PAXmommies and Placentas



Hands up to those mommies that ingested their placenta post partum??

Did you eat it raw?

In a smoothie?

Dehydrated and encapsulated in pill form?

Were you able to taste it?
Did you notice a huge benefit?

Did your family think you had gone off the deep end?
What links or information did you share with them??

We would LOVE to know more!!

Thank you for your input!

3 thoughts on “PAXmommies and Placentas

  1. I had it encapsulated! I could sort of taste it. Reminded me of a nasty burp ;) I also had a tincture made. This was my first pregnancy so I have nothing else to compare it to, but I think it helped!

  2. I have mine encapsulated and if we have another baby I will have it encapsulated again! I really don’t want to know what it would have been like without it. I will always recommend mama’s to get theirs done as well.

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