PAXmommies and parenting choices

The PAXmommies are homebirthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, natural mommies!!!

Some of us started out “crunchy”, and some of us grew into our “crunchiness” along the way and a few babies later.

Parenting is not always a cake walk and sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, someone has something to say.

Just like you, we have had ups and downs, struggles, triumphs, and many highs and lows along the way.

Today, we’d like to ask, which of your parenting choices have your family and friends made more difficult for you?

Amber necklaces?


Extended breastfeeding?

The number of children you have?

Extended rear facing carseats?


All of the above? is here to support you, and say WAY TO GO if you need a (((hug)))!


*happy babywearing*


2 thoughts on “PAXmommies and parenting choices

  1. I love paxbaby and the support you guys give to mommys out there! My husband and I are new parents and have gotten critiqued for all of the above so far own our journey by “well meaning” family and friends. Things like breastfeeding, baby wearing, homeschooling, and not choosing to limit the number of children The Lord blesses us with are not understood in our families. But it’s so encouraging to be able to find resources and encouragement through people like you guys! Thank you for what you do! <3 :)

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