Vice Versa OH MYYYY


Vice Versa really is the perfect rainbow!
Cuervo, cream, OH MY!!!
Which will YOU choose???
*happy babywearing*

FREE FRIDAY with PAXbaby & Whimsy!

Win a FREE wrap at PAXbaby TODAY!

PAXbaby has our very own babywearing club on Facebook called PAXbaby LOVE. We recruit the most PAX-y members for our group, and welcome all who love rainbows, unicorns, and Disneyland as much as we do! This month, our members welcomed home our first PAXbaby LOVE Girasol exclusive, Whimsy, which is a cavalcade of purple pin stripes and a big bold rainbow! You can win a size 6 ultra exclusive woven wrap for yourself by entering here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PAXbaby LOVE! looks forward to meeting you and adding a little sunshine to your life! A FREE Whimsy wrap is a dream come true; please share the love and invite other babywearers to participate in our event as well! Good luck & see you at PAXbaby LOVE!
*happy babywearing*

*****Shipping in the States will be free; International winner will pay exact shipping costs!

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, November 4th, 2016!!
Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!!
For this reason, make sure to check your email(including your Junk folder!!)

The MySols are coming!

PAXbaby_MySols_girasol_wrap conversion mei tai_woven wrap


We have an AMAZING batch of Girasol MySols coming!!!!

Time for a Mei Tai
PAXbaby’s selection of mei tais has never been prettier thanks to FRIDAY’s Girasol stocking! Our collection of My Sol baby carriers is a beautiful assortment of some of our favorite handwoven designs!!! If you are new to the babywearing world of mei tais, FRIDAY is a wonderful day to get started; it couldn’t be easier than with a Girasol My Sol from!

Click here to shop our entire selection of available mei tai carriers!


*happy babywearing*



PAXbaby_DW_girasol_Triton_babywearing_woven wrap_ocean

“I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue… where Triton is king and his merpeople sing!” PAXbaby’s Triton is a handsome cotton diamond weave woven wrap created by Girasol’s hand weavers in Guatemala and born of the imagination of PAXmomy Jillian! This powerful ruler of the sea will wrap your merbaby snug & tight while you flip your fins or brush your hair with a dinglehopper; your collection may be finally complete once you add a Triton wrap! Stocking on Wednesday December 16th at 10:00 am PST, this VERY limited edition will be made available via fastest fingers at this link on Wednesday.


*happy babywearing*


HALF wrap conversion Vice Versa Emeibaby!


We still have a few of these AMAZING half wrap conversion Vice Versa Emeibabys left :

The Emeibaby buckles on like a soft-structured carrier, but the unique wrap panel adjusts to ensure excellent knee-to-knee support at every stage as your baby grows!

It’s important to note the difference between a full wrap conversion and a half wrap conversion; a full doesn’t use any canvas fabric while the half ONLY has wrap on the front panel with a lining, shoulder straps, waistband and hood of black canvas!

Special features of the Emeibaby include :

A padded & highly-adjustable waistbelt and shoulder straps.

An attached sleep hood

European manufacturing and design

Baby-size is recommended from newborns (6.6 lbs) to toddlers (up to 33 lbs). No infant insert needed!!

Toddler-plus is recommended for ages 1-3+ (up to 39.6 lbs). The back panel is 2.8″ longer and 1.2″ wider than the baby-size carrier.

The Emeibaby can be used for front or back carries, and includes chest clip

PAXbaby recommends hand-washing with mild detergent (no fabric softener, please!) and air drying to protect the soft fabric.



*happy babywearing*


PAXbaby’s ISO Angel presents VICE VERSA!

PAXbaby Girasol Exclusive Vice Versa twill weave

THANKS to PAXfriend Marisol H, for the adorable VICE VERSA in action photo! See more on the go VV here at PAXbaby’s Facebook page!

You’ve seen the wrap, you’ve loved the design from afar, you’ve heard of this idyllic unicorn, perhaps you’ve never lain eyes on her before in person… but all of you are here now because YOU LOVE VICE VERSA! Here is a poem dedicated to the lovely VV penned by enthusiastic PAXfan, Sara L! Enjoy!

How do I love VV?
Let me count the ways.
I love VV for its warp and weft and weave
Soft brand-new, like you can barely believe
Its stunning jeweltones, the way the colors are so bold.
My love for VV is worth its weight in gold.
Enough to write poems about it every day
And pray the ISO Angels will see fit to send one my way.

Oh, you aren’t here for a sonnet? Don’t be impatient!!! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for :

Last call for entering PAXbaby’s Vice Versa ISO Angel will be 10:59 PDT on Thursday October 23!

Good luck from the ISO Angel to each one of you! Chase one of these beauties down to make her your own, and you won’t be sorry for the time you spent convincing, conniving, corralling, and collaborating! Vice Versa can be yours – and in your eager hands in a matter of days!! Just fill out the form, share with your friends, post a photo on the PAXbaby wall, hold your breath, wish on a rabbit foot, throw salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers, cross your toes, cross your legs….. actually, just fill out the form and the PAXmoms will do the rest for you!

If your name is chosen by the ISO Angel, you will receive a link to a private stocking for Vice Versa on Friday October 24 at 1:00 PDT. There will be the same number of wraps as names chosen, so shop early for the best selection of sizes!

Vice Versa ISO Angel Stocking Fine Print:

*Only one entry per household

**Vice Versa wraps will only ship to the name and address on file for the accounts chosen by the ISO Angel!

***Vice Versa wraps will only be sent to PAXfriends who have filled out the form and received our email with the stocking details! All other orders will be cancelled and refunded!

****One Vice Versa wrap per account will be shipped. Any subsequent orders will be cancelled and refunded!

*happy babywearing*




Somewhere over the Rainbow wrap naming contest!

PAXbaby.comRainbow Thread

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true, and here at PAXbaby.comYOUR wildest babywearing fantasy can became a reality too! I am looking for the brightest, cutest, most adorable NAME for a Girasol rainbow wrap that I will design based on the name I choose! Inspire me with your winning name, and see a wrap designed with that name in mind! You may submit as many names as you like, but please, ONE per submission; fill out the form on the PAXnews blog here!

As the winner, you may have first DIBS on the wraps when they arrive (to purchase one at retail) as well as a FREE goodie made from a wrap scrap! Choose carefully and remember that I LOVE color so the winning name will need to seriously reflect the amount of love I have for ROYGBIV! This contest will be open for ONE week : September 12-17, at which time, we will take a poll via Facebook to select the winning name which WILL BE ANNOUNCEDThe designing of the wrap will take a couple more weeks, and the final design will be revealed ASAP. Also keep in mind that an order from Girasol can take anywhere from 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 months to receive so you may need to have more patience than a pregnant mama!

contest girasol name 2 

You may submit as many names as you like, but please, ONE per submission!

*happy babywearing*

One Love – Bob Marley inspired woven wrap invites you to enjoy babywearing with a little bit of Rasta!


One Love


Come feel the rain with our Bob Marley inspired wrap, hand woven in Guatamela, and designed by Ooiebeest!!!!
This fabulous wrap comes in four different wefts, and are all being woven in the newest herringbone weave!
Which weft is YOUR favorite???
You can see more photos on our Facebook page here.

This wrap is coming soon; thanks for your patience!

*happy babywearing*


#babycate’s video debut!



#babycate’s babywearing video debut is now available at PAXbaby’s youtube channel

Babywearing your newborn baby might be the only way you can get anything done for months. So let PAXbaby show you an easy way to use a ring sling! Rings on your back creates a smooth carry for your baby, and the trick demonstrated with the tail adds awesome neck support for your wee one.

Please be sure to get your doctor or midwife’s opinion first before babywearing after giving birth, and stop immediately if you are having ANY pain!

This video by PAXmommy Jillian demonstrates how to wear a newborn baby in a medium Double Rainbow wrap conversion ring sling. This carry can be used with other types of slings as well.




If you have questions, please email – and refer to our other babywearing tutorials for other ways to wear your baby!


Thanks for watching & *happy babywearing*


Double Rainbow Day!

Good morning, PAXfriends!!! Today is the double stocking of Double Rainbow *black* here at! Your first opportunity to score is in the 10am PST hour, and your second chance is in the 10pm PST hour! We are hoping that by staggering the stockings by 12 hours, we will give babywearers in every time zone a shot!

Shop here :
Heads up though : PayPal will be turned OFF in an attempt to control oversells! Have your credit card ready because once the link is turned ON, Double Rainbow doesn’t linger & your cart does not hold products.  If there are dreaded oversells, you will be informed via your order and refunded right away!
Good luck & *happy babywearing*