Swimming with baby and our Zolowear!

We are staying in a teeny weeny little town in New South Wales, Australia, for Christmas!  We are 2 minutes from the beach on foot dragging all of our gear with us and 1 minute from a gorgeous pool!  My children have always been water babies, but after visiting the pool everyday for the last 8 days, they are becoming mermaids (and men!)  Including my youngest who has been ducking his face in the water quite bravely and enjoying all the water fun as much as his older siblings!  Of course, I think it’s because he feels so safe in his Zolowear water sling!

Water baby video!

One thought on “Swimming with baby and our Zolowear!

  1. I’ve heard of these but never used them. We’re getting a hotel room for New Year’s Eve with a pool for the kids to swim. I’m really excited about having something fun for them to do but also wondering how to safely hold the baby in the water. I should have ordered one of these but I had never heard of such a thing. It looks very convenient. When swimming in the past with my other 2 boys I remember how slippery they were. I think I’ll be safely on the steps. LOL!

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