Be a good neighbor!

Do you love babies?  Do you love babywearing?   Please help save a baby’s life by writing an email to discourage people from reselling their Infantino Sling Riders!  And help to save babywearing from getting a bad rep through these accidents and deaths from dangerous carriers!  Although these Infantino carriers have been recalled and are not being manufactured any longer, they are still being passed from unknowing babywearer to naive new mommy! Google Craig’s List and email the national listing addresses with a letter listing the reasons to destroy their sling and NOT to resell it!   Or put up a Want Ad at Freecycle!  I’ve already had 2 responses to my ad and will be picking up my Slings of Death this weekend to dispose of permanently!  Impress upon them the fact that $5 or $10 is a small price to pay when saving a baby’s life!!!  If you see a babywearer still actively using a “bag sling,” hand them one of our print-at-home babywearing cards in the hopes of introducing them to a safer, more comfortable, longer lasting baby carrier!

If you need ideas on what to do with your Slings of Death after that, just ask!  I have some great ways to destroy these slings and get some aggression out too!  Heeheee!


*happy babywearing*

Vote for your favorite!

Destroy a Bag Sling contest!!!!

Last month, we challenged our BabyHawk fans to find and destroy a bag sling, or 2 or 3!  These “slings of death” were the cause of at least 2 babies’ deaths and the source of the media hysteria against babywearing. Thanks to bag slings like the recalled Infantino Slingrider and the Wendy Bellissimo sling, us babywearers are being chased around markets by little old women claiming that we are trying to kill our babies and being reprimanded in parking lots by well-meaning fathers pushing their children in strollers. We know what a dangerous sling looks like, and your favorite BabyHawk baby carrier  is NOT a dangerous sling – manufactured in China & produced by a large company that knows less about babywearing than the little old lady in the market!

Choosing the winner of our Destroy-a-Bag-Sling contest was too hard for us to decide on our own, so we have our top choices, our leading contestants, our most outrageous sling destructions, and we want YOU to decide which Destroy-a-Bag-Sling Mission deserves a FREE custom BabyHawk Oh Snap! The 2 runners up will each receive a $25 BabyHawk gift certificate.

To view the contestants, go to the BabyHawk Facebook page.  View each of the contestant’s entry. Ponder, think, and decide which fulfilled the criteria the best! Did the entry show safe babywearing? Did the entry have pizazz and spirit? Did the entry do our babywearing community justice?  Did the entry make a statement worthy of a free BabyHawk Oh Snap!???
Choose between Babywearers Unite for Safe Slings contestants #1, #2 or #3.

Leave your 1 vote as a “Like” at the PAXbaby’s Facebook page before Thursday June 17 at midnight PST.

Invite all your friends to vote and become a PAXbaby fan because the more votes we  get, the more prizes will be awarded to our voters!!!!  1 lucky voter will be selected randomly for a fabulous babywearing prize! 2 voters will be selected after 50 votes, 4 prizes will be given out of we can get 100 votes, etc..!!!

And what better cause than to support our babywearers, destroy the myth that ALL slings are equal, and take out those bag slings out of commission!!!! Just 1 vote per babywearer please! Spread the word! Get voting! Round up those babywearers who would LOVE to have a chance to win a babywearing accessory so unique and cool everyone is going to need one! And help 1 lucky mama take home a brand new custom fantabulous BabyHawk Oh Snap!

*happy babywearing*

What is wrong with the Bjorn?

Baby BjornI am not trying to dwell, babywearers, but I’d like to explain again why the Bjorn and similar carriers are just NOT the best choice!  I know that the Bjorn is America’s most popular baby carrier, but that is truly thanks to the company’s massive advertising budget!  The fact that practically every baby registry in every big box store (aka Target, Babies R Us, etc…) includes a Bjorn, Infantino, or Jeep baby carrier is a step in the right babywearing direction!  But it is also negative progress since most Bjorn-wearing parents will give up babywearing after their baby hits double digits in weight.  And why is that, friends?  Because the “crotch dangling” baby carriers like the Snugli and the Infantino hold baby in a terribly awkward and uncomfortable position.  The  baby’s weight puts pressure directly onto a pivotal part of the body – the crotch!  And whether a baby girl or a baby boy is being worn, this cannot be comfortable or ergonomic!  Not only that, but I am convinced that the manufacturers of these crotch dangling baby carriers have actually never worn one of their own baby carriers!  If the manufacturers behind the Bjorn had ever tried actually used their own Bjorn, I think that we would see a huge re-design in their line of carriers!  The brains behind Baby Bjorn , Jeep, & Chicco  would then experience for themselves the ill-fitting shoulder straps and the lack of back & shoulder support needed in a truly GREAT baby carrier!

My guess is that someone has pointed out to these business owners the ergonomic value of baby carriers like the BabyHawk or the Beco leading to the release of the Infantino’s own Mai Tei product, the Wrap ‘n Tie, and Bjorn’s “invention” of a Beco Gemini – esque carrier complete with a waistband, padded straps, & the quintessential Baby Bjorn front facing out capability.  Here is what Bjorn has to say about their new Comfort Carrier:

BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier that provides the best possible support when carrying a bigger and older child for extended periods of time. The waist belt and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps distribute baby’s weight evenly onto your hips and shoulders. For extra comfort, the child can be carried using different leg positions and, as with all BABYBJÖRN Baby Carriers, you can carry your child facing inwards or outwards. BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier’s well-conceived design allows you to carry your child safely and close to you, and at the same time it’s hands-free.

Now, as a mom well versed in babywearing and the lingo of the babywearing world, I can see several key words that Bjorn is using to reel in babywearers previously critical of any carrier with the Bjorn label on it! ERGONOMIC, PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS, DISTRIBUTE BABY’S WEIGHT, HANDS-FREE.  Baby Bjorn has obviously been doing their babywearing homework, and they have discovered what features are most important to us.  However, this large manufacturer has made 1 very large error!  They have priced this new ergonomic Bjorn at around $200 retail, and that is a BIG mistake!  $200 could be spent on a gorgeous wrap conversion, a custom Mai Tei, or a legacy half buckle SSC that will go down in babywearing history!  But $200 spent on a China-made, Beco/ Ergo wanna-be with a Baby Bjorn label and a BRUS store receipt?  I don’t think so, Baby Bjorn!

How can you fight back?

By promoting baby carriers that we know, trust, and deserve to carry your baby!

Wear your WAHM made baby carrier with pride!

Pass out business cards to your favorite mom-owned baby carrier shop!

Urge your mommy friends to register for a GREAT baby carrier instead of a mediocre one!

Let a new parent borrow your own baby carrier and give a quick tutorial so that they can have a GREAT experience with it!

Smile at Baby Bjorn wearing parents, and slyly say “Did you know there is a carrier even MORE comfortable than that one!?!”

And most importantly wear your baby with confidence: let the whole world know that you are a BABYWEARER!

*happy babywearing*

Hey Ladies! Are you watching?

Remember our little double dare? The one where we asked you to destroy a bag sling?

Well we’ve got an entry that we think is just fab and we can’t wait to show it to you! Here’s an entry from Brandi, repurposing an Infantino SlingRider that she found on Craigslist.

Isn’t it just wonderful? Think you can top this? Maybe you can! Get out there, search and destroy!

Triple dare!

Look what we spotted at Target!

A bag sling sitting there just waiting to be demolished!!!!

Are you spreading the word of Safe Slings and the dangers of bag slings?  Let’s take ‘em out!

Comfort & safety first, please

Amy in Colorado has a bag sling safety story to share with our readers!  Thanks, Amy and Rylan, for being such great babywearers!  Welcome to the BWing club!


I was new to babywearing and went to a second hand store Once Upon A Child. I wanted to get a sling so I could be “hands free”. Well they had an Infantino Slingrider there and not knowing any better I bought it. I used it when we went to Church, but everytime I put little man in there he would get ridiculously HOT. Like hot fever hot. It was so uncomfortable on my shoulder and back that as soon as I would sit down I would just take him out and hold him. I have since then sent the sling name brand part back to the company and would not recommend ever using them. I now have a BabyHawk Mei Tai that I absolutely love and is my go to carrier. I use it all the time.

Then – Does he look comfortable to you?

SlingRider bag sling

Now –  Aaaah, that’s better!

Babyhawk & PAXbaby double dare YOU

BabyHawk & PAXbaby double dare YOU!!!

Fight the evil with the good.  Stop the naysayers and prove that not all slings are dangerous and that babywearing can be & should be SAFE!

The Mission: Search and destroy all bag slings!

The Plan: Find ANY bag slings (including the recalled Infantino Sling Riders or Wendy Bellissimo bag slings) or any unsafe baby carriers.  Take these dangerous and uncomfortable baby carriers OUT OF ACTION permanently.  We suggest you look on Craigslist, Freecycle, or at your local thrift shops.

The Goal: To make the world a safer place for our babies by REMOVING THE THREAT of dangerous “sling of death” baby carriers, and to spread the word of Safe Slings!

The Results: To show your fellow Babywearers the work you have done, fill out the mission destroy file to document your mission with photographs, stories, and/ or a video.  1 entry per person, but you can destroy as many slings as you want!

The Best Part: The Babywearing individual who submits the BEST documentation of dangerous baby carrier mutilation will receive a brand new BabyHawk Oh Snap!!!!!

Balls to the walls, Babywearers!  We want to see your hard work in 3 weeks for review and choosing the recipient of a brand new Babyhawk Oh Snap!!!  Deadline for your response email is April 30!!! We will be judging your destructive entry for creativity and presentation.  Extra points for safe babywearing included!  Remember, show these bag slings no mercy!

Download the Mission Destroy Document.

Sponsored by BabyHawk

And PAXbaby

Regarding slings & strangers

We have always received strange looks.  We have always been stopped for more information.  We have always been ready with a smile and a mini-lesson in babywearing.  But now, we are different.  We have been attacked by young men, grannies, and well-meaning daddies pushing strollers with crying infants.  We have been accused of trying to suffocate our babies with our own bare hands and a sling.  We are being whispered about behind hands, shouted at across stores, and taken to task by strangers because we are “still using those things.”

Yes, we know that babies have died, and yes, we know that there is a massive recall right now, but that is NOT this sling.  OUR sling is being worn properly.  OUR sling has baby positioned safely.  OUR sling isn’t causing deaths.  OUR sling is being unfairly maligned by consumers who don’t actually care enough about the issue to research fully.  OUR sling is having to defend itself against the in-laws who always knew “that thing” was a danger.  OUR sling is having to prove all over again why, how, and when OUR babywearing is perfect and safe!

So, don’t cower and apologize, babywearing parents!!!! It is hard to assert yourself to total strangers, but speak up so the truth can be spread!!!  Take the time to talk to these naysayers, and explain why their serious accusation is false! Don’t have a minute or a forceful voice?  Bring a few of these hand outs with you, and when you get the hairy eyeball from someone, just hand them one!   But if you can, just say it!  Tell them “Not all slings are equal! Mine is a SAFE sling!” Just say it!  Tell them “Not all slings kill! Mine is a SAFE sling!”  Just say it!  Tell them “Not all slings have been recalled, because MINE is a SAFE sling!!”  Tell them!!!!  Because we need to take down this rumor that the media has started!!!!

Safe Slings art

You’ve heard the terrible stories…  You’ve been so glad that you chose a Safe Sling for your baby.  You know all the rules of Safe Baby Wearing!  You are prepared to run after any mom you see wearing an Infantino Sling Rider to beg her to take it off!

Now, we have some babywearing art to provide you with a lighter way to share with your friends the basics of Safe Slings!  Enjoy, share, and look for more fabulous works of art as our very artistic friends create some wonderful babywearing art exclusively for and for the promotion of Safe Slings!

Pattie from Fancie Fannies on Etsy painted these adorable wooden dollies for PAXbaby!!!  They are on their way to California right now, but I can’t wait to see these babywearing mamas in person!!!  Thanks, Pattie, for creating these Safe Sling moms with such accurate detail & helping to spread the babywearing love!!!

5 babywearing mothers each demonstrating Safe Slinging with a different carrier!  From left to right:

Robyn is wearing her baby in a mai tei tummy to tummy.  Kristi has her baby in the upright position in a wrap.  Karina’s blondey is safely positioned upright in a soft structured carrier (the Beco Butterfly in the Alice print to be exact!) Jessie has her little one on her hip in a comfortable pouch, and Mia is wearing her ring sling with a front facing baby.

And their sweet little backsides!!!!  Again from left to right is a mai tei, wrap, soft structured carrier, pouch, and a ring sling!

Thank you, Fancie Fannies, for this adorable hand-made babywearing art!!

HOORAY – CPSC recalled the Slingrider today!

Babywearers can celebrate today because Infantino’s “sling of death” has been recalled along with Wendy Bellissimo’s version of the bag sling!!!  Sadly, it took 3 baby deaths in 2009 to persuade the CPSC to pull these bag slings off the market, but at least it is official now!  The odd part of Infantino’s business practices is that active members of have been sending them reports, and asking for the Slingrider to be removed from the shelves of big box companies for years!  Also, they recently put a new product out called the Wrap & Tie, which is essentially a Mei Tai, but haven’t advertised it at all or brought any attention to their newest product. Interestingly, that is the only carrier on the replacement list; the other items are  the 2 in 1 Shopping Cart Cover or the 3 in 1 Grow & Play Activity Gym!  Sounds to me like they saw the recall coming months ago!  Too bad they couldn’t have done the “right thing” and taken their slings off the market without the CPSC issuing a official slap on the wrist!

Wendy Bellissimo Bag Sling

Infantino Bag Sling

If you are approached by “well meaning” strangers telling you that your baby carrier is a death trap, here a few key points to remember!

A bag sling bends your baby in an unnatural C shape, constricting their airway and making it hard to breathe.  YOUR sling or baby carrier can be worn safely in an upright position, called tummy to tummy!  Your baby can breathe in a normal, natural way, and you can easily see and hear that they are alright.  Bag slings have the babies low on the mother’s body out of sight and in harm’s way if the mother were to turn or be bumped from the side.

Safe Sling suggestions for newborn babies:

Moby Wrap – This is a stretchy wrap that conforms to your body and holds baby to you in comfort for both of you!

Sakura Bloom ring sling – Wearing your baby upright in a Sakura Bloom is comfortable and fashionable!

Freehand Mei Tai – With its padded straps and headrest, this mei tei would be an excellent choice for a heavier newborn!

Beco Butterfly II – The infant insert is adjustable and removable once baby is taller, but for newborns, this soft structured carrier offers a lot of head support and shade thanks to the detachable hood!

Olives & Applesauce – This soft structured carrier also caters to newborns with its insert and straps that can cross against your back in an X!