MySols are coming…

PAXbaby_mysols_surprise rainbow_girasol_collage

Psssst… MySols are coming… Surprise Rainbow style!!
If you have been waiting for these beauties, the wait is soon over!

The MySol is a wrap conversion Mei Tai with a fabulous fit for most babywearers! Carry your baby safely, comfortably and ergonomically from birth to toddler in front or on your back. The carrier design is based on traditional Asian baby carriers but has been adapted to modern needs with its adjustable front panel and extra carrying bags.

The MySol is made from two layers of Girasol wrap fabric that nestles like a second skin around the baby being carried! Worn with either side facing out, the MySol is essentially reversible lengthening its life span and doubling its usability!

The MySol has been designed to grow with the child in order to ensure that babywearers get the most for their money and can use it for as long as possible: the width of the material between the legs may be easily adjusted – ideal for baby’s ergonomic M position with knees higher than bum!  The back of the MySol may be extended so that the carrier will still safely and comfortably fit even after your baby has grown into a toddler! The integrated hood supports your sleeping baby’s head and protects it against the sun; the hood’s width is also adjustable.

Lightly padded shoulder straps and a padded waistband also make the MySol so comfy. Your carrier will include a chest belt as well as a practical hip bag, and a storage bag!!!  Girasol’s My Sol have been lovingly woven and sewn in small workshops in Guatemala, and finished entirely from hand loomed woven wrap fabric!!!

Wear the MySol with love!
*happy babywearing*

Toddler Worthy

PAXbaby_rio_girasol_toddler worthy meme

This is a phrase we hear in the babywearing world quite often…what does toddler worthy mean to you?

We all know that the majority of stretchy wraps (not including JPMBB or Wrapsody) are outgrown at 15lbs, but what about woven wraps? Can your baby be too big, too heavy, too long for a woven wrap?  The answer is kind of up in the air, and really seems to all boils down to personal preference.  If a wrap is tightened carefully, strand by strand, it should be “toddler worthy”.


*happy babywearing*


FREE Friday with Wrap Scrap Stash

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wrap Scrap Stash
(the company ;))

Our FREE FRIDAY giveaway this week is a fabulous assortment of wrap scrap items in ZIG ZAG herringbone, including a camera strap cover, paci clip, key fob and headband!

A little about the mama behind the business:

Alex is a WAHM and full-time home schooler.

After making herself a purse one day out of a Double Rainbow *purpura Romana* woven wrap, she fell in love. After that, she knew that there were so many pretty rainbows out there just waiting for things to be created from them!  She wanted something that she could use on a daily basis not only now, but after her baby wearing days were long over. Alex thought to herself that she surely could not be the only mama out there with that desire, and so Wrap Scrap Stash was created.

Since that first purse, her business has grown more than she ever imagined and she gives her thanks all to her wonderful customers. Recently Alex has been able to branch out from just accessories (purses, headbands, diaper bags, etc) to being able to offer wrap scrap accessories that coordinate with Tula wrap conversion baby carriers.

To ensure the safety of her customers’ children, all of Alex’s handmade items meet CPSC and CPSIA safety requirements and regulations.

Special PAXfriend discount code: 10% off entire in-stock purchase with the code PAX10.

Mobile users can enter here:

Don’t forget to LIKE Wrap Scrap Stash on FB:

This giveaway is free for any of our US PAXfriends!!
International PAXfriends are encouraged to enter, but will be responsible for shipping fees. The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, February 13th, 2015!!

Good luck! And *happy babywearing*



paxbabyPAXbaby_girasol_dream on_black

“Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear

Sing with me, It’s just for today”

- Aerosmith


PAXbaby’s newest exclusive handwoven Girasol is a dark herringbone rainbow, reminding us of the new adventure dawning tomorrow and to enjoy & to cherish each day as it comes! Parenting is the hardest challenge I know, but to be able to say at the end of the day that you survived another tough 24 hours is also the most rewarding experience I know! Keep your chin up, and keep on singing… DREAM ON!!!

100% cotton

handwoven in Guatemala

You can get this beauty at 12:00pm NOON, PST on Friday, January 9th.


*happy babywearing*


Boom boxes!


BOOM boxes are new here at and boy do they pack a punch!!

Which one do you have YOUR eye on??
Box #1: SALLY 6, Umbrella 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5
Box #2: VV DW Purple 6, Shinobi 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5


PayPal will be disabled for the first 10 minutes of this stocking, so you’ll want to have a credit or debit card handy, or use a gift certificate!


*happy babywearing*


FREE Friday provided by PAXbaby & Pacidoodle!!!

PAXbaby’s FREE Friday is a spectacular Sweetheart Bag designed by PAXmommy Jillian & to help stock your new diaper bag, our give away includes a personalized binky from Pacidoodle!! This gorgeous diamond weave tote with newly updated wide wrap strap will WOW you with its fabulousness!!! Today’s winner will also get to choose the name or phrase for their custom pacifier!!! Such a fun double give away!!! Be sure to LIKE Pacidoodle’s page and share our contest to spread the love <3. This giveaway is free for any of our US PAXfriends!! International PAXfriends are encouraged to enter, but will be responsible for shipping fees :). The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, December 19th!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!)!!!

Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and *happy babywearing*’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!

Due to confusion with the review section on each product, a comment left here at the PAXblog will also count for your entry!!!!


PAXfriends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears… today will stock at 8 am PST TODAY  an epic assortment of wrap conversion ring slings! Some of the listings are easy peasy; choose your sling, add to cart, check out! But others will take some luck & skill! Jan at sleeping baby productions has converted a handful of GORGEOUS HTF (hard to find) slings for us that will be sold via random winner here!!!! The fine print is :  you will need to fill out the form on each of the product listings that you would like to purchase AS WELL AS commenting on the product page itself so that we can read how much you really really really need this sling! This sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it, but believe you me, these steps won’t take you long and the pay off is BIG TIME! Today you will see slings listed that you don’t see sold at retail prices very often, and they will be yours for the winning!

Please note that if you are chosen via random drawing to purchase a sling listing, you will be contacted through the email address you have used on your PAXaccount so be sure to have that updated! Also, your link will be live for 24 hours after the emails are sent out. Failure to check out is your loss, but another mama’s chance at winning!!! PayPal will be active, and any gift certificates you may have can be used as well!

Do NOT forget to enter AND comment on as many slings as you love!!! 

*happy babywearing*

One more beautiful Extra Special Vice Versa *cream* Slingyroo and RS!

We have another gorgeous Vice Versa *cream* RS and Slingyroo, with that extra purple stripe, which makes them EXTRA SPECIAL!

Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo
PAXbaby loves to help support the charity organizations that are dear to our hearts, and we have chosen to auction this beautiful set  to benefit Lift Me Up: Babywearing To Thrive. This amazing organization was created by three woman that dream of bringing the gift of babywearing to families of children with special needs.  In order to make this dream a reality, and be able to provide these carriers absolutely free, they need OUR help.

Their mission:

“to serve families who have children with special needs. For these families, we see babywearing as a unique tool that can benefit both the child and the caregiver. Our goal is to be able to provide a babywearing carrier for every desiring family with a child with special needs, across the country!”


You may bid on the auction at Spot’s Corner, here.

If you don’t win the auction, consider a direct donation to Lift Me Up: Babywearing To Thrive and bring the love of babywearing to the family of a child with special needs.

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s ISO Angel presents VICE VERSA!

PAXbaby Girasol Exclusive Vice Versa twill weave

THANKS to PAXfriend Marisol H, for the adorable VICE VERSA in action photo! See more on the go VV here at PAXbaby’s Facebook page!

You’ve seen the wrap, you’ve loved the design from afar, you’ve heard of this idyllic unicorn, perhaps you’ve never lain eyes on her before in person… but all of you are here now because YOU LOVE VICE VERSA! Here is a poem dedicated to the lovely VV penned by enthusiastic PAXfan, Sara L! Enjoy!

How do I love VV?
Let me count the ways.
I love VV for its warp and weft and weave
Soft brand-new, like you can barely believe
Its stunning jeweltones, the way the colors are so bold.
My love for VV is worth its weight in gold.
Enough to write poems about it every day
And pray the ISO Angels will see fit to send one my way.

Oh, you aren’t here for a sonnet? Don’t be impatient!!! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for :

Last call for entering PAXbaby’s Vice Versa ISO Angel will be 10:59 PDT on Thursday October 23!

Good luck from the ISO Angel to each one of you! Chase one of these beauties down to make her your own, and you won’t be sorry for the time you spent convincing, conniving, corralling, and collaborating! Vice Versa can be yours – and in your eager hands in a matter of days!! Just fill out the form, share with your friends, post a photo on the PAXbaby wall, hold your breath, wish on a rabbit foot, throw salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers, cross your toes, cross your legs….. actually, just fill out the form and the PAXmoms will do the rest for you!

If your name is chosen by the ISO Angel, you will receive a link to a private stocking for Vice Versa on Friday October 24 at 1:00 PDT. There will be the same number of wraps as names chosen, so shop early for the best selection of sizes!

Vice Versa ISO Angel Stocking Fine Print:

*Only one entry per household

**Vice Versa wraps will only ship to the name and address on file for the accounts chosen by the ISO Angel!

***Vice Versa wraps will only be sent to PAXfriends who have filled out the form and received our email with the stocking details! All other orders will be cancelled and refunded!

****One Vice Versa wrap per account will be shipped. Any subsequent orders will be cancelled and refunded!

*happy babywearing*




International Babywearing Week 2014!

The PAXmommies have a few things still up their sleeves for IBW, so adding them all to a blog post seemed like the best thing to do!

Lots of you took advantage of our free wrap scrap keychains on Monday! Yay!


Tuesday, we began something extra special for the leaders on our Groups Near You Map! If your group isn’t on the map, you’ll want to add yourselves, so you don’t miss out on future awesomeness! ;)

Babywearing Groups

Wednesday, we opened a drawing for a FREE Girasol tote! Find the details here

PAXguys collage

Thursday – #TBT = Post your earliest babywearing picture on our Facebook page with a story about how you got hooked on babywearing!
PAXmommy Jillian Babywearing #1 Eli
Friday – Every order receives TWO PAXpunches when you mention your babywearing group, as listed on our Map!
Saturday – Selfie Saturday – post a picture of yourself doing something that wouldn’t be possible without babywearing, and get entered for a the rights to purchase a wrap conversion Tula!
PAXfriend CharLee C Fan Pic

*happy babywearing*