PAXbaby_nisus_girasol_woven wrap_herringbone_girasol_babywearing

Nisus has made a return at HQ and this time… in herringbone weave!!! Alllll the heart eyes for this beauty!!!


*happy babywearing*


I Believe in Rainbows, I DO!

PAXbaby_IBIR_i believe in rainbows_FREE_cove_cream de nube_girasol_woven wrap

You deserve a treat! <3
Sit back and relax while the PAXmoms serve you some yummy home made biscuits and some tea, or better yet, how about a chance to win a FREE wrap!
A FREE I Believe in Rainbows, inspired by the Never Rainbow, is the perfect way to perk up your day, put a smile on your face, and share the babywearing love so the name of the game is comment on our Facebook post with any message you’d like to leave us, comment again tagging a friend (as many as you like) and share this original post to your own page or a group! If you don’t win this adorable Girasol today, we look forward to seeing you at PAXbaby’s stocking tomorrow at 10am! We would love to see you all then, bring your credit cards because PayPal will be turned off for the first ten minutes of the stocking!
Our FREE wrap is a size 6 IBIR in *cove* ( creme de nube) weft, but tomorrow’s stocking will feature a complete selection of sizes and two additional wefts, *lagoon* (azul holandes) & *isle* (fusion de oro) !!! Our FREE winner will be chosen and notified tomorrow morning at 8am PST, Wednesday January 27th!!!

Thank you for sharing the babywearing love!
We love you, the PAXmoms <3 <3

fine print : Shipping will be free anywhere in the world! International friends are welcome to enter! Enter as many times as you like, and we encourage you to invite your friends to as well! As we ?#?supportgirasol?, we urge you to share our post to unite our community in justice! happy babywearing


*happy babywearing*



PAXbaby_DW_girasol_Triton_babywearing_woven wrap_ocean

“I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue… where Triton is king and his merpeople sing!” PAXbaby’s Triton is a handsome cotton diamond weave woven wrap created by Girasol’s hand weavers in Guatemala and born of the imagination of PAXmomy Jillian! This powerful ruler of the sea will wrap your merbaby snug & tight while you flip your fins or brush your hair with a dinglehopper; your collection may be finally complete once you add a Triton wrap! Stocking on Wednesday December 16th at 10:00 am PST, this VERY limited edition will be made available via fastest fingers at this link on Wednesday.


*happy babywearing*


Elemental Emeibabys are HERE!

PAXbaby_elemental rainbow_rainbow_SSC_emeibaby_emei love_babywearing2

Brave the upcoming elements while wearing your baby as snug as a bug in a rainbow rug! This is PAXbaby’s exclusive design by Girasol, Elemental, crafted into amazing wrap conversion Emeibaby Baby Carriers. The Emeibaby is a totally genius idea of a carrier which can “grow” with your baby thanks to the customizable fit of the seat and reinforcing front panel. Think comfort, think speed, think years of use from this single buckle carrier that will change the way you view soft structured carriers! Yes, the Emei really is that unique and special, and being made out of this rainbow twill wrap only makes it THAT much cooler!



*happy babywearing*

RR is making a return!!!




Exciting times at!

Double Rainbow at PAXbaby!
It’s PAXmommy Jillian’s favorite time of the year! Pumpkins everywhere, Fall decorations, a chill in the air (except here in SoCal!) and time for a Double Rainbow reweave from Girasol for! Designed for PAXbaby’s famous little Baby #6, Declan, here is one more reason to be happy during this season! Double Rainbow is THE perfect rainbow, so if you have never worn PAXbaby’s exclusive RR, now is the time to press PURCHASE and find out why everyone NEEDS a Double Rainbow in their baby carrier stash. Plus, it matches ANY Halloween costume! REALLY!


*happy babywearing*


A Baby Carrier Storage Solution
PAXbaby_storage_wrap conversion ring slings_WCRS_STorage_PAXmommy Jillian

Any collector will tell you, that storing wraps, ring slings and carriers is half the fun/battle haha!!
Do you fold yours? Roll them into cubbies? Store them in baskets??

An interesting way to store a collection of ring slings is to use this wall storage rack originally designed for pants!
Sliding the rings of each sling onto the bar is a space saving solution that can get your slings up off the floor and arranged in a beautiful way to display of your gorgeous baby carriers for the world to see!

PAXmommy Jillian has a sling for each day of the month, but thanks to this wall rack, she can actually find the one she wants when she wants it! For the babywearing nerds, you will geek out to see that the manufacturers are organized by pole!
KoKaDi, Girasol, & Natibaby each have their place! Oh, so fancy!

How do you store your stash??
*happy babywearing*

Atitlan is here!


A few months ago, PAXbaby hosted a contest very different from standard design-a-wrap gigs; this contest gathered ALL your best ideas for names and then PAXmommy Jillian designed a Girasol wrap to fit the wining name! Out of all the hundreds of names submitted, one very special name was far and beyond the outstanding favorite, and that was ATITLAN, which means “where the rainbow gets its colors,” in Mayan, submitted by Amber P; thank you so much!

With name in hand, PAXmommy Jillian delved into researching this amazing epithet and lo and behold, found an incredible coincidence!! Our actual Girasol weavers sit and weave our gorgeous wraps on looms in a small village lakeside in Guatemala, and the name of that lake is none other than Atitlan! It was MEANT to be!!!! To make it even better, PAXmommy Christina honeymooned in the same area years ago and was able to share with PAXmommy Jillian pictures from her trip, inspiring her with the rich colors that are so prominent in the region. These bright shades are created to remind us of the women’s skirts, their shawls, and the beautiful fruits that they offer for sale in the markets! The black stripes and geometric print are an artistic representation of the ruins as seen from above, each black line shows a “shadow” of a stair shape on the sides of these impressive structures.

As Atitlan promised, this woven wrap flamboyantly creates an ode to its very own roots, and you can be part of it all by wearing your baby just as the women do in Guatemala as they sit by Lake Atitlan and hand weave the very wrap you are purchasing.

Get ready for Atitlan, stocking Monday June 29th, 2015 at 10:00am PDT.


*happy babywearing*


Vice Versa *cuervo* Boom Boxes!

PAXbaby_boom box G_VV_cuervo_bronte_bracelet

What is a Boom Box exactly??

A Boom Box is an instant stash: A HTF (hard to find) wrap or carrier, paired with another wrap, or accessory, at one great price!
What would YOUR ultimate Boom Box include???

Vice Versa???

Don’t forget to keep checking back as our Boom Boxes are always changing!!!


*happy babywearing*


VV Emeibaby!

PAXbaby_emeibaby_VV_Vice versa_WC_#babycate

Well… I would say this is a winning combination!!! Wouldn’t you???

It is no secret around these parts that the PAXmommies are in love with the Emeibaby, but did you know why??

Not only is it a buckle carrier, but it also has the perfect fit of a woven wrap AND has the ability to grow with your baby! The first hybrid carrier of its kind, and easily the carrier that we recommend the most!

The Emeibaby is one of the TOP soft structured carriers around and here are a few of the top reasons behind that statement:
– you do not need an infant insert in order to carry a newborn
– the Emeibaby’s waist band can cinch down to 25″
– easy to use
– no long piece of fabric to juggle
– grows with your baby (or can be worn with your toddler one day, baby the next)

PLUS, we also are in LOVE with the fact that we are able to have our VERY OWN PAXexclusive Emeibabys now!!
First there was DOUBLE RAINBOW, and now… Vice VERSA!!!!

 Have you found the Emeibaby love yet??

*happy babywearing*