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Good luck and *happy babywearing*

Everyone needs a Double Rainbow!

Everyone needs a Double Rainbow! PAXbaby is making dreams come true with a small stocking of amazing dark weft RR Girasols! Jump through the hoops and get chosen to purchase one of our famous exclusive woven wraps! Ready, set, gooo!
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Pssst, don’t forget to comment on the Facebook picture AND enter the spreadsheet below! Our winners will be drawn and emailed Tuesday night after the children go to bed – Pacific time! Update – emails will be sent out on Wednesday; I’m too tired from our date night!!!!

*happy babywearing*

How to choose the best babywearing pic of 2013??

 365 days of wearing your baby (babies) daily…. how does one choose a favorite picture to share from 2013!??!?!

With the invention of the camera phone, it just is SO easy to record all of these special moments in your life! Which also means that there are always a million amazing photos to choose from when making a photo collage of the year. *wink*

Do you have a favorite babywearing photo from 2013?

Do you find that you take a lot of photos of yourself babywearing?

It will be so awesome to look back on these when our babies are grown, and remember the times that we wore them close.


*happy babywearing*


Looking back at 2013…

Wow! Looks like it is time to make our 2013 babywearing “year end review” collage… there were SO many amazing moments it is going to be hard to choose.

What were some of *your* favorite babywearing moments from the past year????


*happy babywearing*


#babycate’s video debut!



#babycate’s babywearing video debut is now available at PAXbaby’s youtube channel

Babywearing your newborn baby might be the only way you can get anything done for months. So let PAXbaby show you an easy way to use a ring sling! Rings on your back creates a smooth carry for your baby, and the trick demonstrated with the tail adds awesome neck support for your wee one.

Please be sure to get your doctor or midwife’s opinion first before babywearing after giving birth, and stop immediately if you are having ANY pain!

This video by PAXmommy Jillian demonstrates how to wear a newborn baby in a medium Double Rainbow wrap conversion ring sling. This carry can be used with other types of slings as well.




If you have questions, please email – and refer to our other babywearing tutorials for other ways to wear your baby!


Thanks for watching & *happy babywearing*


Double Rainbow Day!

Good morning, PAXfriends!!! Today is the double stocking of Double Rainbow *black* here at! Your first opportunity to score is in the 10am PST hour, and your second chance is in the 10pm PST hour! We are hoping that by staggering the stockings by 12 hours, we will give babywearers in every time zone a shot!

Shop here :
Heads up though : PayPal will be turned OFF in an attempt to control oversells! Have your credit card ready because once the link is turned ON, Double Rainbow doesn’t linger & your cart does not hold products.  If there are dreaded oversells, you will be informed via your order and refunded right away!
Good luck & *happy babywearing*

PAXguy Contest!

There is one last FREE giveaway at for our SIXth birthday celebration!  We are SO excited to show you Double Rainbow’s newest weft!! You can win a FREE Girasol RR *black* Wrap Conversion Ring Sling before these beauties are available to purchase!

The rules are simple :

Decorate a PAXguy!


Upload your very own PAXguy as your profile picture at Facebook!  Need help?  Grab a PAXguy from our ready-to-go album!

Fill out the entry form below!

Keep the PAXguy as your profile picture until the random winner is announced on Monday morning at 10 PST!

Fine print :

* If you are the winner, your profile picture MUST remain a PAXguy until the contest ends. or your win won’t count!

** If you don’t provide your full email and shipping addresses, your win won’t count!

*** 1 entry per person please!

**** The winner of this wrap will be randomly chosen!! This contest is not based on skill :)

***** PAXguy art can be saved by PAXbaby and used for future facebook posts/ advertising!

****** Shipping on this EXCLUSIVE wrap must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.

******* Share, share, share the love by using THIS as the comment on your profile pic and get an extra 5 points:
Happy SIXth Birthday, PAXbaby!

Are you READY to win this thing!??!?!!  A Double Rainbow WCRS is a pretty major prize and TOTALLY FREE so I would suggest that you recruit everyone you know to enter to win for you!  The more PAXguys, the merrier!

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*happy BIRTHDAY babywearing*

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Who else should we be following?
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September 11th

“For me and my family personally, September 11 was a reminder that life is fleeting, impermanent, and uncertain. Therefore, we must make use of every moment and nurture it with affection, tenderness, beauty, creativity, and laughter.” – Deepak Chopra, M.D.


What did you do today to celebrate life, love, and family?

Did you wear your babies close? Snuggle them a little tighter? A little longer? Give them extra kisses?


What are you thankful for?


*happy babywearing*