Once Upon a Time Tula



Unicorns and rainbows are #babycate‘s thang, so when PAXbaby.com designed an exclusive canvas Tula, we went with something completely over the top adorable!

This is a sneak peek and tomorrow, PAXbaby’s brand new exclusive, Once Upon a Tula will be stocked tomorrow at 3pm PST!



 Thank you to PAXfriend Stephanie for the cutest picture ever!!!

Are you ready???




Oh, MY!!!!

We cannot wait to start seeing these over the top-girly carriers popping up everywhere!

**In an effort to help prevent heartbreaking oversells, PayPal will be disabled for this stocking, so have your credit or debit card handy! **


*happy babywearing*


13 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Tula

  1. I need this carrier pretty please restock it! I have 4 girls, FOUR! My youngest 2 are still small enough to be worn(and my oldest to carry) and I have been looking for something to wear my 3yr old who loves all things girly and apparently she just loves unicorns. She excitedly informed us last night at dinner that when she gets big she’s going to be a farmer and have a unicorn, a UNICORN;)

  2. I would love one of these. I didn’t see the post about this stocking until too late.

  3. I need this. Seriously. My email address has the word unicorns in it. I was obsessed my whole childhood lol. Oleasr someone tell me this is coming back!!!

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