PAXbaby #6 is 10 months old today!!!

Happy 10 months to the best little babywearee ever!!!  Baby #6 turns 10 months old today, hooray!  He is a bundle of energy who is crawling, pulling up, signing bye, and enjoying eating everything we eat – especially chicken!!!  Baby #6 loves to be entertained by his older siblings so in order to see them best, he prefers to be carried in a high back carry to peek over my shoulder!  When I carry Baby #6 in front, he usually just wants to nurse so I plan on wearing a Ring Sling so I can most easily breastfeed on the go!

PAXbaby Girasol Amitola 10 months ring sling

*happy babywearing, Declan*

8 thoughts on “PAXbaby #6 is 10 months old today!!!

  1. Happy 10 month! :)

    I saw that the Girasol Metamorphosis is up for order now. I must admit that it feels quite amazing to know that a sling that I designed will not only carry little Swedish and European babies but also American! <3

    (I also see that you to have an Amitola… probably one of the prettiest wraps ever I think!)

  2. Hi Metamorphosis! That is AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see your gorgeous design in action!!! Amitola is beautiful as well, I agree!
    *happy babywearing*

  3. Happy 10 months to Paxbaby #6! Our baby#5 is going to be 9 months in 5 days. Time sure goes too fast, doesn’t it?

  4. Jillian, Happy 10 months to your babe<3 I no longer have Facebook so I plan on following your blog. Woot to fellow Socal babywearing mommas!

  5. I totally love following your #6 growing up. Here’s a coincidence for you- My son has the same name, is only a couple weeks younger, and I have a friend named Jillian and we met at a baby wearing group.

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