Pop quiz!

Pop Quiz!

Which baby carrier are these drawings demonstrating?

The “Babywearing Know it All prize” goes to the babywearing expert that can tell me the answer!

WOW!  Thanks for all the responses!  For those of you who thought this was the Gemini, the real Beco Gemini will be even better!  For those who voted Bjorn, you are right!  And for Melissa who tagged it as the new Comfort Carrier, you get the PAXbaby “Babywearing Know it All prize”!!!!  Email me to collect your goodie!

*happy babywearing*

11 thoughts on “Pop quiz!

  1. I am going to guess the Bjorn–or as I have heard it pronounced–the Buh-Jorn (with heavy emphisis on the ‘J’). OOps!

  2. It has a waistbelt…so definitely not a Bjorn! And the baby looks happy, so TOTALLY not a Bjorn or Infantino :)

    It looks functional, innovative, comfortable and ergonomically correct…MUST be a Beco!

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