Gifts for the new baby…


This cartoon is soooo hilarious and accurate.

Did you hire anyone to assist you after your birth? Which did you find the MOST helpful? Did you hire them for subsequent births, or only the first?
It is so funny how many “THINGS” we think we need with the first baby, then we actually give birth and find out what we reallllly need. Haha!

Diapers. Milk. Sling. Clothes. and HELP!


*happy babywearing*

ISO Angel — OUAT 4

PAXbaby_OUAT4_ISO ANgel_Tula love

Once Upon a Tula 4 is‘s newest and most COLORFUL exclusive Tula Baby Carriers yet! This print features unicorns, rainbows, hearts, stars, and the full spectrum of COLORS! Is it any surprise that PAXmommy Jillian fell in love with this Michael Miller fabric and just had to have it in EVERYTHING?

Your wish is our command! While doing a little FALL Cleaning, we were able to scrounge up an extra special PAXexclusive OUAT4 unicorn package!

Contents include:
Standard OUAT4
sandwich bag
diaper 2
diaper 1
hanging wet bag
Price is $302

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Wait just a few days, stalk the mailman, then wear your new fluff happily ever after!!

Good luck!
*happy babywearing*

Little Butt Diapers ISO Angel


PAXbaby Exclusive Little Butt Diapers Wear Your Love *midnight* *teal* cloth diapers wrap scrap Atitlan heart #babycate collage


When babywearing and cloth diapering worlds collide, PAXbaby and Little Butt Diapers have designed together an adorable diaper featuring unique wrap scrap applique! As a creative collaboration, this WAHM team dreamed up the cutest advocacy diaper EVER, and has for you now Wear Your Love in two styles. Choose from *teal* with a single HEART applique or *midnight* with three individual wrap scrap rainbow appliques all created from PAXbaby’s own Atitlan PAXexclusive Girasol wrap! Which is your favorite!?!? Place your ISO Angel order here and hope hope hope that you are randomly chosen to purchase this gorgeous diaper!!

This link will *only* be available for purchase from 2:00PM to 5:00 PM PDT TODAY, October 22nd, 2015!!!? If the ISO Angel draws your name, you will receive a message through your account at PAXbaby by 11:59 PM PDT Friday October 23rd, with a link to a private stocking! Your link will go live at immediately at 11:59 PM Friday October 23rd and will remain active for 12 hours, or until all the Little Butt Dipaers have been purchased, whichever comes first!

There will be a Wear Your Love for each name drawn & PayPal will be available during this stocking!

Fine print : One entry is permitted per account but only one winner per household will be chosen! We are unable to accept any changes of address for these dipaers, and the address from your entry checkout MUST match the address used when purchasing through the cart.

Pricing for Wear Your Love *teal* is $50 & *midnight* is $70!

Good luck and *happy babywearing*

Make your own wipe solution!

Cloth diaper users love to save a little money, and my favorite way to pinch a few pennies is by making my own wipe solution! This can be used for bum wipes, but isn’t just for bottoms, I use this economical solution to clean faces, counters, and toys!!! All you need is your favorite essential oil (I prefer lavender or lemon for #babycate,) and a peri bottle or nail polish remover pump bottle like you can see in my photos! Add water and your own cloth wipes and you are ready to go!

Step 2 : put 2-4 drops of essential oils into your bottle.

Step 2 : fill the bottle with water.

The last step is the easiest : use to clean everything and anyone who will hold still long enough to get wiped down and cleaned up! HAVE FUN!

*happy babywearing*