PAXfamily Sundays


PAXfamily Sunday photo is at Balboa Park at their famous December Nights event!!! Each day in Advent we are trying to do something special from cookie baking to holiday movie watching to festive family field trips!
How are you making the season special for your children this year?


*happy babywearing*


Santa has ONE LIYH


Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing…
A ring!
I don’t mean on the phone; Santa baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight!!!

Want PAXsanta to visit you early? Comment on our Facebook Page, and we will choose a lucky lucky lucky babywearer to get the right to buy this gorgeous Love in Your Heart wrap conversion ring sling before our stocking! Winner will be chosen at random tonight after the babies go to bed, and we will provide you a link to use to check out via your PAXaccount! Be sure to be signed up and watch for your good news email; you will have 24 hours to check out! Yipppeeeee & *happy babywearing*


PAXbaby_Sally_natibaby_woven wrap_babywearing

Wear during the holidays or all year round if you dare, Sally is our exclusive that we’ve been DYING to share with you! Sally is the brainchild of our wonderful designed at QuasiCo Creative and PAXmommy Jillian, who wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wrap that would be the ultimate Disneyland wrap! Here is our Sally complete with eerie stripes, crazy swirls, tiny dots, scary zippers, and the quintessential stitch lines!!! Sally features a unique color palette that screams NIGHTMARE and will frighten you with her perfection!
Get ready for a nighttime stocking of this extra special KoKaDi:
Thursday 6pm PST.


*happy babywearing*


Extra Special Wrap Scrap Bundles

PAXbaby_wrap scrap saturdays

Have you been waiting for wrap scraps?

We have EXTRA SPECIAL bundles today to celebrate Wrap Scrap Saturday!!

What will you create???

A tie? A quilt? A lovey or toy??


*happy babywearing*


Tula delivery to!

Knock, knock! The mailman has arrived with a HUGE box for, and on the corner of that HUGE box is the familiar sticker that indicates the exciting contents of that HUGE box. It’s orange, and square, and cute, and the logo is like  a little bear or a dog….. it’s from TULA!!!!

#babycate assisted in the sorting of the wrap conversion Tulas. What a helpful baby!

The first dibs will be given to special PAXfriends who have won the right to buy a WC Tula from various PAXplaydate events or oversell debacles, and then PAXbaby’s ISO Angel will be announced to spread the love of babywearing over the rest of the world! Fingers crossed for you; these are SO cute!

*happy babywearing*

PAXmommy Mel – BOY or GIRL!?

Care to place your votes???
PAXmommy Mel is pregnant with baby #4 and due THIS September!!!
Do you think she is having a GIRL or a BOY???
The count at her home thus far is: boy, girl, girl.

Were any of the old wive’s tales true for you? Or did you just have a “feeling”?


*happy babywearing*


Kokadi Morgan & Merlin

Looking for the perfect woven wrap for your upcoming conversion??

KoKaDi Morgan and Merlin ALWAYS make a stunning choice!

Especially if you can get it reversible!!!

Get the best of both worlds! Morgan for Summer, Merlin for winter!

Which is YOUR fave???


*happy babywearing*

Happy Mother’s Day Sale!

Don’t you LOVE a good rainbow bouquet on Mother’s Day??? We’re enjoying all the springtime flowers blossoming, so we’re celebrating with a SALE! Give your blossoming babywearing hobby a boost with a NEW wrap, just in time for Mother’s Day!!Take $50 off wrap orders of $150 or more and $100 off $250 or more!!

(Enter these codes at checkout: MOTHERSDAY50 and MOTHERSDAY100.)**All in stock wraps are included – woven AND stretchy!!**

Which wraps have YOU had your eye on??
The wait is OVER!!
Remember, that this sale ONLY qualifies for new woven and stretchy wraps. If you need to bump your order total, why not throw in a shorty!?
This sale will run through Saturday, but for the best selection, shop soon!!Happy Mother’s Day, from the PAXmommies!!

Please note: if you choose to return for a refund, an item purchased during this sale, you may forfeit your discount.

KoKaDi Capitan has arrived!

We are happy to report that a new shipment of Captain by KoKaDi has JUST landed!!!! Inspired by a desert island and a couple of coconuts, Captain is pirate friendly and color bright!

**Captain KoKaDi in action with PAXfriend Kobie H**


*happy babwyearing*


#babycate’s trick for a deep seat

Let #babycate show you the way!!

Now that #babycate is 6 months old and sitting unassisted, PAXmommy Jillian has begun practicing back carries with her!!!
Tuck the bottom rail into baby’s pants to ensure that you get a nice deep seat in a back carry every time!

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*happy babywearing*