New Spring Collection from Beco

Another exquisite Echino print is featured on PAXbaby’s Piper Butterfly & Gemini from Beco’s  Spring Collection! Ready to ship today for for $145 {Butterfly} and $135 {Gemini}!!!

Neigh!!!!! PAXbaby’s new Spring collection from Beco features the Pony Butterfly & Gemini with a soft furry animal panel and denim straps!!! Available to ship today for $145 {Butterfly} and $135 {Gemini}!!!

*happy babywearing*

2 thoughts on “New Spring Collection from Beco

  1. Are there other new patterns coming up next week or soon? I don’t love any of the current, and only kind of like Pony, mostly the demin part. I don’t like the horse print, nor does my husband. I’m having a boy, but want something truly gender nuetral. I’ve looked at your special order stuff, and don’t really like any of it, either. Needing a Gemini. Prefer the newer look with the pattern on the inside and the striped piping on the outside. But don’t want black due to AZ summers, or even Expresso for the same reason. Denim would be awesome, or possibly the creme colored but without the print panel down the outside.

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