Pregnant Beco babywearing

Pregnant babywearing is a surreal babywearing experience!  1 baby inside, 1 baby outside, both happy, nurtured, and content!

But if you are pregnant, remember that you can continue babywearing as long as your midwife thinks you can or your body is up for carrying the extra weight! I remember attending a birthday party when I was 7 months pregnant with Baby #5. I was carrying #4 in my Riley Butterfly, ooooh, gorgeous, to keep him out of the older kids’ way. At cake time, I popped him out of the Beco and rolled it up with the stay put strap. A mom that I didn’t know dashed over to me and exclaimed “You were hiding ANOTHER one under there this whole time!?!” I think she was trying to make me feel guilty, but instead I felt proud to be a babywearing pregnant mommy!

To wear your Beco while pregnant, first check with your doctor/ midwife, & then for either back or front carries, the trick is to lower the waistband super low on your hips, putting any of the baby weight onto your hips and thighs instead of your back or belly.

*happy babywearing*

3 thoughts on “Pregnant Beco babywearing

  1. Im 27 weeks pregnant and LOVE our Beco! Being able to carry our 14month old son on my back has been a breeze,i no longer have sore hips and have been able to get on with chores around the house without having to forever pick him up or chase him! Another bonus i have found, the support belt on the Beco helps with my lower back pain as it hold everything in place, so no more maternity support tubes or belts ;O)

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