Seasons of Love

“How do you measure a season of love??? 525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes….”
When I think about how many minutes and moments PAXdaddy Aaron and I have spent together over our 17 years of marriage, my only wish is that I could remember each and every memory; the more time passes and the more experiences we’ve had, the more that the good, the bad, and the ugly fade together into one sweet dream. So many hours and days and weeks, months and years we’ve spent together cultivating our personal garden. Each of our amazing children are growing as trees with fruit to nourish us as parents. As each year passes and our trees mature, we are enjoying so much abundant harvest from our personal garden! The seeds were sown with love and care years ago, and now we get to sit back, enjoy the shade and munch on some amazing produce! I’m not saying that it’s all been one long honeymoon; we’ve experienced a blight in the orchard and a few insect infestations, but our life together has been so blessed! With sunshine, Vitamin D, compassion, and communication, I’ve watched our tiny tendrils sprout and stretch into a blissful garden of Eden! Happy anniversary to the love of my life, my personal gardener, and the one who makes ALL our lives go ’round! Here’s to our past 17 years and 17 more, Aaron!

PAXbaby wedding 1999

Save the Date! PaxBaby over the rainbow-Logo-birthday-edition-01

In a few short weeks, will be celebrating our EIGHTH birthday party! Can you believe that our little rainbow shop will have been chug chugging along for eight years this Fall? From baby carriers to bento boxes to baby bottles and back again, it’s been quite the adventure with PAXbaby!

Please save the date of September 20 to spend with your favorite mamas; PAXbaby’s birthday bash features a very special speaker, Kristi from Wrapsody!!! Our party is right smack dab between PAXretreats with Joanna from the Center for Babywearing Studies and will be very much like a mini retreat day! Food, beverages, entertainment, and awesome company will all be included with your ticket!  In honor of our creative and varied past, our prizes to be won at the party range from baby carrier accessories and stalk free passes to an AMAZING wrap converter to handmade dollies to wrap scrap quilts, diapers, clothing and jewelry! Tickets will go on sale next week, but for now, be sure to mark September 20 with a RAINBOW on your calendar; you do NOT want to miss this PAXilicious babywearing event held in Temecula, California where the sun is always shining!

PAXbaby party birthday tutu rainbow

*happy babywearing*

Happy 15th Anniversary, PAXmommy Jillian and PAXdaddy Aaron!!! is so excited to celebrate PAXmommy Jillian and PAXdaddy Aaron’s 15 year anniversary!!! To commemorate this spectacular day, we are having a GIVEAWAY, hosted by Clever Rose, for a custom 8×10″ couple’s burlap made with wrap scrap!!!!! The winner will have their choice of ANY in stock wrap scraps! Picture frame not included. This giveaway is free for any of our US and Canada PAXfriends!! The winner will be emailed after bedtime on Tuesday, July 1st!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!)!!! 
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Good luck and *happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s SIXTH Birthday!

Just before my Baby #4 turned ONE, back in 2007, I began a hobby in the form of a local shoppe in Santa Barbara, naming it PAXbaby. (PAX means PEACE in Latin!) As the ball got rolling, my little store with the tagline “Everything for Your Peaceful Baby” soon included a large array of baby carriers, and many other “crunchy” products. Two waterbirths later, PAXbaby became a “baby carrier superstore” where all the best babywearing was being taught, shared, loved, and TALKED about with a passion, and where previously hard-to-find high-quality baby carriers were being imported from Europe to meet the needs of a growing community! More recently, due to the ability of PAXbaby’s favorite woven wrap manufacturers to create custom design wraps, I am now able to fulfill my fantasy to be a “designer of rainbows,” and is internationally known for our amazing selection of exclusive wraps! In 2012, my wonderful husband quit his job and became the official work-at-home-PAXdaddy; so with my mom as our shipping manager and my husband running the behind the scenes show, PAXbaby, LLC has truly become a “family business!” Add to the mix NINE other WAHMs – the spectacular PAXmommies – and you can see how my little hobby store has blessed so many lives in so many ways.

Through the last 6 years of sharing the babywearing love, YOU have allowed me to stay at home with my family and to continue enjoying my hobby every day!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your support!

PAXmommy Jillian

6 year anniversary of…

August 2013 marks the 6 year anniversary of making‘s VERY FIRST Beco Baby Carriers order!

Back then babywearers didn’t have the Soleil, the Gemini, or even the Butterfly II – the hot carrier of the year was the now discontinued Beco 4th Generation, which still remains a PAXfavorite!!!

And now here we are at nearly 20,000 FANS!!

Thank you for your love and support over the years, we would not be here without each and every one of you!!


*happy babywearing*