PAXdaddy pulls a “Ryan”.


PAXdaddy does it again.

What is something special that your love does for you to let you relax?


PS. This wrap is a Girasol Vice Versa, and the carry is a “PAXbaby Classic”, a wrap conversion ring sling with rings on the back and a flipped shoulder.


*happy babywearing*

A WEE little early Christmas giftie!

We have a gift for you!!  Merry Christmas from PAXbaby!!!
The first 50 orders over $150 at that write JINGLE in the order notes will receive a gorgeous PAXpuff Christmas ornament!


* Your free gift will be chosen randomly from a variety of wrap scraps.
** These are not available for purchase but have a retail value of $15.
*** Any purchase that is returned will have the gift value deducted from their refund.

*happy babywearing*

Little Labyrinth &



One of our  amazingly talented PAXfriends, Amanda is not only a mama of six and a loyal babywearer, but a photographer, knitting designer, and blogger extraordinaire.

Find her blog here:

 You may have seen some of Amanda’s photos on our Facebook Page in the past, in fact, we used this stunning photo of Amanda and her daughter on our Facebook Page a few weeks ago.

 Pictured below: Easycare’s Mini rainbow in *happy orange*



We love that Amanda’s photos just seem to radiate peace and love.

The lighting is always perfect, almost dream like, and her daughter always looks so serene. 

We love that Amanda captures ordinary adventures in babywearing, like a walk to the park, an evening stroll, or a snuggle with a sick baby look so beautiful. 







 Thank you Amanda for sharing these special moments, and your love of babywearing, with us all!!!

Having these photos to look back on, will be such an excellent way to remember and commemorate your babywearing journey.


*happy babywearing*


X marks the spot at PAXbaby!

Avast, me mateys, our captain has returned from her adventure yonder, and brought back to the ship a map stolen from a band of seven tiny pirates.  With the help of her trustworthy parrot, Cate, our captain has decoded the map and has this clue for you : X marks the spot!  Find the X over the next couple days, and ye will then hold the key to the Treasure Chests.  A glittering mound of Natibaby, Girasol, KoKaDi, & Tula; how will ye choose which chest to open?  First expedition to find treasure leaves at around 10 am PST November 22!


Only dead men tell no tales, but I, your captain, will not reveal what lies inside….   A HTF woven wrap will make your thrill seeking heart pound; the other wrap included will bring from your lips a most un-piratey ***squeeee*** sound!



*Arrrrr, happy babywearing*



Xela’s Rainbow will be at THIS THURSDAY!!!

Are you as excited as we are??
Xela is one of those beautiful, classic rainbows that never goes out of style.


RAINBOW order.

And in both twill and diamond weave, Xela in *cream* is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Are you ready????

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info!

See you THURSDAY!!!!


*happy babywearing*


#babycate’s video debut!



#babycate’s babywearing video debut is now available at PAXbaby’s youtube channel

Babywearing your newborn baby might be the only way you can get anything done for months. So let PAXbaby show you an easy way to use a ring sling! Rings on your back creates a smooth carry for your baby, and the trick demonstrated with the tail adds awesome neck support for your wee one.

Please be sure to get your doctor or midwife’s opinion first before babywearing after giving birth, and stop immediately if you are having ANY pain!

This video by PAXmommy Jillian demonstrates how to wear a newborn baby in a medium Double Rainbow wrap conversion ring sling. This carry can be used with other types of slings as well.




If you have questions, please email – and refer to our other babywearing tutorials for other ways to wear your baby!


Thanks for watching & *happy babywearing*




paxbaby ’s family photo this Sunday features two wrap conversion ring slings and #babycate‘s first time in the sunshine!

What was your newborn’s first outdoor adventure?

Where did you go?

How old was baby?

Which carrier did you bring?


*happy babywearing*


PAXguy Contest!

There is one last FREE giveaway at for our SIXth birthday celebration!  We are SO excited to show you Double Rainbow’s newest weft!! You can win a FREE Girasol RR *black* Wrap Conversion Ring Sling before these beauties are available to purchase!

The rules are simple :

Decorate a PAXguy!


Upload your very own PAXguy as your profile picture at Facebook!  Need help?  Grab a PAXguy from our ready-to-go album!

Fill out the entry form below!

Keep the PAXguy as your profile picture until the random winner is announced on Monday morning at 10 PST!

Fine print :

* If you are the winner, your profile picture MUST remain a PAXguy until the contest ends. or your win won’t count!

** If you don’t provide your full email and shipping addresses, your win won’t count!

*** 1 entry per person please!

**** The winner of this wrap will be randomly chosen!! This contest is not based on skill :)

***** PAXguy art can be saved by PAXbaby and used for future facebook posts/ advertising!

****** Shipping on this EXCLUSIVE wrap must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.

******* Share, share, share the love by using THIS as the comment on your profile pic and get an extra 5 points:
Happy SIXth Birthday, PAXbaby!

Are you READY to win this thing!??!?!!  A Double Rainbow WCRS is a pretty major prize and TOTALLY FREE so I would suggest that you recruit everyone you know to enter to win for you!  The more PAXguys, the merrier!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*happy BIRTHDAY babywearing*

Washing Instructions…

Congratulations!!! You *just* purchased your very first wrap!!

Now what??

Well… that is up to you. You could wear it first, or you could wash it, and start breaking it in.

Wash it?
But, HOW?!

**Disclaimer: We advise you to always follow the manufacturer’s directions for the care of any wrap, but this is how the PAXmommies wash their own personal wovens. **

First, check out the fiber content.

100% Cotton: cold wash, hang dry – or dry on low heat. Can be ironed on the ‘cotton’ setting.

Linen: Wash on cold, hang dry or dry on low/no heat. Responds well to steam iron, and softens with wet heat.

Bamboo:  Wash on cold, hang dry or lay flat.

Hemp: Wash on warm, dry on low/no heat, or take out of the dryer partially dry and steam iron.  (Softens faster with heat, but some shrinkage will occur).

Wool: Hand wash in bathtub, or sink with woolwash, in tepid water. Do not squeeze,  lay flat on dry towels and roll to get excess water out. Lay flat to dry.

Silk: Hand wash/machine wash gentle-delicate cycle, lay flat to dry. Avoid tumble-dry, avoid drying in direct sunlight (fading).

Ring Slings: You can wrap the metal rings, or throw the entire thing into a pillow case.

A few extra tips:

With all woven wraps you want to make sure that you  skip the fabric softeners which can lead to build up over time.

Most wraps are cut on the long side to allow for *some* shrinkage.

If you are worried about washing, drying and the like, it is probably best to stay with easy-to-to-care-for fibers.

The first time I wash a wrap, I tend to wash it on its own, or with a load of old towels JUST in case it the color bleeds.

All subsequent washes,  get treated as normal, and simply go in with the rest of my laundry, or all together in one happy rainbowy wash.

** You can always throw wool dryer balls into the dryer to help break in a wrap. The more the merrier!!**

Other ways that you can break in a wrap:

- wearing it

- braiding it

- hammock

- sleep on it

- sit on it

- wash it

- iron it

What does your washing routine look like?

**Please remember to ALWAYS read your woven wraps specific washing instructions, and that these are just the washing tips & tricks of the PAXmommies. **


*happy babywearing*


Zig Zag


Are you as excited about this new wrap as we are???

I feel like we keep saying that but, then keep coming out with something else that is more amazing than the last.

Zig Zag at is a new, and completely unique Girasol rainbow!!!

Using a new weaving technique with VERTICAL stripes, Zig Zag is unlike any Gira seen before!

The lovely PAXmommy Lynelle, pictured above, had this to say about Zig Zag,

  “It wears completely different than twill or DW. It has the support and stability of twill, yet is still so soft and cushy like DW! By far my favorite Girasol weave.”

Sound to good to be true??

Try one for yourself and leave your reviews on our Facebook Wall.


*happy babywearing*