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PAXfan Briana S. is looooving her new amber that she purchased during our EPIC SALE!! What PAXitems are you loving on right now??? Let’s see!


*happy babywearing*


PAXbaby and the Great Ring Sling Sale

PAXbaby_ring sling_WCRS_sale_PAXmommies, wrap conversion

I can sing the praises of the ring sling as loudly as I can, but until you add a sling to your stash, I will just keep talking up this incredibly versatile baby carrier! Let the ring sling do the hard work; all you need to do is provide the child to wear! From newborn to mighty toddler, this is the “one-size-fits-all-babies”carrier that adjusts naturally to both child and caregiver and has many carrying positions including front and hip! Today we have our entire ring sling category on SALE so it’s a great opportunity to delve into the wonderful world of babywearing with PAXbaby! Enjoy these prices through Sunday night!


*happy babywearing*





Happy weekend to ALL the daddies/grandpas/caregivers that fill that role and an especially big hug to all those that babywear while they do so!! The bond being created just by wearing your babies is an amazing one produced only by the close contact that babywearing provides! PAXbaby wants to nurture that relationship by offering a very awesome sale on an appropriately named wrap. Love in Your Heart * dude* is a KoKaDi cotton woven wrap, easy to wear, easy to learn, and easy to GIFT to your favorite babywearing daddy! Dude is a rainbow heart design perfect for that special dude in YOUR life who parents your children from the love in his heart!! Enjoy 50% off our SALE category today through Sunday night at midnight PDT; HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, dude!!!

*happy babywearing*

Join PAXbaby’s WHY NOT campaign!!

Why stop with ONE wrap when you can have TWO! Mention the code WHYNOT to your order notes to receive a FREE woven wrap {of our choice size and brand} when you check out TODAY (until midnight PST) for a GIRASOL, Tekhni, KoKaDi, or BB Slen woven wrap!!!! Because…. WHY NOT?????

Here’s the link again if you need it; happy shopping!

*While supplies last!

-why not campaign

*happy babywearing*

Stash Builders at PAXbaby!

PAXbaby_stash builders_sale_wrap_woven wrap_baby carrier_buckle_KKD

Hi babywearing group leaders, PAXbaby is dismantling our now defunct rental program, and we have carriers to share! These range from well loved & used to new since we had stockpiled to use in the future and now cannot. Our Sling Exchange program was dearly beloved and we will miss being able to offer this service, but unfortunately insurance liability was just too high to continue! Make our loss your gain, and let our entire community continue to reap the benefits of having a wide variety of carriers at their fingertips to try!

For just $215, we will send you a NWT (New with tags) Girasol hand woven 100% cotton woven wrap in your choice of available length as well as a KoKaDi wrap conversion Flip carrier also with tags. If you would like an additional wrap of a different brand, a WCRS ring sling , buckle carrier or a Mei Tai as well, we are happy to accommodate your stash needs!
Please check out here for the $215 Stash Package and choose the option for Contact me for MORE options if you would like additional carriers added on as well!


*happy babywearing*


Sally Bamberoo soon!

Bamberoo buckle carriers are a coveted brand of baby carriers, hand made by artist Edit right here in the USA! Sally is a desperately sought after woven wrap, made exclusively for PAXbaby by KoKaDi. The combination of these has created this absolutely stunning wearable work of art!! Personally responsible for breaking the internet today, our Sally Bamberoo will be available to purchase via ISO Angel on Monday March 21 right here at the PAXblog; details will also be posted at our Facebook page!



Good luck & *happy babywearing*

The Wrap Scrap Pony custom order at!

*** Ponies are sold out!

The next time your child says to you “I want a poneeeeeee,” your response can be ready to go! “Of course you can have a pony, because I have a Sally pony right here!” The Wrap Scrap Pony specializes in bringing favorite woven wraps to life in the form of stuffed ponies! Her expert artisan skills create one of a kind, heirloom stuffed animals that are delightful and whimsical! Ponies, unicorns, and pegasus can all become real in your arms thanks to crafty Kate. PAXbaby is thrilled to be partnering with The Wrap Scrap Pony for a limited event; FIVE pre-orders will be taken to create & keep a Sally pony of your choosing! The parameters are size (small or large), flight capability (winged or not) and finally magical powers (horned or not!) There is an option as well for wool stuffing!!!! Wrap Scrap Ponies come in two sizes, small  9 x 9 & large 11 x 11!
CLICK HERE to see pricing and to place your pre-order; your custom Pony will be part of a very small, very special Sally herd! Each Sally pony will also feature a little Jack detail, a unique feature sewn specially for PAXfriends! Please note that if we receive more than 5 orders, the timestamp will be used to confirm whose orders came first. Arriving in April, your custom Pony, Unicorn or Pegasus will be EVERYTHING your sweet child ever dreamed of, could have asked for and MORE!

5 orders have been received! THANK YOU!


Please enter HERE, if you are choosing to adopt one of these beauties!

*These photos are a representation of what a custom Sally Pony can look like; all are created custom and print placement will vary!

*happy babywearing*




Please welcome back Poe, a PAXexclusive KoKaDi cotton woven wrap!!! Designed to make everyone happy,‘s variety of stocking techniques this week for our PAXexclusive KoKaDi woven wrap and Flip buckle carrier in Poe, an oldie but a goodie, should make everyone happy! Poe has been dear to our hearts since its first weave in February 2014 and the PAXmoms are all happy to announce his magnificent return to PAXbaby this November!

If you have been dying to own a Poe of your own, and tried all week with no luck… perhaps TONIGHT is your LUCKY night!!

Enter to win your very own RTB, stalk-free pass for purchasing rights TODAY, November 6th between 9:00am – 12:00pm PST.

Wait until after midnight TONIGHT to find out whether we have the KEY to YOUR heart!! An email inviting you to check out with YOUR wrap may be waiting for you; check your junk mail too because your chance to claim one of our KKD POE wraps only lasts 12 hours!


A Size 6 is $200 & a size 7 is $215,

Fine print :
Shipping address must stay consistent with your PAXaccount; the PAXmoms will not be able to change your shipping addy for Poe from your original order

As per PAXbaby’s return policy, items purchased as part of a special promotion are nonreturnable. Thank you for your understanding!

*happy babywearing *

Buy a KKD – get POE Dibs…

PAXbaby_KKD_kokadi_poe_dibs_flip_woven wrap

All day today (Tuesday November 3rd, 2015), you will be able to add a Poe in your choice of available length or Flip size by ordering ANY in stock KoKaDi at PAXbaby; PAXmommy Celia will follow up your order with a link to check out for your Poe on the same day as your original order to check out for your Poe of choice!!

What will YOU choose???

**Any order placed using a coupon code or sale discount will be considered final once shipped. PAXpromotion orders are also final and returns may not be made on any part.
*happy babywearing*