PAXbaby #6 name game

Am I packing your order, and putting new products up online?  Am I planning my next order with BabyHawk, and organizing my office?

Nope, I am researching baby names and plotting the moniker for PAXbaby #6!!!  Any ideas for this peaceful sprout???  I am heavily pushing for “Quincy” however, the entire D8 family has turned it down!  If this little future babyworn baby is a boy, he is going to need a name, and since I’m a planner, I’m thinking about it sooner than later!

Any ideas?

PAXbaby Morgan Beco Butterfly II

*happy babywearing*

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11 thoughts on “PAXbaby #6 name game

  1. Well, I have four boys, we have Bryce Paul, Owen Bentley, Keegan Graham and the newest Ryder Mitchell. I love Quinn, Asher, Archer, Paxton ;), Blaine…I am sure I can come up with more…

  2. oh, I love names!!! I already have ones picked out for baby #4, and I’m not even pregnant yet or sure I ever will be with a fourth, haha! We have boys, Ty and Logan, and a girl Riley. I also really like Tate, Finn, Rowan, Landon, Elijah, Jasper, Ashton, Lief, Cooper…. that’s all I can think of right now, hehe

    Do you know that you are having a boy? Due date?

    I love Quincy too :)

  3. Nope, don’t know if it’s a boy, but I want to be ready ;)
    Due late April!!!!
    LOL about your potential #4!!!

  4. Quincy doesn’t seem like its going to fit with the rest of your kids. Plus, what if its a girl to round off the 3 girls 3 boys? Paxton is cute for a boy or girl… it would be so fitting lol. You’ve got the traditional name going for #1,2,3 and then you have less tradition names for #4 and 5, or at least the spelling. Names I loved but wouldn’t work for our family have been Kadi, Kadence, Tucker, Jameson, Keegan, Teagan, Genevieve, Landon, Reagan, Evan, Aiden, Olivia, Aribelle, Anelise, Autumn. I thought I would throw some girls and boys names into the mix. You never know! ;)

    Can’t wait for your announcement!

  5. first visit, and i had to chime in. we picked magnus for our newborn (9/13/2010), but he just didn’t seem like a magnus so i’m putting it up for grabs. i love the name.

    other names in serious contention, but ultimately discarded:
    gareth, garrick/garek, riordan, rhys and valen.

    i also like kieran, but i already have a conor so it seemed like too many k’s.

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