’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!

Due to confusion with the review section on each product, a comment left here at the PAXblog will also count for your entry!!!!


PAXfriends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears… today will stock at 8 am PST TODAY  an epic assortment of wrap conversion ring slings! Some of the listings are easy peasy; choose your sling, add to cart, check out! But others will take some luck & skill! Jan at sleeping baby productions has converted a handful of GORGEOUS HTF (hard to find) slings for us that will be sold via random winner here!!!! The fine print is :  you will need to fill out the form on each of the product listings that you would like to purchase AS WELL AS commenting on the product page itself so that we can read how much you really really really need this sling! This sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it, but believe you me, these steps won’t take you long and the pay off is BIG TIME! Today you will see slings listed that you don’t see sold at retail prices very often, and they will be yours for the winning!

Please note that if you are chosen via random drawing to purchase a sling listing, you will be contacted through the email address you have used on your PAXaccount so be sure to have that updated! Also, your link will be live for 24 hours after the emails are sent out. Failure to check out is your loss, but another mama’s chance at winning!!! PayPal will be active, and any gift certificates you may have can be used as well!

Do NOT forget to enter AND comment on as many slings as you love!!! 

*happy babywearing*

KoKaDi Capitan has arrived!

We are happy to report that a new shipment of Captain by KoKaDi has JUST landed!!!! Inspired by a desert island and a couple of coconuts, Captain is pirate friendly and color bright!

**Captain KoKaDi in action with PAXfriend Kobie H**


*happy babwyearing*


Double Rainbow WEFTS

There are many gorgeous wefts of‘s Double Rainbow! Since this amazing rainbow is a PAXbaby exclusive, AND Baby #6’s legacy wrap, we have had quite a few different weft options :



Azul Pacifico





and an extra special one coming soon…

It is hard to choose a favorite! Can you!??!?! Does anyone have Double Rainbow in ALL of the weft options??

Let’s see your collection!


*happy babywearing*


Double RAINBOW fun!!



Has everyone been diligently stalking today for their FOUR chances to buy PAXbaby’s Girasol exclusive: DOUBLE RAINBOW!??

Were you able to get one?

There is no pot of gold at the end of a DOUBLE RAINBOW… only WRAPS!!

There is a reason this wrap is Baby #6’s LEGACY wrap that’s for sure.


Have no fear, if stalking is not your game… PAXbaby is now offering an awesome NEW way to get in on the Double Rainbow action.




Five wraps.

Capitan. Azul. Oro. Rojo & Cream.

Five chances to buy.


Will you be the highest bidder?

Good luck and

*happy babywearing*