The countdown to IBC IS ON!!! img_36047883_primary

The countdown to the International Babywearing Conference is on and we could not be more EXCITED!!!!

We wish we could bring all of you!! It is going to be so amazing to meet so many babywearing friends in ONE place, after all, it is not every day that you get to talk with other people that are as passionate as you are about BABYWEARING!!!!

Will YOU be attending???

What are you looking forward to the most??

Not only will the PAXmommies be attending classes, and brushing up on their skills… but they will also be running a BOOTH!!! Yep. That is RIGHT!!! Our very own booth!

Check out the map below for optimum stalking:




You will get to browse, and see carriers and goodies that you usually only get to see through a computer screen!!! You are definitely going to want to stop by at 12:30 pm each day to have the opportunity to purchase the “item of the day”! Supplies are limited, so once they are gone… they are gone!!

We will even have a few EXTRA special surprises up our sleeves, so make sure you are following along!!

Perhaps there will even be some customized Tula accessories *cough cough*

Day ONE: 

We are kicking it all off with a very exciting debut: paxbaby




Rainbow Waves by Jumpsac PAXmommy Jillian wanted to design a custom Jumpsac wrap that would literally make her jaw drop when she saw it in woven form. Exclusive to PAXbaby, Rainbow Waves is exactly that… jaw dropping!!

Stunning, bright, and oh so unique, our Rainbow Waves is the epitome of  THE PAXbaby woven wrap!

And wait until you feel it!

The 100% cotton is soft to the touch; and wrapping in Rainbow Waves is easy thanks to the gliding weave!

Experience babywearing as it should be: supportive, gentle and everything RAINBOW!!!





Yum! You are NOT going to want to miss out on this delicious carrier! Doesn’t it remind you of those little stick on candies that you used to be able to buy off the sheet?

There will be opportunity for you to purchase this amazing carrier, WITH the drool pads AND without.

Our stock will be limited at the conference, so you are not going to want to hum and haw for too long about this one!


*mixing it up! Originally we had planned this release for Sunday!


PAXbaby_wild Zebra


Wild Zebra!!!

This bold and bright rainbow will ONLY be available at the International Babywearing Conference, so once this Wild Zebra has galloped out of Arizona, it will be gone for good!!
This unique rainbow is broken up by THICK black stripes and will come in both *white* and *black* wefts in 100% cotton!

Dare to be different with this awesome woven wrap!!



DAY FOUR: Paxbaby



Under the Sea by Tula

Come “Under the Sea” with PAXbaby’s newest customized Tula! Whimsical mermaid fabric and aqua canvas make this siren inspired baby carrier perfect for summer babywearing! Can’t you imagine wearing your baby in this soft structured carrier while flipping your tail and dreaming of treasures untold!

Look at this stuff Isn’t it neat?

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?

Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl

The girl who has everything?

This CUSTOMIZED Tula is not only amazing, but it is an IBC EXCLUSIVE, as the fabric is extremely rare. If mermaids are your thing, you are definitely going to want to attend the conference on THIS day!!!

A teeny tiiiiiiny stocking of a second Girasol exclusive will be available at our booth on Sunday at 12:30 pm as well. This new rainbow twill wrap is called Moonbow, and that is all we are going to tell you about that!!!!!


See something that makes your heart pitter patter??

Make sure you check out our booth at exactly 12:30pm EACH day of the conference  for your chance to score the “item of the day”.

Do not forget that we will  also be bringing along extra special accessories, goodies, and prizes!!!

You are NOT going to want to miss a thing!!!!!

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and PAXmommy Jillian’s Instagram for all the latest updates, and live pictures from both our roadtrips, and the event itself!!

We are counting down to this EPIC ADVENTURE!!!


*happy babywearing*



The PAXkids are getting very excited about their upcoming camping trip with PAXdaddy!!!!!

Does your family camp??

How many littles do you have, and how old are they??

As we all know, camping with children can be a little different than camping with a group of self-sufficient adults, and so there are always a few adaptations that can be made along the way…

What are some of your MUST HAVE items when camping with babies/children???

 A little potty for the tent?

A separate tent to play in?

Mosquito netting?

We all know a baby carrier or two is a must… but what else!?!?

Have a great idea?

We would love to hear it!


*happy babywearing*

Where is babywearing taking YOU this weekend??



Where will YOU be babywearing  this weekend??

Our family tries to go on at least one big adventure every weekend as a family.

We love going to local farmer’s markets, our favorite parks, beaches or lakes, having bbqs with family and friends, hiking, exploring and tons more!

Where do you like to go when you go adventuring??

Do you research something in advance?

Do you cater your carrier to the type of adventure you are planning or do you just keep a stash in your car so you can be ready at all times for anything?


PAXmommy Jillian brought a whole slew of carriers when she went on her big playdate tour last Summer, including this beautiful Aqua & Lime Pune Hop Tye.

Looking for a HSA WCMT that won’t wilt your PP tree? (That’s a highly sought after wrap conversion mei tai that won’t break the bank – if you’re new to the babywearing lingo)

Look no further, because has just received a shipment of  Hoppediz Hop-Tyes in a variety of awesome colorways!

They come in their very own carrying bag so it is super simple to just toss one into your vehicle and go.

Where will your Hop Tye take you?



*happy babywearing*