International Babywearing Week 2014!

The PAXmommies have a few things still up their sleeves for IBW, so adding them all to a blog post seemed like the best thing to do!

Lots of you took advantage of our free wrap scrap keychains on Monday! Yay!


Tuesday, we began something extra special for the leaders on our Groups Near You Map! If your group isn’t on the map, you’ll want to add yourselves, so you don’t miss out on future awesomeness! ;)

Babywearing Groups

Wednesday, we opened a drawing for a FREE Girasol tote! Find the details here

PAXguys collage

Thursday – #TBT = Post your earliest babywearing picture on our Facebook page with a story about how you got hooked on babywearing!
PAXmommy Jillian Babywearing #1 Eli
Friday - Every order receives TWO PAXpunches when you mention your babywearing group, as listed on our Map!
Saturday – Selfie Saturday – post a picture of yourself doing something that wouldn’t be possible without babywearing, and get entered for a the rights to purchase a wrap conversion Tula!
PAXfriend CharLee C Fan Pic

*happy babywearing*

EXTRA SPECIAL Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo bag to benefit the BCIA!


The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance needs our support!

There is a lot happening in the small world of the babywearing industry at the moment. New standards are being enacted which will change the way baby carriers are regulated in the US, and ultimately, around the world. The BCIA works tirelessly to provide a voice for businesses, like PAXbaby, and consumers, like YOU, in the creation of this legislation.

The lobbying, the attorneys, traveling to ASTM meetings around the country, representing babywearers and the babywearing industry as a whole does not come cheaply and the BCIA is desperately in need of additional funds so that they can be sure the new standards protect both babywearing and babies!

To learn more about these regulations, please watch this short video:

Understanding Who’s Who in the World of Babywearing Regulations

We are urging all babywearers to consider a direct donation to the BCIA, in the form of membership. Join the BCIA here.

To show our support, in addition to our membership, PAXbaby is hosting an auction through Spot’s Corner, with all funds raised beyond the opening bid going directly to the BCIA.

What are we auctioning, you ask?

Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo


This beautiful Girasol Vice Versa *cream* Ring Sling and Slingyroo Bag! These aren’t just any VV, though! These are EXTRA SPECIAL! See that purple stripe, in between the yellow and orange? That’s a bonus stripe, and we all know that more purple is always better!

Bid on this beautiful pair over at Spot’s Corner, and do your part to support the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance!

Somewhere over the Rainbow wrap naming contest!

PAXbaby.comRainbow Thread

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true, and here at PAXbaby.comYOUR wildest babywearing fantasy can became a reality too! I am looking for the brightest, cutest, most adorable NAME for a Girasol rainbow wrap that I will design based on the name I choose! Inspire me with your winning name, and see a wrap designed with that name in mind! You may submit as many names as you like, but please, ONE per submission; fill out the form on the PAXnews blog here!

As the winner, you may have first DIBS on the wraps when they arrive (to purchase one at retail) as well as a FREE goodie made from a wrap scrap! Choose carefully and remember that I LOVE color so the winning name will need to seriously reflect the amount of love I have for ROYGBIV! This contest will be open for ONE week : September 12-17, at which time, we will take a poll via Facebook to select the winning name which WILL BE ANNOUNCEDThe designing of the wrap will take a couple more weeks, and the final design will be revealed ASAP. Also keep in mind that an order from Girasol can take anywhere from 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 months to receive so you may need to have more patience than a pregnant mama!

contest girasol name 2 

You may submit as many names as you like, but please, ONE per submission!

*happy babywearing*

Good Juju


PAXbaby_girasol_good juju


Designed by PAXmommy Jillian for a very special little girl, Good Juju is‘s newest Girasol exclusive woven wrap!!! This black & white striped wrap has a length of rainbow along one rail; kismet for those looking for a refined yet energetic carrier for their baby! It is nothing less than fate that brought you here to PAXbaby today, and it is your destiny to wrap with a rainbow!!!! Embrace your babywearing fate with a Good Juju, named for PAXmommy Melanie’s adorable daughter, Juliana aka Juju!!!


*happy babywearing*


Extra Special Wrap Scrap Bundles

PAXbaby_wrap scrap saturdays

Have you been waiting for wrap scraps?

We have EXTRA SPECIAL bundles today to celebrate Wrap Scrap Saturday!!

What will you create???

A tie? A quilt? A lovey or toy??


*happy babywearing*


PAXplaydates and something new


Our PAXbaby Playdates are SO much fun!!

Have you had the opportunity to make it out to one yet???

Join our Facebook page and find out all of the latest information as to where we will be next!!

We try to meet at new places all the time from Babywearing Ballet, to art studios, to kids play centers, to splash pads!

Have an idea of where we should be next???

Let us know!!

Not only will you get to hang out with other babywearers AND the PAXmommies, but often times you will get to see some of our upcoming releases ahead of time!!!

Spot anything new and exciting in THIS photo??!?


*happy babywearing*


New Girasol Rosalyn

PAXbaby_girasol_rosalyn_new_exclusive_babywearing cover‘s newest woven wrap, Girasol Rosalyn, is one of the first EXCLUSIVE Girasols in the new, thicker, double weft!!

Have you tried one of these incredibly supportive Girasols!?!?!?

This stunning black rainbow will not be around for long, so act fast!!


*happy babywearing*


Ula at IBC2014

PAXbaby_ula_tula love_IBC2014 would like to thank TULA Baby Carriers again for their sponsorship of our #ibc2014az booth!




This Vice Versa wrap conversion Tula was given away on Saturday to one lucky mama, and boy was she EXCITED!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our lucky lady who will be taking this amazing carrier home!




*happy babywearing*


Zenith Lilac *cream* is here!!


Zenith is back and prettier than ever!’s Zenith Lilac is a candy colored rainbow with white mini stripes! Gira lovers and new babywearers won’t want to miss out on this sweetness; Zenith Lilac *cream* will stock at PAXbaby on Friday July 11th at 9 am Pacific!

These are limited, so one per household, but PayPal will remain turned on!

See you on Friday!!

*happy babywearing*

THICK Weave Girasols are HERE!!!


Northern Lights and Earthy Rainbow are CLASSIC Girasols…in fact, Earthy Rainbow was PAXmommy Jillian’s very first woven wrap!! Check them out in their newest form -
The new “thick” weave Girasols are 100% cotton, and are are thicker and more supportive than Girasol’s regular woven wraps.
The nitty gritty details: 273 g/m2 before washing, and 307 g/m2 after washing.

Earthy Rainbow: