Spreading the Babywearing Love



So you want to share the babywearing love!?!?!

Once you’ve been babywearing forever and ever, you will probably feel the need to share your knowledge! What mom wouldn’t want to know how to care for her baby at the same time as getting everything done!?

There are many local ways you can help your community!

  • Step #1 – Write a “resume” style letter introducing yourself and include photos of yourself wearing babies in varying ages and an assortment of carriers.
  • Step #2 – Drop off your introduction letter with your local midwives, pediatricians, holistic doctors, baby yoga instructors, etc…
  • Step #3 – Encourage them to call you if they would like you to help promote the natural bonding between baby and babywearer to their clients!
  • Step #4 – Have a varied stash of carriers that you can get your hands on quickly if you get called on at the last second!
  • Step #5 – Get out there and show these babies what they’ve been missing!

Don’t forget your PAXbaby.com business cards to hand out!


Below PAXmommy Jillian lends a hand at her midwife’s office, demonstrating proper babywearing techniques for new mommies:


Have fun and *happy babywearing*


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