PAXbaby give away – Adorn Nursing Necklace

The other day, I posted my Beco Butterfly “Priceless” advertisement.  Since then, I have been inundated with comments about the ad, especially about the nursing necklace that I featured!

Kelly at Adorn on Etsy is the creative genius behind these beautiful necklaces designed to give baby something to hold onto while nursing or babywearing!  I can’t tell you how often I have had my hair pulled by my sweet little fella as he rides in my baby carrier or while I’m nursing him.  But these adjustable necklaces solve the problem!  Kelly recommended to me that I wear the pendant in front while breastfeeding, and then swing it around to the back of my neck when Baby #5 is snuggling on my back!

*It’s working great, and I’m so thankful to my friend for my early birthday present that I wanted to share 1 with you so you can be free from the hair pulling pain as well!*

Kelly makes nursing necklaces with vintage beads & interesting shapes for baby to explore tactically, and is creating a line of necklaces to match perfectly with my favorite baby carriers, the Beco Butterfly II and soon the Beco Gemini also!  PAXbaby is gifting a *custom* nursing necklace to one lucky PAXbaby fan, but for those of you who want to drop a little idea to your husband, Kelly’s Etsy shop is Adorn, and she has necklaces in stock now.  Hint, hint, Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

There are a lot of ways to earn a chance at winning a Custom Nursing Necklace to match YOUR favorite baby carrier!  Choose as many of these choices as you like!  Post each task completed as an entry!  Earn up to 6 entries per email address!

*1 – Become a PAXbaby fan and join us at the PAXbaby Facebook page!   Post here that you are a fan!

*2 – Become a fan at the Adorn Facebook page!  And post here that you are a fan!

*3 – Tell us here which is your favorite Beco Butterfly print available at PAXbaby!

*4 – Choose a favorite necklace from Adorn and post here with your choice!

*5 – Just for fun, how many baby carriers do you have in your baby carrier stash?  Post here!

*6 – Post the PAXbaby blog button at your blog or share this link in a blog post!  Let us know that you shared!

Next Monday at 8pm PST, a random number will be chosen and the winner will be the new envy of her babywearers group!

Have fun, and *happy babywearing*

41 thoughts on “PAXbaby give away – Adorn Nursing Necklace

  1. My favorite necklace is:

    nursing necklace with mood beads and green brown and orange vintage lucite and glass beads on green satin cord

  2. What a neat idea, I never thought to turn mine around for backwearing, I had resorted to wearing my hair in a braid when I backwear but wanted to cut my hair short for the summer, now I know what to do.

    1. I am already a fan of Paxbaby

    2. link didnt work for me either

    3. I have to pick just one, man, the zoye is cute b/c I frequently look at blues b/c they match my babes eyes so well

    4. again a hard choice, I am thinking brown and turquoise but the blue swarovski is very pretty too

    5. hmmm, since I have given 3 away recently to people who had been using bag slings and I have some loaned out to my sister for her new baby I think I only have 7 maybe at my house but that counts a lot of very well loved ring slings I made myself since I tend to have reflux babies I tend to need a couple ring slings

    6. I dont have a blog either

  3. oh and my favorite Beco was the Dylan. I even had a matching wristelt and key fob :) I’ve since sold it. My almost 2yo *sniff sniff* is over babywearing. I still have mad love for babywearing and miss it. My friend is making me a purse from my favorite wrap as a way to remember my babywearing days. My favorite nursing necklace is one I made for myself- its bright sunny yelllow. Its big and funky and I love to wear it. Its made with vintage lucite and glass beads.

  4. My fave necklace from Adorn is “nursing necklace with mood beads and brown blue and green glass and vintage lucite beads on satin cord”

    Of course, ask me again in a couple days and I’m sure it will change, there are so many I want! LOL

  5. We have 4 carriers: 2 Becos (one for me, one for DH), a Scootababy, and a Hotsling. I’m eyeing a Ring Sling for summer! :)

  6. so many awesome necklaces….but I think I would have to pick:
    nursing necklace with mood beads and brown blue and green glass and vintage lucite beads on satin cord

    yeah, as in – I like it so much I may just have to buy that right now. :)

  7. 1. I am a HUGE fan of Paxbaby, especially reading your blog!

    2. fanned them!

    3. I love so many of the Beco prints, the two I am deciding between now are the Alice and Lenka. My hubby wants the Dylan and we have the Owls :) And I am very interested in the new Gemini!

    4. fav necklace

    5. I would have so many if I could, but make do with my Beco Duo owls and a ring sling for when they are wee

    6. I don’t have a blog either, but am looking to start one and do def share your website with my baby carrying friends :)

  8. I have 5 baby carriers, but the Beco Butterfly II is the only one I use. The rest are stuffed in the closet. :)

  9. 1) I’m a fan
    2) I’m a fan here too:-)
    3) I love the simplicity of the Espresso!
    4) They are all so pretty! I think my favorite would have to be the brown and turquoise.
    5) I’d say 3, but my husband would say 4, hehe. (To me, the Bjorn doesn’t count because it’s never done well for me LOL).
    6) Apparently I haven’t been blogging long enough…how do I add your blog button??

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