Next up, Holiday Strap Wraps!

Merry {babywearing} Christmas!!!  Designed to be both festive and utilitarian, these Strap Wraps by Pimp my Carrier will cover and protect your shoulder straps of any buckle carrier, helping to keep baby’s drool from staining and fading the fabric!  The Wraps also pad any buckles or snaps that are in baby’s way of a cozy nap in your carrier!  Don’t have a buckle carrier?  Wear your Strap Wraps on your Mei Tai straps or even on the straps of your stroller!!!  Enjoy the festive spirit, and if you don’t win the FFS pair up for grabs as PAXbaby’s ELF drawing today at PAXbaby’s Facebook, come snag a pair free with every purchase over $150 OR buy a pair for $14 with free shipping to add some holiday cheer to your baby carrier!  Available in very limited quantities, and don’t forget to request which pattern you would prefer,  Matroshka NativityWhimsical Ornaments, or Vintage Shoppers!

*happy babywearing*

2 thoughts on “Next up, Holiday Strap Wraps!

  1. When my daughter was about 2 months old, I was wearing her in a FWCC in the store and she suddenly projectile vomited inside it (and down my V-neck shirt. I had breastmilk baby puke all down the front of me and my boobs were totally covered (and so was she). It was horrible. And of course since I was wearing her I had no wear to lay her down to clean it up, so I had to just walk to the back of the store and clean her up in the bathroom. I had to totally unwrap it all to get it off, which in itself is far from graceful, so by the time it was all said and done, we both had vomit everywhere!

    PS> I really love the red cover!

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