San Clemente SLEEPOVER


First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle… errr…

Come join the PAXmoms and the Canadian Babywearing School for the most epic sleepover EVER!!! Food, massages, photo sessions, PAXbaby exclusive wraps, goodie bags, and tons of LAUGHS!

Is this your idea of a dream come true? You’ll want to buy your ticket to the Spring PAXretreat!!

Going Greener!

In celebration of Earth Day 2014, is proud to announce that we have been working with our manufacturers to make our product manuals available online!  Just think of it!  You’re out and about sharing your new wrapping skills with a friend and you can’t quite remember that last maneuver.   You’ve got your link to our manuals page saved on your phone (or better yet, you’ve downloaded the pdf!!).   You’re good to go!!

Not only will it be easier for you to have that manual in digital form, it will be easier for us too.  Our shipping department will be faster and more efficient!  And we’ll be able to keep all the unwanted manuals from being tossed in a landfill!!

It’s still a work in progress as we wait on several of our manufacturers, but we’re off to a good start with the manuals for:


Natibaby (Cross Carry instructions only)

BB Slen

BB Tai

As we get more manuals in pdf format, you know where they’ll be!!  Right here!!!

When you purchase a carrier from PAXbaby made by one of the manufacturers listed on the page, you will be given 2 choices at checkout: you may select to have a hardcopy shipped to you, or, if you prefer, choose to use the digital version! Pretty cool!

Thanks for going green with us!


*happy babywearing*

Boba Paxbaby donation


Monday came and went and was SUCH a moving day for all.



The event was hosted by Network Medical, a pregnancy care center, with many young moms in need!!!

Boba so generously matched’s donation, and this class was to demonstrate for the moms, and to also teach the “in house” nurse, how to use the Boba stretchy wrap as well as the Boba Air.

PAXmommy Jillian taught the new moms about proper ergonomic positioning, such as the ‘M’ positioning, as well as the benefits of babywearing for both mother and infant.

Not only was she able to teach these important babywearing skills, but PAXmommy Jillian also talked one-on-one with some of the moms about sensitive issues such as C-sections, birth and breastfeeding.



These 20 carriers will be given to moms who want to wear their babies but until now haven’t had the resource or guidance!

What an amazing experience.

THANK YOU for all YOUR help; through donations made at’s 5th birthday party last Fall, we were able to make this opportunity happen for these sweet moms.


*happy babywearing*