Safe Sling artwork

How I wish I were artistic! The best I can hope for is to be crafty, but I am so in awe of artistic creativity! Anne-Marie Dewhurst from Creative Mother UK combines a lovely artistic ability with a love for babywearing creating the perfect art:  babywearing paintings!!!

In an effort to spread the word about Safe Slings and helping to promote”Babywearers Unite,” Anne-Marie created several new paintings highlighting proper sling positioning. My favorite is this new piece featuring a babywearing daddy, a pouch, and perfectly safe baby positioning!

For more art and loveliness, visit Anne-Marie’s Etsy shop, Creative Mother, and to stay updated with the artist & her pregnancy, read her blog at! Enjoy!

*happy babywearing*

One thought on “Safe Sling artwork

  1. Oh I purchased 3 cards from this seller a year ago and put them in a 3 picture frame :) One is a sling, a MT type carrier and a baby on the back. I love them! nice work.

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