Rainbow Support



Get your rainbow on in support of PAXmommy Jillian’s upcoming birth!!!
Baby #7 aka #babycate is due November 5, but Jillian has never hit a due date yet!!!

Paint your toes, fingers, or just throw on any rainbow and post a picture on our Facebook wall to boost Jillian’s spirits and remind her that we are all thinking of her & #babycate!!!!

PS – This will be Jillian’s 6th natural birth : 5th homebirth, and 4th waterbirth

Did your friends or family do anything special for you when you were getting close to THAT time?

Isn’t it just so amazing being pregnant so late in the game? The anticipation, the excitement. Thinking that any time could be THE time. You could go to bed one night, and have a baby the next. It is just SO amazing.

What were a few hints your body gave you that it realllllly was THE time.

Good luck, PAXmommy Jillian!!

We all cannot wait to meet Baby Cate.


*happy babywearing*


One thought on “Rainbow Support

  1. I knew it was THE time when that slightly uncomfortable feeling turned into “am i starting to have contractions? By golly, i think i am!” :) i just had my little guy on 10/13. Congrats to you and your beautiful family!!!

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