daily as well as their use of interesting sentence structure!
#homeschool #homeschooling #learnathome #secondgenerationhomeschooler

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Thank you, Boba Baby Carriers! #PAXbirthday9

PAXbaby_boba_boba carriers_ssc

Thank you, Boba for the generous donation of a Boba 4G to PAXbaby’s birthday celebration! Yes, you heard that right; this Fall you can win a brand new buckle carrier from Boba Baby Carriers! THANK YOU!!!

Designed to go and grow with you, the Boba 4G Carrier is ideal for kiddos ranging from 7 pounds to 45 pounds.

-Waist belt capacity: 25″–58″
-Infant insert, footstraps and hood included
-Pocket on waist belt
-100% cotton for the Classic Collection

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Thank YOU, Sugar & Dreams! #PAXretreat2016

PAXbaby_flower_wrap scrap flower

Sugar & Dreams has made the most adorable wrap scrap flower clips for our #PAXretreat attendees!
If you have been looking for a way to wear your favorite wrap even when you are no longer wearing, THIS is the way!
Thank you, Sugar & Dreams for making our rainbow dreams come true, and making our hair just perfect too!

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Thank YOU, Sewn Down Purple Lane! #PAXbirthday9

PAXbaby_PAXretreat_Diaper_Sewn down purple lane

Thank you, Sewn Down Purple Lane, for the adorable cloth diaper cover for our #PAXbirthday9!!
Do you cloth diaper? Want to learn? Feel free to email, and the PAXmoms can give you some helpful tips; jump on the eco-train today! <3 Plus… look how cuuuuute cloth can be!! You can win this wrap scrap diaper cover at our online birthday party later this month!

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School is around the corner!!

PAXbaby_PAXmommy celia_rainbow_homeschool

Well, it is that time of year again! With the start of September comes…BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!
This year, all three PAXmoms are homeschooling!
For those of you that are homeschool vets, we would LOVE to see how YOUR school runs! Where do your kids do their learning?
Which curriculum do you follow? Do you un-school? Co-op? How do you wrangle and entertain your babies and toddlers while your older ones are schooling?
Email us at, and share your pics and ideas with us!

Those of you who are just getting started, we thought that we would share more of our own PAXmom-homeschool stories, and photos with you this year! We will let you all know what WE are up to throughout the year, you know, besides bringing you all amazing babywearing rainbows and such. ;)


We hope you all have an awesome back-to-school!!!


*happy back to school babywearing*






Where has babywearing taken you this Summer??


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PAXretreat 2016 – Foundations Course with CBWS

PAXbaby_PAXretreat_PAXmoms_CBWS_center for babywearing studies_group

This September PAXbaby is pleased to host the lovely Joanna McNeilly from the Center for Babywearing Studies; join us here! Once again, Joanna will be teaching the Foundations course. You can read all of the nitty gritty details directly on the CBWS website, but here is an excerpt:

During the course you will:

  • Learn how to teach others to wear baby carriers:   Pouches and ring slings, woven and stretchy wraps, mei tais and SSCs (soft structured carriers), plus a few knots.
  • Examine the physiological and the psychological aspects of infant carrying.
  • Identify how to assist someone in discovering what makes a good carry/carrier for themselves.
  • Discover and recognize the importance of a systematic approach.
  • Understand our core principles which will guide you as you meet each new parent.
  • Design your own concept for an individual consultation.
  • Explore sensitive listening and it’s importance in successful consultations.
  • Delve into incident data reports from the CPSC (reports of injury in baby carriers/while babywearing) to better understand what concerns exist with regard to babywearing.
  • Plus much more!


Our Foundations Course is ideal for anyone working with new parents, parents to be or infant caregivers including:

  • Babywearing Consultants
  • Retail Store Staff
  • Baby Carrier Manufacturers
  • Lactation Professionals and Peer Support Volunteers
  • Midwives
  • Doulas
  • Nurses
  • Childbirth Educators
  • Babywearing Group Leaders
  • Babywearing Enthusiasts


We cannot wait for you to join us for this jam packed week of fun, learning,rainbows, and babywearing!!

*happy babywearing*


#PAXretreat2016 deets


PAXretreat2016 is hosting Joanna from Center for Babywearing Studies for a Foundations course here in sunny Southern California. September 15-19 2016 will be an amazing weekend full of babywearing, rainbows and new ideas cumulating in our Birthday event!!

How long is the training class? Our Foundations course provides 30 hours of training time over four days. The exact schedule will vary based on the individual needs of each class. Can I bring a child to class? Our Foundations course is 30 hours of intensive professional training. Feedback from past graduates has been that by the later days of class, children become overwhelmed and frustrated. While we do allow infants 6 months and under to attend with their caregiver, you must be able to perform each carry with a demonstration doll and your skills assessment must be performed with a demonstration doll. We encourage you to consider childcare, if possible, so that you and your fellow attendees can focus completely on the coursework. We are happy to allow a caregiver to bring your baby to nurse or have a bottle, and we will also have prescheduled breaks and lunch for time with your little one. Our goal is to make sure that you and your classmates get the absolute most from your time with us. What are the materials that are included in the cost? Included in the cost of each class are several items:
  1. A knot-learning shawl. This is not a baby carrier but instead a great tool for learning and teaching how to tie knots. You will likely use this frequently over the years.
  2. Your manual. This is a great reference tool and will hopefully be something you refer to as needed. Our bibliography has over 75 unique references, the majority of which are from the last 5 years, and can be a great asset to you if you want to research something directly.
  3. Professional quality teaching aids. This is new as of July 2013. Based on feedback from our graduates we are now including a set of teaching aids that you will be able to take home with you. This will save you the time of creating the visual aids yourself and the hassle of getting them professionally laminated. We want each of our consultants to be able to begin consulting straight away and believe this will eliminate one of the largest hurdles.
Do you ‘certify’ your consultants? As we wait for an industry-wide accepted certification, yes we do ‘certify’ those graduates of our program who complete the additional steps required. We have an outlined set of parameters that must be met in order to qualify for the ‘certification.’ After these conditions are met then the trainee is considered ‘Certified.’ What does your ‘certification’ entail? We feel there are a few components that are necessary to consider a consultant competent to be ‘certified.’ There are 6 steps that must be successfully completed.
  1. Completing all Pre-class homework.
  2. The “Consultation Concept” must be developed and finished by review time during the last day of class.
  3. You must show mastery of teaching technique for 15 carrying positions, plus knots during the “group skills assessment.”
  4. Successful completion of the final quiz at end of class.
  5. Obtaining liability Insurance coverage as described in your Handbook.
  6. Obtaining a valid AHA CPR card
Do you offer continuing education? Yes. We offer a range of ongoing education opportunities that we consider to be beneficial to developing and expanding your baby wearing consulting practice. We will add additional continuing education opportunities as we partner with the people and companies who we find have valuable resources that can assist our consultants. As always, as we develop these classes our graduates will have the opportunity to be involved in the “beta testing” for free or low cost. Plus they will have a voice in how the classes develop. Do you promote mentor-ship within your organization? Yes we do! We believe mentor-ship to be a hallmark tenet of laying the foundation for a new career or industry, such as babywearing consulting. Those who are paving the way in babywearing consulting have valuable experience and information. We are hopeful that they will share openly and honestly with those who are just entering the field. To that end we encourage mentor-ship and guidance within our organization and will help facilitate that as needed. Why do you teach a proper cradle carry? Yes our consultants will know how to do, and teach, a proper cradle carry. Experience has taught us that here in the USA there is a section of our population who believes that this is the best way to carry a baby. We tried to teach them to carry their babies differently and lost many of them in the process. Knowing how to do a proper cradle carry means that when confronted with the parent/grandparent/caregiver who insists that is the way they want to carry their child you will be able to assist them, talk about best practice and hopefully gain their trust in the meantime. We have also seen that, while rare, there are times when a tummy-to-tummy position is impossible for whatever reason. We want our consultants to be the best prepared for whatever they encounter and feel that this knowledge and experience helps them to be very well-rounded in their practice. Read more here : PAXbaby
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Free Friday and MOMMYCON

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MommyCon is coming to ANAHEIM this November 14th and do you know what that means?!?! OUR OWN BACKYARD!!!!

You can get your MommyCon-on along with the PAXmoms and all of our favorite friends!

Join us for a super fun PAXplaydate with chit chat & prizes at the Orange County ballroom at 11:45am PDT!

Don’t have tickets yet?

No worries, TODAY we have a pair here for you & your babywearing bestie to win!























Hope to see you at MommyCon Anaheim!

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, October 16th!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!) (Free shipping in the USA; actual shipping costs for our International friends)

Best of luck, PAXfriends!!!
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