All of you avid KoKaDi fans have been waiting for today!!!  Why?  Because today, July 3, is the day to score a PAX peace sign wrap at!  Woven in cotton & hemp, this KKD is a show stopper with its bold colors and “in your face” design!  PAX = peace, so show the babywearing love & wrap your baby in PAXbaby’s exclusive KoKaDi PAX!!!

All stockings today at will coincide with a posting at the PAXfacebook page, so when you see that random drawing go up, you can expect a partial stocking to follow on the site.  This will be the page to watch :

The random winners will be emailed a direct link to their wrap to purchase, and will have 4 hours to check out until a new winner is chosen!

THANK YOU to everyone who made suggestions yesterday on the FB post regarding PAX!  PayPal will be disabled to avoid oversells, so please have your alternate payment option ready!  So sorry for the inconvenience, but oversells break my heart!  Also remember that there is a ONE PAX WRAP PER PERSON maximum!  Other fine print : once your order is placed, we will not be able to change your shipping address since these wraps could be shipping out IMMEDIATELY!  Please enter the shipping address correctly upon check out; my shipping manager will not be able to edit for you later!

If you win a random drawing for a stalk free PAX wrap, you are still eligible to also purchase one during the day!

To make it easy for you to plan your day, you will want to refresh your page :
at 7 am PST ish, 1-2 pm PST, and 5-6 pm PST!!!!

This random drawing will be open ALL DAY today from 6 am to 8 pm PST!  Winning this stalk free KoKaDi means that PAXbaby will invoice you for $195 + California tax or International shipping if applicable!  Good luck & *happy babywearing*

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162 thoughts on “PAX!!!!

  1. I’m super excited about this beautiful new Pax baby exclusive KoKaDi Peace wrap. I would love to own one :-)

  2. This wrap is just gorgeous! Hoping to get one someday – it would be my first KKD wrap!

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