Gemini Prototype Pictures

We are all getting impatient for the newest Beco baby carrier, the Gemini, but hang onto your hats, Beco mamas, because we haven’t heard a word yet from Beco headquarters… But what I do have for you, fans, are a couple of snapshots of an early Gemini prototype from the Beco photo vault.

*happy babywearing*

4 thoughts on “Gemini Prototype Pictures

  1. Keep in mind that a lot has probably changed since that prototype! As you can see in the first picture, you don’t have to snap the crotch smaller! That’s just an option, and if that option reels in moms who would usually just buy the Bjorn, then HOORAY!

  2. I’m anxious! My baby I’m sure would enjoy facing out if the positioning was correct and comfy….I know I certainly have to haul him around the house like such!

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