Sweetheart Bags at PAXbaby.com


Sweetheart Bags were designed by Pimp my Carrier just for PAXbaby.com, and we couldn’t be more pleased with these flirty, flouncy, fun tote bags!  Available in small quantities, the Sweetheart Bags are so popular that it makes most sense to offer these at random draw.  $110 shipped in the USA + applicable International shipping/ California sales tax.  Here are the available styles this time :

Earthy Rainbow diamond weave on black twill

Aglaia *purple*  diamond weave on black twill

Aglaia *cream*  diamond weave on black twill x 2

Anemome *pink* on brown twill X 3

Glacé on black twill X 2

Keshet *cream* diamond weave on black twill

*** These pictures are stock shots; actual bags may look different and have variations in stripe placement!

Enter here at PAXbaby’s raffle page, see more pix here at PAXbaby’s Facebook page, and leave a blog comment here for extra points!  Be sure to let us know exactly which bag(s) you are most interested in winning so that we can be sure to make you most happy!  THANKS for your participation!  Good luck & *happy babywearing*


36 thoughts on “Sweetheart Bags at PAXbaby.com

  1. I love how flirty and girly these bags are. So different from all the other bags out there.

  2. I love the look of these bags, because they are so girly and frilly without being tacky. Plus, rainbows just brighten my day!!!

  3. LOVE these! I can share my babywearing love even when I’m out alone! (Cause that happens a lot, right?)

  4. These are sooooooo cute! Would love to sport one of these with a beautiful wrap! PAXbaby has the best wrap bags ever! =)

  5. I love how feminine and sweet these bags are. I just got a WCRS in Glacé and would love the matching bag.

  6. These are just too cute! I need a new diaper bag that is cute and can be a purse once my (not so) little guy is too old to need one!

  7. This lovely Sweetheart Bag is made from wrap scraps & twill. It’s lined with PUL, come with a lovely tie closure.
    Great to use for diaper bag & everyday bag!
    Simply gorgeous!

  8. I am in LOVE with Earthy Rainbow. I saw it and had to have it. I am an Earth sign and this wrap has became a legacy for my baby. It was not my intention. I was going to pick a HTF wrap or a more expensive one. He’s a dragon baby so I even got dragons but the rainbow pulls me. It is OUR wrap. <3 We'd love one of these beautiful ER bags to match. I love the frills and utter girliness of them.

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